Olympic swimmers forced to confess after this startling “robbery” video emerges

First, the American Olympic swimmers claimed that they were robbed at gunpoint. But then their claims were questioned by authorities, they
Olympic swimmer Lochte is now in hot soup now that his friends have confessed.

First, the American Olympic swimmers claimed that they were robbed at gunpoint. But then their claims were questioned by authorities, they stood by their report saying that the robbery did indeed take place.

Now, CCTV recordings from the “crime scene” have been released and they tell a different story.

US swimmers Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz have now told police that they fabricated claims that they and their Olympic teammate Ryan Lochte were robbed at a gas station on Sunday.

The video released show the men can running to and from the bathroom at the servo, around 6am.

According to reports, Lochte and the group also destroyed a door at the gas station and refused to pay for the damage until a security guard demanded they hand over money.

The gas station where the incident occurred is not the same one that Lochte initially told authorities he had been at on Sunday.

Reports reveal that some of the swimmers were caught urinating against a wall of the servo but were then asked to use the restroom and directed to where it was. It has been claimed that the group also destroyed an advertisement on the wall and parts of the restroom.

That is when the guard, who was armed with a pistol but never took it out or pointed it at the swimmers, asked that they pay for damages, an official says.

The situation did not escalate as the gas station manager then arrived; the men paid and they left the station. Some fans believe that the athletes may have been too intoxicated that their reality became distorted while others think that they were just irresponsible and looking for publicity. What do you think?

Watch the CCTV recording here…

Should athletes “behave” especially when they are overseas representing the country?

  1. Greg Hills  

    Obvious. They collaborated a story to try and cover up their own criminal activity. Maybe they should have been charged with public exposure, and damaging property.
    It’s OK to celebrate after four years of hard work, but never OK to cause wilful damage to other peoples’ property.
    Ban them from competing for the next four years!

  2. Jack Dice  

    The Ugly American thing going on here ,(. I’m a tank and I can do what ever I like in any ones country ,ie ,I am special so I don’t have obey this country’s laws . ) We see this so many times like the fool who tried ti steal the North Korean flag . Don’t know what goes on in their heads .

  3. What gives any athlete the right to behave like that? Yes, they have worked hard for 4 years but they are not special….they are not above the law and should be charged.
    Why do these people that are simply following a dream put on a pedestal and treated as though they are something the world can’t do without….ban them…..

  4. Truth 13  

    Lochte is the “Drama Queen” of the US swimming team. What the people at the gas station should have done was to make a ‘citizens arrest’ and called the Police. Some of these swollen headed Americans think, they can get away doing anything. He is a shame to sports. This type of clowns should be given a life ban.

  5. Sandra Rivett  

    Disgusting behaviour !!!! Absolutely they need to behave. All Athletes represent thier countries and this kind of behaviour let’s thier county down. When in another country it is imperitive that the rules of that place are adhered to. It’s called respect. I believe that a severe punishment is in order. I know they’ve worked hard but they are still priveledged to be part of such an important event. It leaves me so angry !!!! 😠

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