Malcolm Turnbull acts decisively on NT youth abuse issue

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has responded quickly to reports of torture at a Darwin juvenile detention centre, launching a royal

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has responded quickly to reports of torture at a Darwin juvenile detention centre, launching a royal commission into the facility.

The PM vowed to get to the bottom of the brutal abuse of teens in the Northern Territory detention facility after footage of mistreatment was aired on ABC’s Four Corners program on Monday, July 25.

The images, shot at the Don Dale detention centre, have sent shockwaves through the Australian community.

In calling the royal commission Turnbull acknowledges the Don Dale centre had been the subject of controversy for “some time” however, he maintains he had no knowledge of the allegations involving teenagers held there being stripped, tear-gassed or placed in solitary confinement.

“We have acted immediately and decisively and we will get to the bottom of what has happened,” Turnbull told the media.

He says a notable Australian will oversee the royal commission, and that a report will be delivered in early-2017.

Other outcomes from the Four Corners report include Northern Territory chief minister Adam Giles sacking corrections minister John Elferink from the role, and a police investigation into the allegations has been launched. There is also word a new detention centre will be build and an inspector-general of corrections is to be permanently appointed.

Do you think a royal commission is the right step in addressing this issue? What else needs to be done, in your opinion?

  1. iris  

    yeah now that it is out there you must do something.

  2. geraldine Mc  

    How is calling a royal commission acting decisively? Acting decisively is removing brutal staff and doing something positive to ensure the safety of those in care. We’ve really got to stop hiding from these issues and start speaking out. Our silence just shows the world that we aren’t bothered enough to do something about it all. Let those in charge fix it! I see the evidence before my eyes, i quietly shake my head then turn away and get on with my life. I have to stop doing that and start objecting. We all have to start objecting. Loudly. and in numbers. To treat other human beings so appallingly and do nothing makes me as guilty as the perpetrators, whether i like it or not.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Yes I agree, the royal commission is not acting decisively, that just delays the process of removing all brutal staff and giving them time to get their stories in line. Royal Commission costs more money which could be spent so more importantly on the people in care. We need action, sack them all.

  3. If the Parent’s of these children were allowed to punish them as they were getting older for their wrong doing instead of all the rubbish you bloody do gooder’s do with this no you can’t spank your children, may the children say thank’s now that I can tell everyone to go and get f!!!!!!k, and do as i please and when I spit in the faces of the police and correctional services staff you will run to my rescue this is what you have created in our society disrespect insolence and just plain bad behaviour even in 3 to 5 year olds, And the Parent’s should be made more responsible there would be less children in the system and more parent’s on guard and the Media and Government’s should stay out of our lives, Just to mention this is old footage why has it raised it’s head just before a Territory Election one woulds wonder by the way the Labour party was in Power when this footage was taken.

    • Bob  

      Russell thanks for putting out the other side of the story. Only the ABC could present it from the leftist point of view and stuff everybody else. This problem happens all over Australia because of the lack of discipline from the elders. And what do we do, throw more money at them which only exacerbates the problem. The lack of respect for police and communities and their behaviour is the reason they are in detention. I abhor the treatment they receive while in in detention and those prison officers should be held accountable. But a royal commission is not warranted. It takes several years to complete when a task force of indigenous elders and politicians can investigate and propose changes in half the time. When we get involved we are called racists and if we don’t we are damned. From my point of view the only solution is to educate the elders about responsibity for the children in their communities.

  4. Roy Bridges  

    Just about him trying to use it to his advantage , how can he do this by watching one tv program .
    As bad as it is and it was shocking how can a PM make a call on this alone ?? Maybe the TV program was set up maybe all the fact no presented . Should not the police been call in people charged?

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