More saving tips from the pensioner who lives on just $5000 per year!

Ilona Richards is Britain’s stingiest woman, but it’s a title she is proud of. The pensioner lives on just $5000
New Zealand

Ilona Richards is Britain’s stingiest woman, but it’s a title she is proud of. The pensioner lives on just $5000 a year in government entitlements, and her original list of tips was published by Starts at Sixty HERE. However, Ilona’s latest tips might be a little unbelievable for some people.

When Starts At Sixty first introduced readers to 66-year-old Ilona, they were enthralled. Some people did find her budget ideas a little much though. “There’s a difference between living and existing”, one reader observed.

Now Ilona is back with even more extreme saving tips. “When your knickers wear out, replace them with boys pants”, Ilona tells women on a budget. “They are stronger and last a lot longer”.

“It’s true, I have been wearing boys and mens pants for years, some of them have lasted up to ten years. Womens knickers stretch, they go baggy, the elastic comes off and the lace comes adrift, in no time they will look tatty. Buy mens pants, give it a try”.

Even more unusually, Ilona recommends changing the way you brush your teeth. “Only use toothpaste once a day, in the morning to freshen your mouth. You don’t need to squirt loads onto your brush, just a small amount”.

“You can brush your teeth several times throughout the day with just water. It’s removing the remains of your food which is important, and not leaving it to rot between your teeth causing decay”.

Ilona also believes that budgeters could become more conservative with stationary. “Write in very small writing then you will use less ink and your pen will last longer”, she says.

“This is a bit of fun, but it illustrates the point of doing the same job (writing a letter say) in a different way to save money, no matter how minuscule the amount is. It encourages thinking outside the box, and inventing your own methods”.

The retired truck driver also knows a thing a two about cars, and says we could save money by driving carefully. “Smooth acceleration and braking uses less fuel”, Ilona explains. “Don’t put your foot flat down on the accelerator then brake hard”.

“Watch what is going on in front of you and plan your driving accordingly. (When) approaching a roundabout ease off the gas pedal, let the car slow down naturally, then apply the brakes at the last minute if you need to stop”.

You can read the original list of Ilona’s budget tips HERE. “I love life, and it needn’t cost a fortune to enjoy it”, she says. However, Ilona’s approach could still be a little extreme for some people.

Would you live with such extreme budget measures? Or do you try to manage your money in other ways?