One Nation senator gets arrested and sqaushes conviction in a single day

A senator who won one of the 12 West Australian Senate seats for One Nation is quite flippant about the law,

A senator who won one of the 12 West Australian Senate seats for One Nation is quite flippant about the law, it seems.

One Nation senator for Western Australia Rodney Culleton was arrested in northern NSW today following an earlier conviction for stealing a set of truck keys, following which he had the conviction annulled. Mr Culleton was convicted after failing to attend a court hearing earlier this year and a warrant for his arrest was issued.

Leaving the Armidale courtroom, Senator Culleton exclaimed “What a ripper,” but told reporters the matter was a “joke”.

Senator Culleton has previously said he attempted to phone into the court hearing, but a magistrate convicted him in his absence. Today a magistrate said the annulment was “in the interests of justice”. The matter will go back before the court in September after the magistrate said it needed “full ventilation before the court”.

Culleton is also awaiting trial in Perth over an allegation he stole a hire car last year — which could threaten his position as a senator if it leads to a conviction. The Constitution says a senator cannot be serving or awaiting a sentence for a crime that carries a prison sentence of 12 months or longer.

After today’s NSW ruling, Culleton’s counsel Peter King said his position in Parliament was “not at all” in limbo. “He’s now free to sit in the Senate. He’s been properly elected by the people of Western Australia and he’ll be a strong voice for the community in that part of the country.”

Mr King branded the case “weak” and “over a trivial matter”. “The fact is today his conviction has been dismissed, the annulment application has been completely successful,” he said.

Senator Culleton was “delighted” with the result, Mr King added. “He’s pleased that the court has seemed fit to set aside the conviction.”

Do you think Senator Culleton is being flippant with the law?

  1. Well here we go again, the major political parties must want to get rid of One Nation….again! Are they going to send them all to gaol this time? It wasn’t the solution last time, Pauline came back and got stronger and stronger, but of course that’s the problem, that dumb, uneducated fish shop owner is a lot smarter and tougher than some people think.
    I don’t know anything about this man from WA, but if the Court has cleared him, then I guess he is free to get on with his job. I would hope he doesn’t let Pauline down, she’s had enough of that and she’s fought her way to where she is now so let’s give her the opportunity to help get this country back to where it should be.

    • Mareela  

      Unfortunately there is no way Pauline can get this country back to where it should be as she has minimal power in the Senate, thank goodness.

  2. Dave Lovini  

    C’mon Starts at 60. You are an extension of the Murdoch paid empire..Every opportunity is taken by you to spread the same melodramatic lies that have been perpetuated by the major news companies that have liberal affiliations. Start telling the truth. This man was falsely accused and the Australian Justice System found him innocent. Why are you distorting the truth? Do you have the authority from the Murdoch management to reply to this post?

  3. Brian Lee  

    It really is a shame that SaS now concentrates so much on these semi sensational news stories instead of being a chat venue for older Australians, as it was when first started. It used to be warm, friendly and supportive in those lovely early days of the past, but no longer! Sad! I know ‘Natter’ is supposed to be taking up the reins for friendly chat, and I have no doubt it does a reasonable job – but boy! how complicated it all is. And what was wrong with SaS that made ‘Natter’ become the new flagship?

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  5. Bruce Taylor  

    The fact that this person gets to sit in parliament at all is an example of how our voting system needs an overhaul. How can a party receive less than 5% of the vote and have representatives elected to parliament? Democracy is supposed to be government according to what the MAJORITY of the people vote for.
    Had the voting rules for the senate not been changed prior to the election it is unlikely that Hanson or any of her cronies would have been elected. The sooner we go to first past the post voting the more like a true democracy we will be.

    • Susan  

      Labour only gets elected because of preferences. Go Pauline and One Nation hope you only get stronger and oust that Sarah Hanson Young.

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