Malcolm Turnbull’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ debut

Once you've made 'Saturday Night Live' you've made it!

They say that once you are satisfied on the US hit comedy show Saturday Night Live then you have made it.  If that is the case then welcome to the international big time, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

On the latest episode of SNL, Alec Baldwin returned doing his famous impersonation of Donald Trump.  When his key advisor Steve Bannon, who in the sketch was the Grim Reaper, Trump exclaimed, “I’m tired and cranky and feel like I could just freak out on somebody,”.  To which the Reaper says “Then maybe you should call Australia’’.

The actor Beck Bennett played Malcolm Turnbull for the sketch which is already being shown on media outlets all over the world.

What did you think of the sketch?  How was Bennett’s Australian accent?

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