New twist in Bali cop murder case involving Australian woman emerges

Earlier, a Balinese policeman, Wayan Sudarsa, was found in the early hours of Wednesday on Kuta Beach with more than 40
Byron Bay mother Sarah Connor is now stuck in Bali for the murder of a policeman. Photo: YouTube (9 News Perth).

Earlier, a Balinese policeman, Wayan Sudarsa, was found in the early hours of Wednesday on Kuta Beach with more than 40 wounds.

Sarah Connor, a 45-year-old mother of two from Byron Bay, and Briton David Taylor were taken into custody as they had been seen with the victim prior to his death. Little was known about the incident at that point but Ms Connor was spotted with what appeared to be a bite mark to her thigh sparking questions from the public if a sexual assault was involved.

Now, Mr Taylor has told police that murdered cop Mr Sudarsa had held Ms Connor down in the sand and that she had screamed, attracting passersby who came to her aid.

Police said the injury to Mr Sudarsa may have been caused by a broken beer bottle and both Ms Connor and Mr Taylor have been charged with murder, assault causing death and group assault after being questioned on Saturday.

Denpasar Police Chief Hadi Purnomo told the ABC some of the suspects’ statements did not match during initial interrogations. While both admitted to being at the scene of the crime on the morning of the policeman’s death, the pair denied killing Mr Sudarsa.

He said witnesses had seen the suspects wrestling with one another and police were looking for clothes the suspects were wearing that morning.

A motorbike taxi driver whom police called back to the scene on Saturday night told them a woman with blood on her clothes had asked to be taken to a police station but he refused.

Mr Erwin Siregar who also represented Schapelle Corby said, Ms Connor had arrived in Bali on Tuesday and Mr Taylor met her at the airport, where they bought beer before returning to the man’s homestay.

“Then they are going to the restaurant, she drank a beer, and then they are going to the beach with two beer bottles, one each,” he said as quoted by ABC News.

Mr Siregar said they had been kissing on the beach after arriving at 11:00pm and leaving about 3:00am.

He also said Ms Connor had signed a document enabling police to detain her for the next 20 days while investigations continued but that time can be extended by police to up to 100 days.

This morning, police officers mourned outside Mr Sudarsa’s home ahead of a traditional Hindu cremation ceremony. His son told the ABC that his father died doing his duty.

Back in Australia, Ms Connor’s family said in a statement their thoughts and love are with their daughter, adding that the Byron Bay community was “heartbroken” over reports she had been named a suspect.

“Our thoughts, hearts and love go out to Sara as she deals with this thoroughly tragic incident.”

The statement said the community “to whom she has given so much” is offering all it can in return.

“Our hearts go out to Sara and her family and we will do all we can to help her through this very difficult time.”

The murder charge carries a maximum of 15 years in jail.

What do you think of this case?

  1. Elaine  

    So the victims body has already been cremated – no more forensic evidence obtainable from him then….

    • Katie Napier  

      I was friends with Sara when living in Byron Bay, she is such a lovely warm lady and is so tragic this has happened in such a corrupt country. If there is any involvement it must have been self defence (to what seems like a sexually deviant officer) and accidental I just pray her lawyer will shine the light

      • Joe  

        You should wait until the facts come out and not generalize a country. In kind what about Peter Van de Wetering on that poor german backpacker, the 25 year Belgian raped on her first day in Sydney, and the Japanese backpacker raped from the Australian giving her a free ride from the airport (coward who hung himself before trial). Maybe the cop was bad and attacked the girl, but let’s wait until the truth comes out. Maybe the country is corrupt, but proven genetic history of Australians (rapists, pedophiles, and homicidal maniacs) could possibly play a part. So I understand the natural inclination to blame the duty of a police officer, of people where criminals run the courts (i.e. term kangaroo court).

    • Indolovers  

      she lost her bag. her boy friend saw a cop and suspected on him and then KILLED HIM! While you are happy with no forensic evidence?
      May someone kill somebody just by suspecting?
      Clear for me now..

  2. Emma  

    Why do Aussies’ continue to go to this godforsaken 10th world country, where corruption is rife, & lives of other nationalities’ persons’ mean nothing?

    Haven’t they learnt from what happened to Corby, the two drug smugglers who were executed, the ‘Bali 9′ et al?

    There’re so many other Countries’ one can go to, & enjoy a stay!

    Or, travel around, through, in this, our OWN Country, Australia!
    Now there’s a novel idea!

    • Kath  

      I couldn’t agree more with you Emma, well said

    • Jenny brown  

      Because it’s cheaper than Australia and many other countries and is quite close. I won’t go again as I find it unbearable.

    • Judy Gehring  

      Well that would be great Emma if it wasn’t so expensive to travel in our own Country,it just can’t offer deals like Bali does. That’s why it’s so popular,I thought that would be evident.

    • Indolovers  

      yes you may travel around your own country.. we dont need more aussie in Bali either. we want peaceful Bali without DRUG from Aussie!

    • Joe  

      You should wait until the facts come out and not generalize a country. In kind what about Peter Van de Wetering on that poor german backpacker, the 25 year Belgian raped on her first day in Sydney, and the Japanese backpacker raped from the Australian giving her a free ride (coward who hung himself before trial). Plus, my understanding the people you mentioned were all guilty, where Corby’s dad was a druggie who probably got cancer from the guilt. Maybe the cop was bad and attacked the girl, but let’s wait until the truth comes out. I do agree with part of what you say…whenever I see old Australian men in Asia it makes me sick, because it probably will take a few more generations to get the pedophile out their genes. They should vacation in their home country.

  3. Joan Thomas  

    Went to Bali in 2004 as part of my sons after- the- wedding- holiday. Never again as my elderly parents and I were mobbed everywhere we tried to go – and they got extremely angry when we wouldn’t buy stuff from them! It was a nightmare. Fortunately for me, I got REAL food poisoning and had to spend the remainder of the holiday in the bathroom so it’s one holiday I don’t care to remember!

  4. Max Melbourne  

    A witness heard screaming saw many people including a cop and a woman on beach.
    Police say the couple have stated conflicting statements.
    If she is innocent, then it seems she may be covering up for some one/s
    Very odd indeed

    • MICK  

      its simple tell the truth, you in there country, watch as they turn on each other after spending time in there jail, have a drink a root kill a cop not a smart move, i am a 65 biker and a few beers does not make you do that , i my mind some thing other than beer was in the night AIR.

  5. Ronin  

    Been to Bali on many occasions and love the place. Admittedly not the Kuta strip, as that is a very seedy version of Surfers Paradise, which is quite seedy itself! Inland the scenery is amazing, people are lovely and the dollar value is incredible.

    That said, far too many Aussies go to Bali to get drunk cheaply and misbehave (not saying this couple were). No wonder the Balinese in the Kuta strip think little of Australians, but like their money. They see the worst of us. Not a good look for Australia.

  6. joe  

    Journalist to article on startsat60 based on Dj Nutzo’s initial testimony. Latest update from source Jewel Topsfield:

    …claims and counterclaims, some downright bizarre, were rolled out for the media over the next couple of days. Connor had been too drunk to remember what happened. Taylor had been trying to help a man lying in the sand when he was “bitten on the finger”, apropos of absolutely nothing. Connor had been pushed onto the sand by a “bad cop”, who then lay on top of her. She screamed and was rescued by good samaritans who seemingly vanished into thin air. The stories kept changing. They didn’t match up or make sense.

    The next day, Haposan assured us, Taylor would tell the whole truth.

    The “truth” was a bombshell. Taylor had now “confessed” to a violent confrontation. The two had fought and Taylor had bashed him: first with binoculars, then a phone, then a sharp object, then a bottle smashed into the back of his head. It must have been a frenzy: Sudarsa’s bloodied corpse had 42 wounds including 17 head injuries.

    After so many days of mystery, intrigue and speculation, the alleged motive for the vicious fight is surprisingly banal. The missing handbag. Taylor accused Sudarsa of being a bogus cop, according to the Denpasar police chief, and tried to frisk him.

    “David said to the victim: ‘You are a bogus cop. Where’s my bag? Where’s my bag? F— you bastard police’.”

    Connor’s legal team insist she tried to break up the fight and did nothing that caused Sudarsa’s death. “She said: “I was only helping, helping to separate David and the victim, to protect the victim,” lawyer Erwin Siregar says. Taylor told Connor the police officer had simply passed out, Siregar says, and it was days before she learned of his death.

    “She said: ‘… I was very sad, I sympathised with the victim’s family. I wanted to help the victim’s family and I wanted to go back to my family. I am innocent.”

    On Wednesday, we visit Sudarsa’s family in Jimbaran. They are reluctant to talk but finally usher us through a tiny shop, crammed with packets of food and sachets of toiletries. Sudarsa’s widow, Ketut Arsini, is dignified and stoic. It is only when we mention the allegations – since recanted – that Sudarsa had pushed Connor into the sand and lay on top of her that she becomes animated.

    “That is not possible. He would never disrespect any woman ever. I guarantee. I know my husband.”

    Taylor and Connor made up lies to defend themselves, the family says. Unsurprisingly, they want the strongest punishment possible. The maximum sentence for unpremeditated murder is 15 years’ jail, but the family feel that something extra is warranted, something that reflects that Sudarsa was a police officer, killed while on duty. His widow says: “Despite all the rumours and false statements, the truth will prevail about what happened that night.”

    Let’s wait for the truth to come out, but doesn’t look good for Sara Connor cutting up police identity cards and making a run for the Australian consulate. Nah, she didn’t have a guilty conscience at all. lolz.

    • joe  

      you know how sara connor was caught before making a run for it? police found a bag on the beach near the murder site with her id.

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