Let’s Talk: Should Australia follow the United States’ lead with the UN?

Brexit was one of the biggest global moments last year. But there’s something brewing in the United States that could
The United States is considering dropping its United Nations membership.

Brexit was one of the biggest global moments last year.

But there’s something brewing in the United States that could overshadow Brexit – and the full details are only just beginning to emerge.

A Republican Congressman has introduced a bill into the US Congress calling for the US to withdraw as a member of the United Nations.

Just like there was with Brexit, there’s a pushback against globalisation and for many in the US, the United Nations is viewed as a part of the problem.

The American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017 was introduced to Congress earlier this month.

If passed it will require the President to terminate US membership in the United Nations and any UN affiliated bodies.

The bill also prohibits the US from giving any money to the UN or contributing to any UN peacekeeping operations.

It’s not known whether or not the bill will actually be passed or make it that far through the Congress, but it certainly has its supporters.

While the Americans have the debate, no doubt there will be some in Australia who want the same outcome.

Pauline Hanson has already called for Australia to review its United Nations  membership  and funding for the United Nations, and any decision made in the US is sure to further a debate in Australia.

So, what do you think? Should Australia review its membership to the United Nations? Or do you believe our UN membership is important?


  1. Laurel  

    Yes I wholeheartedly agree, Australia should get out of the UN. It has become something completely different, to the reasons it was set up in the first place. They have an agenda that will not benefit us, as a matter of fact, I think that the reason we are being inundated by Moslems, is that the UN is telling the government what it has to do, wtf!! The Human Rights commission, has Saudi Arabia sitting on it, the worst offenders, cutting off heads, stoning, degradation of women, it’s all so wrong.

  2. Yes I agree, the UN has well and truly passed its “use by date”. It’s now little more than a bunch of self serving, corrupt, useless officials, who spend their time sponging off the wealthier nations to fund themselves. They have done NOTHING to alleviate the internecine fighting in the Middle East. And nothing to sort out the refugee problems, except to tell the western nations what they’re doing wrong. The only effective operations to assist problems and disasters in the poorer nations, have come from various western nations in spite of the UN, not because of it!

    • Manfred Ihms  

      Absolutely agree. UN stands for useless nations. Not good for anything

  3. Maria Thompson  

    The UN is the most corrupt institution on earth and that’s really saying something. It is a club for filthy dictators and mass murderers. We should never have joined such a disgraceful thing. Read The New American magazine if you to learn the truth about the UN!!!

  4. Robin Henry  

    Unfortunately, the UN is controlled by a large number of Islamists and the greatest joke is that Saudi Arabia, a country with a horrendous track record of human rights abuses, chairs the Human Rights Committee. The Islamic member countries of the UN did not sign up to the UN Charter on Human Rights, but instead have their own charter which is well below the standard of human rights expected in civilised societies.

    If the US pulls out, the UN will dissolve, however, I would far prefer to see pressure put on it to get its act together and do the job it was originally intended to do.Give it two years to reform or close it down.

  5. Dieter  

    Yes I can sign all of the above.
    We could use the money to do better things like support our own.
    Not more to say.

  6. David  

    Yes we should pull out UN . A corrupt outfit that achieves nothing .

  7. Gerry Wilson  

    I agree, time to go UN! It’s a bloated dictatorship, run by criminals for criminals imo
    and also dump TPP as we are not even allowed to see all of what Turnbull has got us into!!

  8. Pamela  

    I agree with all of the above comments.

    Australia out of UN asap! 😛

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