Malcolm Turnbull rejected Kevin Rudd’s UN nomination because he didn’t have “interpersonal skills”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed that he told Kevin Rudd he didn’t have the “interpersonal skills” or the “temperament”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed that he told Kevin Rudd he didn’t have the “interpersonal skills” or the “temperament” to lead the United Nations when he rejected the former prime minister’s request for nomination, reports SMH.

Mr Rudd is absolutely furious and besides of accusing Mr Turnbull of betraying his trust, he also said Mr Turnbull had damaged his own global reputation and caused a “monstrous intrusion” of domestic politics into process.

“What I don’t respect is, having pursued this campaign for United Nations secretary-general for such a long period of time in absolute good faith, to then see that good faith dishonoured and trust broken,” Mr Rudd told The Australian.

Mr Rudd claimed he only continued to campaign to be the next secretary-general based on assurances and underlying assumptions of support from both the Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop.

However, Mr Turnbull has again insisted that he told his predecessor that it was a decision for cabinet and warned him in May that the chances of his nomination going ahead were not good.

“We all know the reason why the government didn’t nominate him,” he told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell, implicitly referring to Mr Rudd’s mixed reputation.

“[Mr Rudd] has said in the paper today that I told him that he has poor interpersonal skills and the reason. What he said is that I said to him that the reason he was unsuitable for the job was his interpersonal skills and temperament, well I wouldn’t dispute that.”

Mr Rudd contends that the Prime Minister’s actions “will reflect poorly on him”.

“I’m no perfect candidate. I’ve got skills, I’ve got background, I’ve got experience. So do a lot of other candidates,” he said.

“But what the international community finds difficult to understand is when you have such a monstrous intrusion of domestic politics so as to prevent one of your own from actually competing on the international stage.”

Mr Rudd said that, based on a promise from Ms Bishop that the cabinet would consider his nomination post-election, he continued his globetrotting campaign.

“If at any stage Foreign Minister Bishop had reached a judgment that the candidature was no longer capable of being supported in Australia, I know her well enough to know she would simply have told me in black and white.”

Do you feel for Kevin Rudd?

  1. his constant lack of accepting the decision just shows how he is confirming his lack of self control and an inability to see things as they are and not as he wants them to be.

  2. Susanne Otto  

    Surely Kevin Rudd should have learned the first rule of politics -“never believe a word any politician has to say”. He has only himself to blame.

  3. Having Kevin Rudd as Secretary General of the UN would be like having Donald Trump as US president. It doesn’t bear thinking about. The Labor party should be able to give us the full story on his suitability for higher office.

    • Douglas robert  

      Trump will win and america and the world will be better off. Dont be a minger

  4. Lyn  

    No I dont because like so many other times in his history as a pollie he wont accept the decision .. this position requires diplomacy which Kevin Rudd does not have .. good luck Helen Clarke. She has the experience and diplomacy to do the job well I hope Australia supports her bid

  5. Stephen  

    OK Rudd’s gone; but these are the actual facts. Rudd is a highly respected Asian expert working in Washington advising such people as Obama on such subjects as the South China Sea; he is not an ex PM bludging off the tax payer. He has been the U.N. Chair of the environment committee for years, including through the Paris Accord; he is the diplomat who spent the Crimea mess working out of the U.N. embassy in Moscow. This is how he is seen as a highly regarded diplomat and negotiator outside the partisan attack politics of Australia.
    Turnball ousted Abbott in claiming to do away with the Captains call, but made this his own decision, a) against his cabinet, and b) after assuring Rudd and thus all of the nations backing him that he would back Rudd.
    Let’s be honest here, when your the central negotiator between China thumping it’s war chest over the South China Sea as it verbally attacks Australia and the US; you don’t drop everything to receive a phone call.
    Forget Rudd, what Turnball did was tell the whole planet, and especially every senior world diplomat, that he is more interested in spite than honour, and that the word of Australia cannot be trusted. Right now the diplomatic stance of Hockey in Washington, and Downer in London are absolutely worthless and untrustworthy.
    The potential to tourism income to Australia in having the profile of an Aussie going for the top UN job is worth $billions, this is now gone.
    So why would Turnball do this, certainly not justified as an attack on Rudd’s character when he had previously endorsed him, and Joyce’s excuse of blaming Labor is completely lame; quite simply this is not about Australian Politics.
    There are only two possible answers; one is just pure personal spite on Turnball’s behalf, which, judging by his behaviour on other matters, (Abbott in the ministry?) has a modicum of potential, but enough for the hurt he has caused himself. The second answer is internal Coalition Politics. In the first couple of weeks after the election two things happened, Bernardi threatened to form a separate right wing party and a week later the QLD LNP (same group as Bernardi) wanted more say, even a possible Nationals leader.
    So what really happened to Rudd was regardless of how it would impact Australia, the right wing of the Coalition had a muscle flex just to prove it could; and Turnball rolled over like the gutless wonder his phone call instead of facing Rudd proved him to be.

    • Graham Lewis  

      Rudd may be an Asian expert, but that’s not the prime requirement. The way Rudd has behaved since he didn’t get the answer he wanted, goes to prove that he wasn’t suited. A narcissistic, bad-tempered, foul-mouthed bully who would have brought himself and Australia into the same disrepute he has earned himself in Australia.
      Plibersek, Albanese and other ALP identities who are connecting rage against Turnbull – and all with a straight face! – are merely showing how little we should believe any of their future utterances!

    • Henry  

      With all due respect that is the biggest lot of tripe I have read about Rudd.
      When members of the Labor party spoke about him they were scathing, now, they are having a go at MT for basically agreeing with them they have changed their tune. Politicians wonder why we don’t trust them.

    • SUSAN  

      Kevin Rudd has only one concern in life his own self importance. He is a dangerous man.

  6. Jean Knight  

    Best news I have heard. Tired of jobs for the boys attitude. Rudd is a total waste of space as far as
    I am concerned.

    • Lulu  

      Mr Trumbull is a massive waste of space…he is not going to be a great PM….just sit right back and watch this country crumble

  7. seems some ppl forget how Rudd was reported on ,treating his staff from time to time ,and he also proved he is a very revengeful man as far as julia Gillard was concerned to very bad rates to have and now it will be turnbull as rud never gives up will stay revengeful until he is satisfied he has got him back ,So glad a man with this character never got such a dam inprotant job ,who knows where it would have ended

  8. Douglas robert  

    Rudd was way better than abbot…firstly rudd never pissed off putin… abbot did. And any idiot who prefers killary to trump is in need of a labotamy. Also if aussies are relying on liberal funded media networks such as ch 9 etc god help them. Its the most biased unimformed crap you could possibly watch. Making your kids watch it is likened to child abuse by many the world over.

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