‘My reputation will not be fully vindicated…’

Sir Cliff Richard was yesterday cleared of any wrongdoing after child sex allegations against him were dropped. The 75-year-old has

Sir Cliff Richard was yesterday cleared of any wrongdoing after child sex allegations against him were dropped.

The 75-year-old has always denied the charges, and cooperated with the police since they launched their investigation in 2014.

At the time the BBC filmed the raid on Sir Cliff’s home and was criticised by members of Britain’s parliament for doing so, saying that the act caused “irreparable damage” to the singer’s reputation.

However, after carefully reviewing the evidence allegedly linking him to sexual offences between 1958 and 1983, Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service determined there was insufficient evidence to prosecute.

“I have always maintained my innocence,¬†cooperated fully with the investigation, and cannot understand why it has taken so long to get to this point,” Sir Cliff wrote on his Facebook page.

“My reputation will not be fully vindicated because the [Crown Prosecution Service] policy is only to say something general about there being insufficient evidence.

“Nevertheless, I am obviously thrilled that the vile accusations [and] the resulting investigation have been finally brought to a close.”

Sir Cliff was once regarded as the United Kingdom’s version of Elvis Presley, and he has been the only UK singer to top the charts in each decade over a 50-year period.

Are you a fan of Sir Cliff Richard’s music? Do you agree it will be difficult for the singer to come back following the investigation?

  1. Gary Hewitt  

    Everyone is entitled to a fair trial or investigation as Sir Cliff Richard been through . It must’ve been horrible for him do you go to through all of that . Let’s hope he can get up & take a deep breath and then get on with what he does best . Let’s hope you goes back on tour and comes to Australia I will be one of the 1st to buy a ticket good luck Sir Cliff . Miss your music

    • Susan  

      Hello Garry, Cliff was special guest at the British Embassy the other day for a Queens Birhday Celebration,meh also is doing his wine signing at the Vineyard in August and doing a six night celebrity cruise at the end of August as well as two sell out concerts, in Denmark next month.
      So he is still working just in the other side of the pond !

  2. Marcia hartley  

    It has been horrible but his reputation has held him in good stead.we all believed in him.

    • Jude Power  

      Speak for yourself please, your “we” doesn’t include me

  3. Marian Morris  

    You are a true legend Cliff.keep on singing..

  4. earn it  

    Perhaps Cliff could do a civil action against the Crown Prosecution Service demanding complete vindication and retraction of the inuendos.

  5. Susan  

    I have been a lifelong Supporter of Cliff ever since he sang Move It, I have been there. He is without doubt one of the worlds Gentlemen, I have been very fortunate to meet Cliff on many occasions and he is always the same, never gets cross always interested in you or what you are doing.
    We as a worldwide group have had a petition going for Justice for Sir Cliff Richard and all the other celebrities who have been falsely accused. The petition was taken to Downing Street and this will still be ongoing even though Cliff has no case to answer.
    In answer to your question Cliff never went away ! He did sell out concerts in Europe in 2014 and his 75th Birthday concerts throughout Britain last year were also a sellout. I was at most of the concerts and the support for him was amazing ! Cliff is easing off and was doing this before this scandalous allegation came. I hope he has his day in court but this remains to be seen, he is a devout Christian and maybe like all his supporters just wants this to be put away.

  6. Jude Power  

    I don’t know if he’s guilty or not and neither does anyone else on this site, but the fact is that he has not been “cleared” of anything, all that’s happened is that the police have decided they don’t have enough evidence to bring charges.

    This is very often the case in rape and sexual assault cases, it doesn’t mean the offences didn’t happen or weren’t committed by the person named by the victim/survivor/s.

  7. Rhonda  

    I realise it can take years to have the courage to speak up about being abused (personal experience from close family friend) I just wonder where the balance lies between being compassionate toward victims and untrue allegations that are very difficult to prove. In cases of multiple allegations it has been proved that some ‘jump on the bandwagon’ muddying the waters for the true victims. After so many years it’s difficult to decide the genuine from the non-genuine. One way to change this is for the people who are aware of the abuse and turn a blind eye, speak up loudly until someone listens. They all seem to come forward with the very weak “I knew what he/she was doing to the child but no-one would listen.” Not a good enough excuse!!

  8. Elizabeth Gardner  

    My Aunt and uncle knew him well from childhood there was never ever anything bad that could be said about him they found him to be a really great kid and a lovely adult. I do not believe he was guilty of anything.

  9. Margaret Hunter  

    A totally nice person whom i was fortunate to meet. He should be recorded as innocent. All his fans never doubted the result would be positive

  10. J.Loehr  

    ok so the charges have been droped what about charging the ppl who said such poisining things they should be found guilty and put into jail

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