Let’s Talk: Is Jacqui Lambie’s burqa ban a good idea?

Jacqui Lambie has put forward a bill to ban people from wearing full face coverings in public.
Jacqui Lambie speaks about her bill to ban the burqa and other full face coverings in public. Source: 7News

It’s something we’ve heard from many politicians over the years and a move that’s been made in some other countries, but now this controversial discussion is up for debate in Australia.

Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie has introduced a bill to ban the burqa.

It’s something she unsuccessfully tried to do several years ago, but this time she could find herself having more support.

It’s being reported that under the bill, people would be banned from wearing full face coverings including burqas, masks and motorcycle helmets in public places “without good reason”.

However, the bill would only come into effect when Australia’s terror threat level was “probable”, “expected” or “certain”. It’s currently sitting at “probable”.

While there are some who don’t support it, there’s denying the bill has its supporters.

Lambie’s fellow senators including One Nation’s Pauline Hanson and Liberal-turned independent Cory Bernardi are also supporters of a ban on the burqa.

Lambie told parliament that she believed people had right to feel safe in public places when there was a threat of terrorism.

“Gone are the easy days of the past where we knew and trusted our neighbours and left our back doors unlocked,” she said.

“Full face coverings conceal the identity of the wearer, disrupting the authorities’ ability to track down a perpetrator in the event of a crime.”

If the ban, which will be debated in parliament next week, is successful Australia would be following in the footsteps of countries such as France, Belgium and Turkey.

It will also imposes prison sentences of people who force another person to wear a full face covering.

While the ban has some support, it’s not clear at this stage whether it will pass parliament.

What do you think? Do you support Jacqui Lambie’s bill? Or do you think it goes too far?




  1. Claire  

    I do support this, people who rob homes and stores wearing masks deserve extra jail time. If you feel strong enough to protest against or for something have the courage not to wear a mask. As for the burqa, I don’t feel it fits Australian culture. I like to be able to look into someone’s eyes and read their facial expressions when I am interacting with them.

  2. Janet Sharpe  

    Ai agree wholeheartedly. What are they hiding? Please vote for this.

  3. Noel Wright  

    100% agree, ban the stupid, ugly, woman demeaning piece of rag. Also, who can tell if under all that fabric, is someone wearing a suicide vest, or carrying a weapon, or even a male pretending to be female. Not in my Country, BAN THE BURQA. and don’t any of you “do gooders” come back bleating about Catholic Nuns – at least we can see their faces.

  4. Jenny  

    Yes they can cover their heads but the face should
    be seen.

  5. Elaine Gorman  

    I think there are far more important topics, particularly as there are very few people who do wear this form of dress. There has never been to my knowledge, anyone who made any sort of terrorist threat, who wore the Burqa. Perhaps we should be worrying more about the way Centrelink treats Innocent people caught up by error in their computer led programme.

    • Jack Dice  

      I think if you go back a few months ,you will find a report in Turkey where Isis attacked a gathering and went in wearing these Burgas

    • Peter McKenzie  

      Sorry but you are wrong, a male dressed in a burqa murdered a America nurse,followed her to a toilet and cut her throat. I could be wrong but I think that was in Yemen about 2 years ago. The media only showed it once and then the storey was buried. The murderer escaped with all the other women wearing burqa’s.

    • Really Me  

      Really?? Very few people who wear this form of dress? You obviously haven’t been to the western suburbs of Sydney lately.

  6. Wendy  

    Motorbike riders ( hubby & friends ) have to remove their helmets & face protection masks before they enter a premises for our security laws, Australians who travel or reside in other countries have to abide by that countries laws.
    People who move to Australia should live by our laws. There won’t be an Australia soon.

  7. Nessie Barrett  

    Yes i support this. I am happy for head covering but whole of face and whole of body.

  8. vicki  

    Yes totally agree with the banning of all full face coverings in public unless for medical reasons i.e. disfigurements, injuries or other conditions that would cause uncomfortable scrunity. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that this is for the safety of all members of the public because that is all important. And 100% agree with fining those persons forcing the wearing of such full face coverings.upon others.

    • Russ Moffat  

      Absolutely agree!! If your culture or religion can’t handle it, go home. You MUST respect the culture of the country you are in, or get-the-hell out. Full face covering, Capitalism vs Socialism, Nudism, the right to bear arms, gay marriage, eating beef, driving on the left side of the road, women in the workforce, capital punishment for drug trafficking, stoning to death for infidelity, blah, blah, the list could be pages long.
      I am not making comment on what I believe is right or wrong, other than to say respect the culture of the people who’s home you are in or piss off.

  9. Richard Donaldson  

    Yes i agree with the bill .. there is no need for it in this country .. it is the men in the religion who request it ..

    • Lucy Galllucci  

      100 percent behind lambi

      • desleigh clarke  

        Yes I thought that too but apparently it is the idea of the women- go figure!! That evil hair, cover it up or you might get raped, what an outdated archaic religion still living 1200 years ago when their “prophet” invented it, same prophet who butchered 800 men & boys in Medina & enslaved all the females, had dozens of wives, last one was just 5 years old & he “consummated” it (ie raped her when she was just nine.) The mind boggles how any of them can defend him, maybe they can’t read???

  10. Anne  

    Itis common practice in a lot of muslim majority countries for veils to be lifted when entering banks public buildings and hospitals etc. It should be the same rules as for motor bike helments and hoodies here. There is no need to wear these indoors in public spaces. These are not a requirement under Islam but are cultural mores in some countires but not here.

  11. Barbara  

    I agree I don’t feel safe or comfortable around someone who’s face I can’t see, if you live in this country abide by its laws dont try to bend the law to suit yourself

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