No confirmation on the election yet, but there is one thing for sure

It’s been 18 years, but Pauline Hanson, the founder of One Nation, has successfully secured a Queensland Senate seat following

It’s been 18 years, but Pauline Hanson, the founder of One Nation, has successfully secured a Queensland Senate seat following the Federal election on July 2.

The election result might be too close to call, with a possibility of another hung parliament  on the cards, but Hanson is confident the party will pick up at least two Queensland seats in the Senate, with running mate Malcolm Roberts looking likely to get the nod.

Hanson, a former Queensland Liberal MP, told Channel 9 that people were fed up with the major parties.

“Have the Liberals, Labor, Green learned anything? Start listening to grassroots Australia,” she said.

“I’m sick of the same old rhetoric that they say about hospitals and schools and jobs, and you know what — nothing happens.”

Given how close the counting has been, Hanson says she has no problems working with any parties.

“I’ve got 20 years’ experience in politics, and I believe that we need maturity in the parliament to start passing legislation that is right for the people and our future generations,” Hanson told Sky News.

With nearly 95 per cent of the vote counted, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation picked up almost 10 per cent of the vote and passed the quota for a Senate seat.

The party is also in the running for Senate seats in New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria.

Do you believe Pauline Hanson back in parliament is a good thing?  Do you agree the major parties need to ‘start listening to grassroots Australia’?

  1. Pauline is right – major parties need to identify what the people want and do it.

    I think there needs to be a limit on how many independents and minor parties can go for election. Too many votes are wasted and it’s not good for us.

  2. Mia Van Der Stam  

    Go Pauline. I am so happy she got in. Good luck

    • K Harris  

      I am happy Pauline got in
      Enough of Halal Certification wrought I refuse to support that.
      This is Australia, with Pauline on our side our values will last.
      I now have faith restored.
      No more Halal Certification and No sharia law. This is Australia mate.

  3. Lee-Anne Turner  

    Totally agree with Pauline ,Australians are totally fed up with the promises that politicians get elected in by and they are total lies they should be held accountable … we need a politician thats not afraid to say it like it is …the ammount of votes Pauline received is testimony to what Australians want …

  4. Frank Filmer  

    They have no choice if they don’t change it could hurt them
    Is this a new way of the elections in Australia
    The independents would have to have a good network to be able to make the best decision for Australia

  5. Gail  

    I feel so proud of Pauleen where she’s come and where she’s going. I feel like she’s a sister. She will be the one to stir the pot try and keep them honest and look after the Australian people. Good luck Pauleen and well done

  6. Lynnie  

    Really pleased Pauline got back in I have voted for her on many occasions and think she is great Australian a real worker and down to earth lady. She was wrongly imprisoned and she understands what the so called lower class of Australians have to go through each day.

  7. Deborah  

    I am glad Pauline is back…..she got my vote. This government needs a shake up and she is the person to do it….

  8. What a fighter, we need people like her to keep the others informed what the people they represent want them to do. Go Pauline👍

  9. Sue Mitchell  

    Hooray for Pauline. I voted for her, even tho I’m from Sydney. I love that she says what she thinks & is not afraid to tread on someone’s toes! I’ve always loved her outspokenness, it makes for a refreshing change.

  10. Pam Carter  

    Go Pauline you stick to your guns !

  11. Margaret  

    I am horrified that she has been re elected! Her racist comments and attitudes are not acceptable in a tolerant, accepting society. I hope that she does not inflict her attitudes and beliefs on us through her actions in parliament.

    • stnc  

      Perhaps if the coalition, labour and even the greens had listened to the voices and needs of the community perhaps Pauline wouldn’t felt the need to run for the senate again. Why is not when people who aren’t afraid to be the voice of the people, even if those words *aren’t politically correct* there comes a time, just as in the United kingdom when the people need to take charge and have their voices heard. All of the major parties with their own agendas have no one but themselves to blame for helping the likes of Pauline and Derryn Hinch a platform

    • Annemarie Apostolidis  

      She was elected BECAUSE she is saying what many people believe. We already have far too many muslims in Australia and we don’t want any more. It isn’t racism to want to avoid what is happening in UK, USA and Europe
      It is simply common sense.

  12. Hamilton  

    Congratulations Pauline, they tried to bury you but alas, you are a true Aussie and would not stay down. You say what the average Aussie thinks, says and wants for this country. Once again congrats.

    • Celeste  


      Congratulations Pauline we are from Adelaide and all our family voted for you we can trust you good luck for a long future

    • Celeste  


      Congratulations Pauline we are from Adelaide and all our family voted for you we can trust you good luck for a long future

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