Malcolm Turnbull is ready to force you to vote three times over two years

After the election following the double dissolution created a wafer thin majority for his party in Parliament, Prime Minister Malcolm

After the election following the double dissolution created a wafer thin majority for his party in Parliament, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull could force voters to the polls another three times in the next two years.

If Mr Turnbull gets his way, Australians will be asked to turn out for both the same-sex marriage plebiscite and the Indigenous constitutional recognition referendum some time in 2017. That could culminate in a federal election in 2018, possibly as early as August – just 23 months from now.

A new paper by the Parliamentary Library points out that because of some of the notions surrounding this year’s double dissolution and Senate terms the next election – assuming it’s a normal house and half-Senate election – has to be held between August 4, 2018 and May 18, 2019.

Assuming that Mr Turnbull’s leadership survives that long, the predicted time period of nine months will be a crowded time and will leave the PM with some tough decisions to make.

Going late in that range would require him to move the budget, and by much more than a week like he did this year.

He’d either need to deliver it significantly earlier in the year before calling a campaign – which would be extremely logistically difficult – or push it back into the second half of the year, after voters have cast their judgement.

Earlier in 2019 would mean trying to avoid conflict with the NSW state elections due to be held on March 23, and to avoid the Easter holiday too.

Any earlier in 2019 and the campaign would have to start in January, when people are on holiday and totally disengaged with politics. This did not work terribly well for former Queensland premier Campbell Newman.

However, late 2018 polls also have some problem areas.

A poll between October and December would seem to make the most sense but there’s another state election in the way: Victorians are due to go to the polls on November 24, 2018, and after would conflict with Christmas break.

Going too close to a state election could also severely stretch party fundraising abilities.

Of course, the same-sex marriage plebiscite may not happen if Mr Turnbull can’t win parliamentary support.

The Indigenous referendum could also be pushed back into the next term of Parliament if politicians fail to get their act together. However at this stage hopes are still high it will happen in the second half of 2017.

What are your thoughts on this? Should Parliament take it upon themselves to vote for issues important to the government, or should the referendums go ahead?

  1. Pamela  

    Do all 3 at once – plus repealing 18c – to save money yet give Australia’s people a say!

    • Ivan  

      I don’t think our incompetent system could handle 3 at once..The election was a farce and the census was a shambles..

  2. Marjorie browne  

    He should give up now, he is fighting a losing battle, the people have lost confidence in him , time for him to move on.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      I agree, Turnbull is too weak. He says JOBS & GROWTH – What a laugh HaHa. You must go Turnbull.

  3. Truth 13  

    The slogan of Mal. Turnbull at the lasr election was, “Jobs & Growth”. I am not sure what it means, but at present, all I can see is,he meant, Growth of the deficit, toabout $500 Billion to $1 Trillion, and the only job growth will be the Jobs at many elections in the next two or three years. I suggest the next slogan for the Liberals. It should be “Deficit & Election Jobs”. Is this the best, the country can find, to rule & develop, for the next generation or two ?.

  4. Joan Marshall  

    I will always vote Liberal because it is the policy I believe in. Give Mr. Turnbull a chance but voting 3 times it is a waste of Tax payers money. Voting for same sex marriage? let us worry about more important issues.

    • Frank  

      The liberals dont seem to have much of any policy at present except that is to rip apart anything that alp has constructed eg medibank, medicare (out sourcing). Them qantas and telstra, not to mention the comm bank have been making huge profits…which could have been going into the public purse. The plebicite could be resolved in parliament. Marriage equality is what the people want. I would never get married again. Good luck to them.

  5. couldnt most of this have been done at the last election ?? thought we were broke

  6. Robert Green  

    How many times we vote is the least of the problem. There are very few polies in any of the parties that are worth our vote. We need people who care about our country to make the hard decisions for it. Tony would have. Our NSW premier is doing it for NSW and probably realises it might cost him government if the lefttard dogooders yap and bray loud enough.

    Give us some men and women who care fir the country more than their party!!!!!

    • Mareela  

      You jest Robert. All Tony cares about is Tony and how much money he can milk from the public purse. All the Libs are the same. Bronwyn Bishop, Julie Bishop to name just a few. BTW perhaps you could name some policies the LNP have. The slogan jobs and growth is wearing a bit thin as since this government has been in power but not governing, unemployment has increased, debt has increased, deficit has increased and the PM had to throw in a million or two to try and keep his job. Poor Malcontent spends more time watching his back and allowing the far right nut jobs run the country, although Bernardi will be gone to the UN for a few months so that’s a blessing. Still there’s face time I guess if he wants to tell Mal what to do. What did Australia do to deserve this government?

  7. Russell Grenning  

    “If Mr Turnbull gets his way,,,” now what evidence is there for this awful bloody beat-up? Absolutely none., so what is the purpose of this apart demonstrating bias, prejudice and profound ignorance?

  8. Jan Hoskins  

    He couldn’t FORCE his way out of a paper bag! Where is all this money coming from to have these ‘elections’?

  9. Manfred Ihms  

    Let him pay for it out of his own pocket, see what he says then the bloody corrupt Moron

  10. Tdon’t make Pollies like they use too. all they know is how to waste the money and /or stall for time.

  11. Christopher  

    This guy’s so WEAK, he couldn’t organize ‘a p!$$-up in a brewery’!

    That’s the trouble with having a multi-millionaire as PM.
    He’s not a clue about anything ‘in general’.
    Hopeless, absolutely bee hopeless!

    The LNP idiots’ replaced a well-organized, disciplined, GOOD character of a man in Tony Abbott, with this moron, who can’t make a decision to save himself, because he’s never had to do that in his ‘silver-tailed’ life.

    It’ll be interesting to see how long he lasts, before being ‘replaced’.

    Tick-tock, tick-tock!

  12. PhilWorrall  

    Malcolm Turnbull,Narrowly won the Election,with voters assuming he was a moderate conservative,because that is what he told us!. Blatant lies,just like his predecessor.Driving the Old,The sick,the simple people who are unemployable,into poverty.Not because of any national emergency.Simply to satisfy the wealthy financial supporters of the party.who want a larger share of the pie.Parasites the lot of them!

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