Oscar Pistorius rushed to hospital over suspicious injuries

While Oscar Pistorius has only started his six-year sentence for the killing of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp it seems that

While Oscar Pistorius has only started his six-year sentence for the killing of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp it seems that prison life is too much for the former Olympic hero.

Oscar was rushed to hospital as many athletes were taking to the grandest sporting stage. It quickly started to trend around social media that he may have tried to kill himself. Oscar is being held alone in a hospital cell away from other inmates.

The spokesperson for the hospital that he was treated at said in a statement “Oscar Pistorius denied speculations of a suicide attempt” however investigations are still being conducted.

Latest reports have said that the fallen sporting star was treated for wrist injuries from falling out of bed and has since returned to his cell. When pressed about what actually happened to warrant a visit to the hospital reporters were told: “As a policy principle, we cannot further discuss a particular offender’s personal condition in the public domain”.

Oscar has been referred to as a “broken” man since his conviction for the death of his girlfriend who was shot in their home.

Oscar Pistorius ‘rushed to hospital after suffering injuries in South African jail’ ** * Barely a month after he was sentenced to six years in jail for murder, #OscarPistorius has been rushed to hospital after suffering injuries at his prison in #SouthAfrica, officials have revealed. * The #Paralympian, was taken for treatment after ‘falling out of his bed’ at the prison. * According to #AFP, he was taken to a private hospital and later returned to jail, prison officials have revealed, and an investigation is underway. * #Singabakhoxumalo, a spokesman for the correctional services department, said that Pistorius told officials that he suffered injuries after falling out of bed. * #phcitytraffic #phcity #blog #blogger #bloggers

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What do you think happened? Was it a simple accident or something more?

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  2. Truth 13  

    May be an intruder attacked him from behind the locked door in the toilet. He is acting like a “Cry Baby”, after killing his girl friend, now trying to get out of the jail, with ‘cock n bull’ claims. He should spend the rest of his life in the jail, for that unmerciful crime. Hope he will rot in jail.

  3. Maureen  

    Just yet ANOTHER ploy by him to get less gaol time!

    He’s a convicted murderer!

    He should’ve been ‘in’ for the ‘term of his natural life’!

    What a ‘no justice’ system, & country. Totally pathetic.

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