Malcolm Turnbull tries to help, cops abuse instead

Most people would be able to walk past a homeless person and give without judgment. For Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull,

Most people would be able to walk past a homeless person and give without judgment.

For Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, that isn’t the case.

A picture showing the Prime Minister giving a homeless man money has divided the internet, with some accusing him of using the homeless man as a photo opportunity.

The photo was taken by an AAP photographer as Malcolm Turnbull arrived to speak at an economic development luncheon in Melbourne yesterday.

So why is everyone so upset about the photo?

In the photo Malcolm Turnbull is pictured giving the man $5.

But it’s the cash in his other hand that he’s being criticised about.

The photo was brought to the attention of social media by The Guardian columnist Van Badham, who posted it on Facebook with the caption “Check Malcolm’s right hand, then check his left hand – and you’ll know why this photo doesn’t even need a caption.”

One comment on the post described the PM as “stingey”

“He could single handedly get that guy off of the streets but nooooo, here’s 5 measly dollars!,” the poster wrote.

Another wrote “Wow only $5. How could he spare it with all his money.”

But not everyone is critical of Malcolm Turnbull’s action.

Some have praised him on social media.

“He’s giving money to someone I don’t understand what you’re complaining about , the homeless person isn’t entitled to anything,” one comment on the Facebook post read.

Another argued that most people would walk past the homeless man and not give him a cent.

“It’s not about how much it’s about the thought to begin with,” she wrote.

Was Malcolm Turnbull being generous? Have you ever given money to a homeless person on the street?

  1. Yes of course he was trying to help ,HIMSELF, nice photo opportunity Mal

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      yes I agree with u. publicity stunt

  2. The watcher  

    In his power to reverse the cuts to hostels and homeless asistance, to increase mental health assistance, To make the dole sufficient to actually pay a rent and eat. So much he could do but I guess 5 bucks is the measure if his compassion and foresight.

  3. Anita  

    A good photo opportunity there Malcom. The token cash was meant to make you look good hey! You’re in a position of powere that could help these people and families but Ive not heard a word.

  4. gordan Timms  

    nasty left winged journalist muckraking, typical of the Gaurdian .

  5. gordan Timms  

    nasty left winged journalist muckraking, typical of the Gaurdian .

    • So this is a photo of muck? Yes, I think it is, and I’m glad The Guardian published it.

  6. Derek Still  

    How much have all you wingers given to homeless men lately? Honest answers (at least to yourselves) – if it’s less than $5 then shut up.

  7. There are homeless women, too, Derek. And homeless children. Of course, we don’t all have the capital or the income that Malcolm has, so $5 out of my purse is worth a whole lot more than $5 out of Malcolm”s many millions.

  8. The partisan headline on this article is very disappointing.

    • Marcel Brooks  

      Totally agree. Typical of media takes on anything. Look for opportunities for a story, criticise at all costs don’t give any credit regarding the deed. Farcical media once again are showing less virtue than politicians. We have anger through this type of gutter press.

  9. barbara bourke  

    thoughts can buy you a lot of food

  10. Elke  

    It is not always advisable to give money, especially large amounts of money. Homeless people get Centrelink payments which obviously is not enough to pay for a 1-bedroom flat in Melbourne but would be enough for a 2-bedroom flat in regional areas, so why stay in the city? The money collected what is it used for? Some street collectors make quite a lot of money per day, tax free. Some time ago a kind person gave a homeless man a sandwich and was spat in the face. I think it was unwise of Turnbull to give any money at all, mind you I can’t pass them without throwing a coin into the hat but I don’t have the press at my heels.

  11. Alan Murphy  

    So every one being picky and complaining, How much did you give?

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