Malcolm Turnbull discusses Trump with President Obama

US president Barack Obama is making his last rounds as one of the most powerful men in the world before
Barack Obama and Malcolm Turnbull caught up at APEC.

US president Barack Obama is making his last rounds as one of the most powerful men in the world before he steps down in January and has taken a meeting with Malcolm Turnbull at the APEC Summit in Peru.

Mr Turnbull and Mr Obama have had a close relationship throughout their time in office and took the chance to talk about how things will play out once Donald Trumps steps into power.

Before heading into the meeting, Mr Turnbull said he was going to bring up the issue of our trade agreements and “our strategic commitments, particularly in the battle against terrorism”.

Mr Trump has pledged to “take out ISIS” – a brazen call many world leaders are said to be worried about given the enormity of the task.

It looks like the meeting went well though, with Mr Turnbull and Mr Obama posing for a selfie smiling from ear to ear afterwards.

Many are hoping Australia will continue its close relationship with the US once Mr Trump takes the oath, but there are fears from some that his volatile nature could lead to trouble down the road.

As a country we have a number of important trade deals with the US and of course the recently signed agreement for America to resettle refugees from Manus Island and Nauru.

There is still confusion over whether or not Mr Trump will honour the deal once he is in power due to his notoriously tough stance of immigration.

While many are hoping we keep our relationship with America, there are questions around how much we rely on the US and whether or not we need to step back a bit.

Australia has always been one of America’s closest allies, but with everything that has happened there lately, is it time we backed off a little?

What are your thoughts on this? Should we keep our ties with America as they are? Or should we be more independent?

  1. Eliza Cooke  

    Trump can’t be trusted – look at his back down from his election promises. Look at the unprincipled fawning of Ryan and Romney. Evil prospers when good men do nothing. Australia must not follow blindly.

  2. Dieter  

    Why can’t people give him the same chance than everyone else.
    Everyone gets his or hers 100 days before they get analyzed. At least he is not involved in all the political corruption and there likes.
    There have been other US presidents which have been worse regarding females. No outburst here.
    At least he is independed to business, banking and there like.

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