One Nation wants a new TV channel for “real” Australians

First speeches in Parliament have been used for a myriad of different topics from national security to financial reform. When

First speeches in Parliament have been used for a myriad of different topics from national security to financial reform. When new One Nation Senator Brian Burston got to speak he used his time to pitch for a new TV channel.

Brian believes that Australians are calling out for a new channel that would better represent the “identity of mainstream Australians” and “fight bias” at the ABC. It has already been dubbed the “Patriotic Broadcasting Corporation”.

In a wild speech, Brian also attacked the current Government’s immigration policy and push for “aggressive multiculturalism” that he believes the cause for rising violence in Australia. Brian also believes that parts of the “White Australia Policy” got it right as “discrimination helped preserve domestic peace”.

Brian’s attack on the ABC and SBS claimed that there was a “cultural Marxist takeover” of the television networks in the 1960s. He added “Almost 50 years later, there is not one conservative program or anchor on the ABC. Not one, in a billion-dollar enterprise”.

The speech continued with Brian saying, “The ABC long ago abandoned any semblance of patriotism or even balance. Other taxpayer-funded media – SBS and NITV – serve immigrants and indigenous Australians.

“All three broadcasters are biased against mainstream Australia. They distort Australian political culture and support aggressive political multiculturalism.”

Brian then turned his sights on the immigration policies saying Australia is being “swamped” by immigrants and is only adding to the problems of violence and unrest in the country. He said, “This crisis is not caused by white racism. It is not caused by Christian intolerance. It is caused by Liberal and Labor governments colonising Australia, aided and abetted by political correctness.

“One Nation does not advocate racially selective immigration but does seek to minimise cultural incompatibility, evident in the case of Islamic immigration.”

What do you think? Do you believe that the ABC is biased? Do you think that a new channel would represent you better? Do you think that Brian is just trying to shock his way into the headlines or that he has a point?

  1. Alan  

    Bias is everywhere you want to find it. Brian is a froot-loop.

  2. OMG — well done to all you who exercised your rights and voted for this abomination of a “political party”. Good grief.

  3. Truth 13  

    If Senator Brian Burston wants a new channel for “real” Australians, it shows his ignorance. It is already there on SBS Channel 34. Most of the programs are about the life style & the type of movies specially catered for the “real” Australians. SBS 34 is all about the Aborigines who are the ‘REAL” Australians, All other are migrants or descendants of migrants, who came to this country, sent from English jails, or others, migrants from Europe, Asia, New Zealand, and a very small number from South America & African countries. If this clown wants a special channel to suit him, being a descendant of a prisoner from an English jail, he should take the first available flight home, where her can find “All English” channels. But his problem will be to find a job, to do almost nothing other than sitting in the Senate for about 50 days a year, eating, drinking, traveling FREE OF CHARGE, plus about another $200,000 year, he will be very disappointed. Who will want to employ a clown like that, 68 years old. May be he can try to teach “English”, in a Technical College, to Chinese students.

  4. Hayley  

    There’s much the ‘White Australia Policy’ got right.

    We’re now reaping the ‘benefits’ of its’ disbandonment in having horrific attacks in the streets on innocent citizens’, violent house break-ins’, cult nut job sieges’, forms of ‘civil war’, all thanks much to allowing in people whose ‘views’ on many subjects’ are totally different to our way of life.

    They won’t assimilate because they don’t want to.
    And this weakling of a PM we’re saddled with until possibly 2019, wants MORE non-westernised people here, AND for them to live in aged-care facilities’.

    This Federal Govt is NOT listening to the majority of its’ voters, & it’s us who’ll pay for their gross stupidity.

    • Joan  

      That is exactly what happened when the first Europeans arrived in 1788, did not assimilate.

  5. Colleen W  

    Having the ABC, SBS and NITV gives much information that is sadly lacking in newspapers and in commercial television stations. The ABC should be given credit for Christian programs such as “Songs of Praise” as well as “Compas” which covers Christian as well as other Religions in a very sensitive way. Often I think that the Holy Spirit works more effectively through the ABC than through the Churches.

  6. Dieter  

    What a pile of rubbish Joan.
    If we would have assimilated back then we all would wander around and pick berries.
    There is quite a difference mate.

    I am a migrant myself but the question here is more why is no one really talking about the other religions only one religion seems to be in the crossfire. I am sure there is a reason why but the political correctness stops us from saying it straight out.
    In my books this is wrong and has to change.

  7. Dee  

    Pity help this country if Senator Burston got his way. Our ABC does a fine job of creating balance. This person will only be happy if he heard only his own viewpoint spruiked 24/7. He forgets that at least 50% of Australians are currently “left-leaning” and don’t share his views and if he can’t listen to the occasional left opinion, then he’s the one with a problem, not the ABC.

  8. Tim Janes  

    The ABC and SBS are so overtly biased it is sickening. They are so anti Trump and pro Clinton I just hold my finger on the mute button during the news. It promotes only the polls that are commissioned by the leftist liberals. I ask why in Australia and come up with, because the Turnbull/Shorten duopoly are one world government conspirators. I agree with Brian Burstons idea of new TV station that gives voice to the non ‘politically’ correct population.

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