Malcolm Turnbull calls Bill Shorten a social-climbing sycophant, and more

Politics of envy or a bad day in the office?
Shorten vs Turnbull

Who’s a social-climbing sycophant who sucks up to billionaires, as well as being a parasite who wants to live in luxury at taxpayers’ expense? Opposition leader Bill Shorten, according to Malcolm Turnbull.

The Prime Minister, apparently tired of barbs about his own personal wealth, hammered former union leader Shorten in an unusually fiery Question Time today.

 Shorten had accused an “out of touch” Turnbull with punishing families and pensioners, while giving the business sector a handout, in an attack on a government proposal to change family payments and cut corporate tax.

Turnbull, a self-made millionaire who’s been under scrutiny for a $1.7 million donation he gave to the Liberal Party, had clearly had enough of Shorten’s barbs about his wealth, which have included calling Turnbull ‘Mr Harbourside Mansion’ because the former businessman lives in a multimillion-dollar house in Sydney’s exclusive Point Piper.

Turnbull accused Shorten of trying to fuel “politics of envy” despite having been “a great sycophant of billionaires” during his time as a union leader, who lapped up Cristal champagne at the Melbourne mansion of prominent businessman Dick Pratt.

 “He likes harbourside mansions, he’s yearning for one,” Turnbull accused a straight-faced Shorten. “He’s yearning to get into Kirribilli House. You know why –  because somebody else pays for it.”

 Shorten had no consistency and no integrity, Turnbull continued.

 “This sycophant, this simpering sycophant, blowing hard in the House of Representatives, sucking hard in the living rooms of Melbourne,” he said. “What a hypocrite.”

 The bill containing the welfare reforms, tax cuts and other reforms was introduced in parliament today. The government has promised it will deliver $5.5 billion in savings.

What do you think of the behaviour of our politicians? 

  1. Neither of tlem are fit to lead our country!!! With both parties , We are heading down the “sink hole”. Is there anyone fit to save our country? HELP

    • Murray Walker  

      Yep exactly right. If aliens landed and said take me to your leader, we would have to admit we don’t have one. Please help us!!!

  2. Mary Heffernan  

    Rave on, Turncoat! Corey Bernardi’s Party is looking more attractive by the minute!!

  3. Mary Linnestad  

    A disgraceful vitriol from our Prime Minister. His insults against Bill Shorten were far more offensive than Mr Shorten ‘reference to Mr Harbourside Mansion This was first coined by Mr Abbott. Malcolm Turnbull appeared completely out of control, a desperate performance. Barnaby Joyce obviously loved every minute, relishing every insult towards Bill Shorten with unrestrained glee, like an immature schoolboy . An almost hysterical rant by Mr Turnbull

    • kenN  

      If you studie Shorten’s history you will see that Turnbull was 100% correctKenN

  4. Carmel  

    Ken He may have been correct but the outburst was disgusting. Funny how they
    say things inside the house that they wouldn’t have the guts to say outside. Turnbull bought himself down to the level of a school yard bully. Why doesn’t he grow up and put some of that passion he expended today on running the country.

  5. K Johnston  

    Pity PM Turncoat could not arouse that much passion for running the country rather than wasting time rubbishing his opposition.

  6. colin  

    must have been upsetting for The Pratt family as Richard has been dead EIGHT years. TurnBULL is desperate, cant answer the question re centrelink etc so turns bully boy.

  7. Sheryl  

    This is edited.There is another 5 minutes of the speech which points out very pertinent issues in which Bill Shorten has failed working people.Malcolm Turnbull cites several real examples of businesses and unions who have been actively neglected by Shorten(See Youtube)

    • Shirley_haugaard  

      yep,the only loyalty he has is to himself!

  8. Kerri Pitts  

    I want Penny Wong to lead Labor. Can’t think of anyone on the LNP side who is worthwhile… just different degrees of shocking.

  9. David koppman  

    What happened to running the country disgusting by all concerned and our deputy pm what a joke

  10. John Brants  

    I never knew what a wit Turnbull is. However on this site I mustn’t prefix wit with 4 certain qualifying letters !

  11. Mary Heffernan  

    Well, PM Turncoat can’t keep his own party in order (witness the Corey Bernardi exit!), so he unloads his nasty snide remarks on to character assassination of the opposition leader, Bill Shorten. Others of the LNPs, such as Joyce and Dutton, were braying in agreement. What a disgusting mess they’ve turned the Australian Parliament into, with not one dignified statesman among them! Not surprising that they are down in the opinion polls, especially after rorting over a billion dollars of taxpayers money to spend on their lavish lifestyles! No wonder Australia is in the mess it’s in!

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