Lisa Wilkinson posts gorgeous photo with lookalike daughter

TV host Lisa Wilkinson has been taking a well-earned break around the US and sharing her amazing pictures at the same time.
The Today Show host kicked back in style in Hawaii.

Lisa Wilkinson has been enjoying a well-earned break over the Christmas and New Year period, spending quality time with her family on an amazing trip to America.

While she’s been sharing plenty of photos along the way, it was one of her daughter Billi that really caught everyone’s attention with plenty noting just how similar the pair look!

Lisa shared a snap of the pair floating in a pool in Hawaii, with Billi sporting one of her dad’s trademark red bandanas.

“Who says red bandanas aren’t cool? PS. He’s not getting it back!” Lisa wrote.

It wasn’t long before the comments started rolling in with people saying Billi was the spitting image of her gorgeous mum.

It’s not the first time Lisa has posted a proud mother-daughter pic, sharing a number of happy snaps of the pair in the past.

One of Lisa’s own throwback photos to her days as a young journalist show just how similar the pair really are.

They’re not the only mother-daughter duo to bare a striking resemblance. Last year, fans were blown away when Bette Midler attended an event with her daughter, Sophie.

The pair look so alike that many were confused as to which was which at first glance!

There are a number of other celeb mother-daughter duos who look alike, with Meryl Streep’s daughters all taking after her.

Of course it’s not just celebs! Plenty of us have sons and daughters who take after us or our partners!

For many, it’s amazing to watch out kids grow up and turn into mini versions of ourselves over the years.

Do any of your kids take after your or your partner? Which of these celebs do you think look most alike?

  1. Kevin  

    My wife looks so much like our eldest daughter, at parent teacher nights teachers used to say hello to my wife, addressing her as our daughter.

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