Model is facing jail after body-shaming 70-year-old woman

A 29-year-old model is facing up to six months in jail after a vile post on the social media page

A 29-year-old model is facing up to six months in jail after a vile post on the social media page Snapchat.

Model and Playboy Playmate Dani Mathers was working out at a Los Angeles gym when in the changing room she took a picture of a naked woman in her 70s and sent it out to her thousands of followers with the caption “if I cant unsee this you can’t either”.

The post blew up on the internet with most condemning Dani for posting such a thing. Now the Los Angeles Police Department is involved. They have located the woman and charges of dissemination of private images might be brought up. If convicted Dani could be spending the next six months in jail.

Dani tried to apologise for what she did by tweeting “I’m sorry for what I did”. Before adding “I need to take some time for myself to reflect on [why] I did this horrible thing” and “Should never make light of another woman’s naked body.”

Many dismissed her original post and apology with comments like “She makes her living being airbrushed and posing naked… so her opinion isn’t valid anyway”. While many others expressed that Dani should be “prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” The Police seem to agree as they accused Dani of “egregiously violating a member’s right of privacy by taking a picture of her while naked in the shower, and then humiliating her by posting the picture with a disgusting caption”.

Dani claims that she never meant for the photo to go out publically and that it was originally intended for one close friend but that she “didn’t know how Snapchat worked”. The woman in the photo has been located by the police and is “more than willing” to testify and work with police to bring charges on Dani.

The fallout from the body shamming post has already started to occur as Dani is banned from all LA Fitness gyms as well as being sacked from her jobs at Playboy and her radio gig.

Do you think that she should be prosecuted for this? Do you think she should get more than six months for violating someone’s privacy?

  1. Rosanne Newton  

    What a disgusting thing for Dani to do. She deserves punishment.

  2. Susan Burdock  

    Rubbish, absolute rubbish. She knew what she was doing when she took the photo for the express purpose of stealing the woman’s dignity & humiliating the woman & what she represents, an aging female body.
    Otherwise, what would be the purpose of taking any such photo..personal viewing?
    That liar & nasty, vindicative piece of egomania should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law otherwise ALL of America will ve perceived & branded as Dignity executioners…
    She stole this womans dignity then made it public!

  3. Glenys Dreyer  

    Hope karma comes back and bites her on a flabby bottom. Of course she should be punished

  4. Bev  

    She’s nothing but a filthy pervert who needs to be taught a lesson

  5. Christine sandquest  

    Most definitely she should be prosecuted and compensation made to the poor innocent victim

  6. Carole Morrison  

    What the dopey girl doesnt understand is she has forgotten that if she is lucky enough to be able to reach that lady’s age, then she too will look exactly the same. It is a privilege to grow old so she needs to remember that.

    • Manfred Ihms  

      When you are 29 you are not a dopey girl anymore, you are a grown woman who should know better.

  7. D J D T  

    From feeling entitled to being humiliated more than the unfortunate violated person upon whom she tried to inflict ridicule.
    If she does receive a custodial sentence, she will soon find out how it feels to be humiliated and violated whilst in the shower…………..
    Oh dear, not so funny now is it. .

  8. Karen Shep  

    Poor stipid Dani has to live to 70 if she is lucky – with an iq of 07 that is going to be difficult – as they say “beauty fades dumbness is forever”

  9. pat  

    She is 29 and should know better. Wonder if she realises she is about halfway to a body like her victims. The 70 year old lady was at a gym which I think is admirable in itself.

  10. You will be 70 one day and won’t look like you do now. The thing is that lady might have the most kind and trusting heart, which is more than you appear to have.. you have grandparents, would you like someone to do this to them? There are no excuses for what you did or said except that your are heartless and cruel.

  11. Sandra Broafhead  

    How cruel this selfish vapid girl is. I wonder if she would take pictures of her grandmother and post them. She has to remember this woman looked like her back in her youth. She has aged like we all to, and should be applauded for being in a gum shower.

  12. Trish  

    She knew what she was doing. Don’t tell me a 29 year old model “didn’t know how snapchat worked”! Right! Karma better come back and bite her is the arse!!!!!!

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