Man’s letter to major retail store going viral on social media

If you’re a husband, a fiancé  or you love to shop at Kmart, you’ll be able to relate to this!

If you’re a husband, a fiancé  or you love to shop at Kmart, you’ll be able to relate to this!

A man’s post on Kmart’s Facebook page has gone viral on social media, yet again!

The post, which was written in January last year, has mysteriously gone viral again – and it’s got plenty of people laughing and nodding in agreement.

Alex Gadd’s “letter” to Kmart has been shared thousands of times.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Hey Kmart , I am a disgruntled fiancé …. I am sick of coming home at least once a week to a new candle holder , frame , pot or pot stand . Along with several other nice yet highly unnecessary items. 

I need to know how many more designs can possibly be released? A man can only take so much and I am at my limit …. (She even suggested putting a light shade in MY garage ) … I am sure the CEO’s are rubbing there hands together along with all the divorce lawyers who would be getting a huge amount of business ever since you guys had a drastic change in the direction and target of your product line ….. I guess I’m not expecting a response nor an answer…. As I understand my relationship issues are not of your concern . Simply a rant that goes unheard here at home . Your products are too appealing and too cheap for her to resist and as a result it’s putting immense strain on my life . Thanks for listening . ”

And there are plenty of men on social media in the same situation!

A year after the letter was written, Kidspot checked in with Alex to see how he was doing.

“Samantha and I are now happily married (since mid-November last year) it would take a lot more than that to destroy our relationship,” he told them.

“The spending has certainly slowed down. The occasional item here and there pops up but I wouldn’t complain with that … at the end of the day, it’s her money!”

Can you relate to Alex’s letter? Do you like shopping at Kmart?

  1. Colin  

    What a boring man . She obviously wanted to cheer up their home and he is so ungrateful i am surprised she stays

    • Ian  

      why do women buy JUNK every time my wife goes out she buys another pair of earrings and a new key ring. how can you possibly wear 7000 pairs of earrings and have a different keyring for every key everyday? she has so many linked together they broke the ignition lock in the car with the weight. and then there are the porcelain pigs rabbits roosters angels etc that all collect dust then she complains because she has so much housework to do. I’ve taken to dropping one in the garbage each week but their gaining on me. Think I’ll have to go to one per day.
      I bought a new screwdriver last week she wanted to know why I needed 2 . so I asked why she needed 7000 pairs of earrings. she said “that’s different ” (no sex for me this month )

  2. veronica  

    Anymore of that rubbish and Kmart might put the prices up!

  3. Sounds to me like a devious and clever ad for KMart.

    • Mary  

      so agree. – what a clever marketing ploy

  4. Carol Amis  

    Neither boring or a grumpass, it’s a tough in cheek blog and I love it, she is sure to find a nice light for your garage and you will love it.

    • Denise  

      I agree Carol. He’s just having a ‘man whinge’ even though it’s obviously all good at home and I’m sure the place looks great!

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