Nick Kyrgios officially pulls out of Rio Olympics with scathing comments

He’s been hitting headlines over the past few weeks for all the wrong reasons and now it looks like Australian

He’s been hitting headlines over the past few weeks for all the wrong reasons and now it looks like Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios has finally had enough, pulling out of the Rio Olympics and lashing out at the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) in the process.

Kyrgios has been publicly fighting with Australia’s chef de mission Kitty Chiller ever since she expressed concerns over his on-court behaviour and whether or not he should be allowed to represent Australia in Rio in August.

Now, he has pulled the pin himself, announcing he will not make himself available for selection, and ripped into the AOC at the same time.

“AOC’s unfair and unjust treatment of me over the last four weeks, as well as the organisation’s crystal clear position on whether they want me to be a part of the Australian Olympic team, has solidified my final decision,” Kyrgios said in a statement on his website.

“While I have received assurances from Tennis Australia that I will be nominated for the Olympic team, the AOC has chosen to publicly and privately disparage me.

“Not one member of the AOC has reached out to me, my family, my team, or representatives of Tennis Australia, asking for a meeting or the opportunity to discuss their concerns.

“The AOC’s unwarranted attacks on me demonstrate the organisation’s inability to understand the circumstances surrounding highly competitive sports.

“I also don’t want the AOC’s treatment of me to become a distraction and negatively affect the Australian Olympic team.”

Kyrgios said he was “extremely disappointed” he had had to make the decision as he had been planning his whole year around attending the Games.

“I am grateful to Tennis Australia for standing by me through this process and nominating me for the team. I also want to thank the public and the members of the media who have voiced their support,” he said.

“I am a proud Australian and have always loved representing my country. I am fortunate to be young enough to hopefully have a chance to wear the green and gold at the Olympics in the future. I hope that in four years I will find myself in the position to be a part of the Australian Olympic team.

“I would like to wish every athlete representing Australia the best of luck this August and will be following their progress and supporting and cheering them from afar.”

The announcement has received mixed responses from people, with some throwing their support behind him and others saying he doesn’t deserve a spot on the team anyway.

What are you thoughts?

Has Nick Kyrgios been treated unfairly? Does he deserve to represent Australia at the Olympics?

  1. Veronica  

    Hes a spoilt rotten brat with no respect for himself or the country hes supposed to represent. Get rid of him for good. There are plenty of other young people out there who deserve a chance.

    • Pamela McCormack  

      I agree Veronica. I certainly do not him representing me anywhere. Young sod.

    • Margie  

      I’m in agreeance, Veronica.

      His attitude is simply anti-everything, but himself.
      He’s NO idea how to take responsibility for HIS appalling actions.
      He & tomic’s immaturity levels’ are astronomical, & I have doubts they’ll EVER mature!
      Would love to not hear of either of them again, as they’re so unworthy to represent Australia.

      I think back to the Oz Tennis players of ”50’s & ’60’s……..Laver. Newcombe, Hoad, Cooper. Roche et al.
      THEY were TOTAL gentlemen!

  2. Run out of chances Nick. I hope you can improve your public standing, or despite your obvious talent you will run out of time. There is always someone younger more talented and hopefully more respectful of the sport right behind you, just waiting for their opportunity.

  3. Wendy crawford - Brennan  

    He wouldnt be the only “bad boy” on the team

    • Margie  

      Dawn Fraser, Tokyo, 1964, comes immediately to mind.
      Another case of stupidity, & immaturity then.

  4. Get over yourself Nick! No one likes a smart a…!
    If Tennis Australia is standing by you and your behaviour, they need to take a long hard look at themselves.

  5. Garry Slattery  

    Why is Tennis and Golf a part of the Olympics whats next marbles darts snooker. Course he is the bad boy of tennis and he needs to pull his head in, but there will be a lot of others who make a goose of themselves during the Games

    • Margie  

      Dawn Fraser, Tokyo, 1964, comes to mind.

  6. Pat Alliston  

    Perhaps the next four years till the next Olympics will give him a chance to grow up.

    • Margie  

      Nope! It’s in his genes. Look how his mother’s behaved, too!

  7. Gail  

    Oh he’s spat the dummy what’s new, he’s cutting off his nose to spite his face give it to someone more deserving and appreciates their position.

  8. Melanie  

    Thank goodness he’s gone before he was NOT selected. I certainly didn’t want the likes of him, & his totally immature behaviour, representing Australia.

    Hope he’s NEVER selected, at anytime. He’s well & truly proven he’s just a ‘jellyfish backboned’ sort of person. Total drongo, who won’t ever realise what he’s missed out on, through HIS own fault! Idiot to the nth degree, & then some!

    Typical immature, spoiled brat that he is, notice he’s blaming everybody but himself?

    His parents’ upbringing of him leaves much to be desired, to say the least.

    He’s the epitome of a ‘Richard Cranium’, with tomic not far behind, in stupidity/immaturity stakes. Yet another spoiled, rich brat.

  9. Karol  

    Poor didums! Did someone hurt your feelings? Try behaving like an adult & a professional sportsman rather than a spoil brat!!

  10. Carol samata  

    Well done to the AOC they at lesst recognise that Nick is not a stable reliable team member. Maybe I’m wrong but wasn’t it Nick who said in an interview not too long ago that he was not that interested in playing anyway. He doesnt have the fighting spirit to be a star and you can only go so far on talent alone without being prepared to work hard and fight against the odds to succeed. There are many talented players on the circuit but few champions, maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think he has it in him to be a true champion

  11. Irene  

    Just trying to put the blame elsewhere again – he is a spoilt brat who needs to grow up and Australia does not need him on the team.

  12. Peter Clarke  

    Same old, same old…This ‘kid’ is a real moron in that he never learns from his mistakes and he spends too much time placing the blame on others. We need responsible athletes representing Australia not conceited brats. He’s got talent but if you don’t have a brain to go with the talent then what are you. He just doesn’t get it.

    • Margie  

      Oh! Peter how true! Thank you……

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