Let’s Talk: How could Bill Shorten win your vote?

Bill Shorten has a huge uphill battle ahead of him. So what – if anything – would it actually take for

Bill Shorten has a huge uphill battle ahead of him. So what – if anything – would it actually take for him to win your preference?

The election is a long way off, but with parliament next week, it’s safe to say we’ll have a long year ahead of campaigning and positioning. A great deal can go right for either candidate in the coming months, and a great deal could go horribly wrong.

At this early stage, however, it’s very clear who Australia would prefer right now as Prime Minister.

Yesterday Labor kicked off its 2016 campaign, and by all accounts, Shorten is already in “election mode”.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Shorten appeared in Brisbane yesterday to launch a “Fight for Queensland” campaign, but effectively gave an election campaign speech. He promising to uphold Labor’s core values: of education and healthcare for all Australians, keeping penalty rates, and avoiding any raise in GST.

“Since our parliament last sat in December, Mr Turnbull [has cut] $650 million from Medicare,” he said.

“And he’s embraced the Liberal Party’s eternal campaign to abolish penalty rates”.

“Only people who have a very high salary can declare the weekend is over… Who is he to hand away your time with your families for nothing?”

“Forget all the sweet talk, your right to a sound health system, your right to a good education for your children, your rights at work are under attack”.

According to The Guardian, Australia’s voting preferences are relatively unchanged from when Tony Abbot won the 2013 election: the Coalition has 53% support, while Labor remain at 47%.

After enjoying a honeymoon period of enormous popularity, Malcolm Turnbull’s approval rating has dropped a little – his first time since gaining the top job. Shorten’s rating, however, had fallen with him. It will clearly take something drastic on either side for this to change.

As such, we’d like to ask the Starts at 60 community a serious question: what could Bill Shorten do that could genuinely secure your vote?

Would it take a strong stance on an issue you hold dear? A major misstep from the Turnbull government? Or does he already have your vote? Share your thoughts below…

  1. Why do people choose party by the leader he is only the front man , look at parties and their beliefs and their ideas on the future of Australia then choose your party to vote for, u may be surprised at who you match up with. Turnbull is the more charming and likeable his a natural can’t beat that ,he still has all the old boys in his party who don’t agree with his ideas.

    • He won’t have to wait long and they’ll ditch him, I want to see stability in our POLITICIANS, they are wasting time which could be better utilised actually GOVERNING THE COUNTRY.

    • why would we want a party lead by an idiot, been there done that. It would imply that those that put him there have no better alternative.

    • I don’t know why you are talking about leaders , who cares who’s leading they decide as a party. Please read what they stand for. It could be Tom cruise standing up for leader, then all the fools who think his cute would vote for him your looking at the gimmick.

    • Bev you are talking to the converted but there are a lot of people out there so mesmerised by the idea that the leader is the party that they leave their good sense at home when they approach the ballot box. Why do they think the liberal party works so hard to wreck the credibility and character of the leader of the labor party…any leader not just Bill Shorten it is any labor with the exception of Kevin Rudd who was so inept that Tony Abbott just stood back and waited for him to hang himself. Look at how he went after Julia Gillard and the liberal party has certainly given Bill a pasting so tgese star struck idiots go fo the leader with the most “charisma”.

    • Unfortunetly they are all ful of promisess to be elected and then the page change but at Labor the sick the olderly and stragling were looked after but nów the top shelf is looked after the rest dosent matter they are cuting as much as they can,but Never from the top we are just rasy target time to stand up and let them know that we work all our life ,pay our taxes and we do matter

    • Anyone with an ounce of intelligence with a basic interest in politics is aware of this leader rubbish, the party decides the policies not the leader.

    • Have yet to hear any of the LNP policies, apart from ‘tightening belts’ and lots of talk fests. This is a talk lots, do nothing government.

    • Grace Durak are you ssying that the labor party is cutting the welfare funding and school.funding and health funding …are you saying that the labor party is aligned with the likes of Gina Rheinhart and wealthy top multinationals and prominent wealthy Australian companies and allowing and encouring tax evasion and all the other dodges that these comoanies get away with????? Because it sure reads that way .

    • Jay Long oh yesterday Jay Turnbull announced it would be a no big money promises election and more a cimmensense approach to reducing that terrifying thing….THE DEFICIT.

  2. You vote for the leader as they are the ones that are going to be the Prime Minister and take our country all over the world stage…..look what happens when people don’t like the leader, Mr. Abbott……most of the time the leader of the party displays all their ideas and beliefs…..so that is why you pick that party. I for one, if I don’t like the leader have a very hard job giving them my vote…..

    • Nowhere on the voting paper does it say I will vote for either Turnbull or Shorten. Neither are in my electorate. I vote for the party member who is in my electorate based on the policies of their party.
      It’s only the ignorant and uneducated who don’t know how our electoral system works and believe that every person over 18 votes for the leader of a political party.

    • Well Ruth Hourigan I am neither ignorant nor uneducated thank you ever so much, you vote how you want and I will vote how I want…I did not call you names because of your of your choice so at least you could do is not call me names for my choice….I was bought up voting Country Party, as there are virtually no candidates for them now, I vote LNP and have done for decades….I will not change parties just because the others may have better policies….I have what is called Loyalty to my party….if my party was to stick it to me or my disabled Daughter then I would think about changing but only then….

    • No not always Victoria Alexandra D’Arienzo if they are good and going to benefit myself or my disabled daughter then yes…my local member has to be someone I like or I find someone I do like…that is my prerogative to do so as this is a free country……

    • I don’t understand why you would not vote for the party that has the best policies Judith?

    • Because I was bought up with loyalty to my party, I will not vote for Labor, Greens or Pups just because of their policies, would not vote for them regardless, that is not what voting is to me…

    • So you people are swinging Voters???? It has always been you and your family have a party, you vote for them every election and you do that all your voting life….

    • Nothing wrong with being old fashioned, let me say I WILL NOT VOTE FOR ANY OTHER PARTY REGARDLESS so sue me….

    • Judith Forbes
      You obviously have a guilt complex if you believe I called you names. Nowhere in my previous post did I mention your name. I made a “blanket” statement and your own mind decided that it was a reference to you. LOL

    • Sorry when you are answering a comment and you have nasty names in it I assumed they were aimed at me as I made the last comment, if they weren’t then sorry too but you should not call anyone ignorant or uneducated because the do things different to you….

    • I am not sure how anyone can blindly go on voting for a party just because Mum and Dad did and their family always had. That doesn’t sound like loyalty that sounds foolish. The major parties have both moved to the right and don’t represent the same values they did years ago. Labor has little of the old hard line socialist values it once had and has only a slight tinge of pink when compared to the extreme left of politics the red of communism. Until Tony Abbott was elected I don’t think any party has been so extreme right wing to the point of having Fascist policies and outlook. Malcolm Turnbull has toned it down but the extreme right still keep rearing their ugly heads.

    • Judith Forbes you say that you always vote Liberal but on the other hand you are saying that you will vote for which ever party is of benefit to your daughter …….. so, if Labors policies are better suited you and your daughter, you would vote for them ? You have me a bit confused :/

    • No not poor me at all thank you and I am not foolish get over it… Yes I said that but it won’t happen so I won’t have too worry about switching….will I….

    • How many psychopathic leaders with extreme charisma have been voted in because they are a nice guy or speak well. Wars are started by men like that and people too lazy to trouble themselves with any more than the surface gloss.

    • Oh my god that has not happened here, no wars no psychopathic leaders, not a great example at all…..and I am not lazy either thank you.

  3. I don’t choose the party on “Looks”or “Personality” !! I am one of those old fashioned people who choose the Party on the Policy they have. I don’t like how The Liberal Party has targeted Baby Boomers, the disabled, and the poor. The rich in the meantime are laughing all the way to the bank. Turnbull still has Abbott’s policy’s, he is a weak leader who sold out his own principles to be PM.

    • Shorten doesn’t make the policies, the whole party do. After living under the Liberals for over 2 years, the Labor party is looking better than ever. They won’t target the elderly, the sick or the less fortunate.

    • Sue Todd – there was no money left after Labor, that is the reason we have to tighten belts – ALL of us, not just the elderly & sick. You can’t keep giving taxpayer-funded money to all & sundry without it being replenished. Let’s hope the Govt puts the brakes on the high end of town’s taxpayer-funded tax incentives in the meantime.

    • Oh for heavens sake Jane. There was plenty of money left, and don’t forget we’d had a GFC which we came through with a triple A rating. We’re now in danger of losing that rating under this mob, and there’s no GFC at the moment. We might be in a better financial position if they hadn’t given Murdoch 880 million, or Gina another few million, aand the RBA billions they didn’t want. It’s all about corporate welfare with the Liberals, and stuff the general population

    • BTW Jane, the pollies have just given themselves another pay rise. Sound fair in light of their rhetoric about tightening our belts does it? Our debt/GDP ratio is comparatively low, although it’s growing rapidly at this point

    • So Jane – you think spending 160M on a plebiscite is a good move when there is an elected govt to make this decision for us?!

    • Exactly Cathie, and a plebicite they have already said they won’t take any notice of. That money would be much better spent on health or education

    • Boy, I love Political arguments in the morning, smells like Bulls..t. And yes Labor wasted all our money on Pink Batts.

    • James French and what about Abbotts millions on his armoured cars or his $200 a night room at police barracks plus $1000 a day 24 hour guard while there. Add that up over his time in the job.

    • Did Turnbull ever really have any principles to begin with? All he’s ever wanted is power, personal and political

    • James French Bullshit! My house became much more liveable thanks to the installation of pink bats.

    • Ruth Hourigan don’t forget one of Abbott’s daughters worked for BMW and got a nice little commission on the 10 million those cars cost us. Nothing like nepotism is there

    • She never finished that course Lyn, she was given a job as a buyer for one of the big department stores.. Then the 3rd sponger lived in Kirribilly house for a pittance, and it’s still not clear if Abbott had the right to sub-let it. Not that he’d care about that, thumbing us again!

    • James French Really??? ALL our money??? They must have been the most expensive pink bats in the world. What a load of rubbish!

  4. What would it take? Donald Trump as President of USA and everybody knows the Liberals will bow and kowtow to the USA and join in any “world domination” war plans Trump has. Liberals war record costs are hidden but we know they are enormous as, in spite of cuts to every single thing they said they wouldn’t cut, their deficit is much more. Labor were paying more off the deficit debt than they had to to get it down quicker – but Liberals stopped that and only paid the bare minimum. It must be to fund their warmongering since they haven’t done anything but cuts to everything else.

    • Heaven help the world if Trump makes it.
      He is so crude and rude and egotistical and had no diplomacy. Disaster for the USA.

  5. I will always vote for the party who will respect our older community and less fortunate, I’m fed up with modern day Politicians lining their own pockets at the expense of the less fortunate YEAR AFTER YEAR, the Liberal Party have a vendetta towards the less fortunate and will continue to attack them to protect themselves and their mates!

  6. It is this simple for me, you want to cut my pension and make life more difficult for me, I WON’T VOTE FOR YOU .. You want to cost me more to get a small amount of pain relief , I WON’T VOTE FOR YOU. You want to make it harder for my grandchildren to go to University..then mate you have lost my vote so bugga off !!

  7. I’ve heard nothing from either party that I like so now I’m looking at independents

  8. Bill Shorten couldn’t possibly win my vote. I don’t know what happened to him, before he became Leader he was a ‘go getter’, now he is a ‘wash out’. Some people are great as a 2 IC but just can’t cut it as No.1.

    • you vote for the party, not the Leader, if you have learned anything at all over the last 10 years it should be that the leader is cannon fodder and does not last

    • Unfortunately the leader is the face and spokesperson for the party. He/she is voted in by their own electorate first and then their colleagues. I know how the system works but I also don’t want to cringe every time my Prime Minister speaks.

    • Many people cringed for years when Abbott spoke, he made us the laughing stock right around the world, would rather Bill any day of the week

    • What on earth makes you cringe? He is intelligent – speakes well. You don’t think so? Compare him to Abbott. Stop judging him on his looks or personality, and listen to what he has to say.

    • Alana Heuston Fowler Don’t quite understand your comment Alana, are you talking about Tony Abbott or Bill Shorten?

    • Victoria Alexandra D’Arienzo however , their leader the pm is the one who makes the decision once in power . That’s why! And just listen to what he says ,

    • Alana Heuston Fowler you are having a lend of us , right ? Intelligent ? Speaks well ? Really ? I judge what comes out of his mouth , he lies , just like at the royal commission ( or are they the liars ? ) ‘ I have no recollection !! ‘ over and over , you want someone with short term memory loss running this country ?

    • Doesn’t say much for the idiots that voted abbott in, he is such an ugly ignoramus, but truthfully stupid peoply do usually go for looks, both howard and turkball give the dopey doggy eyes and smarmy smile and idiots fall

    • Carolyn Brown ahem, sinadonis, brough, bishop, abbott, turnbull, hockey, who lied, clean your ears out sweetie,

    • Carolyn Brown that whole very expensive commission was a set up from beginning to end. Proved nothing. Selective memory comes from all sides. Yes intelligent! And might not be the most entertaining speaker – but he is no where near the embarrassment that Abbott was. I also judge what comes out of his mouth. I obviously listen – you don’t like him so turn off.

    • Alana Heuston Fowler I listened to Mr Shorten say last night, and I am paraphrasing here, that the ALP would not raise the GST to 15% on everything. … Typical political speak. Savvy voters will understand that he built in an escape clause ” on everything”. So if the ALP wins the next election, I fully expect the GST to go up, just not on everything. Australian voters are sick and tired of the two leading parties saying one thing and doing the opposite.

    • I cringed every time Abbott opened his mouth, now I am looking at someone I don’t trust, I have more trust in a snake than this guy, but the world is full of pretty and shiny silver tongues, and people will always fall for this type unfortunately.

  9. Bullshit Billy shooting his mouth off promising large amounts of money where is he going to get this money from when Australia is facing tough times. Everytime Labor get in they run this country into more debt which we cannot get out off thanks to Rudd the dud spending willy nilly when he was in. How about no more refugees and stop giving handouts to overseas how about Charity beginning at home first our homeless our sick our elderly. Getting sick of these politicians promising and telling us what we need instead of listening to the Australian public for a change.

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