Let’s Talk: Do some MPs think they are above the law?

While Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten may have reached home safely after a State of Origin event last night, MP

While Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten may have reached home safely after a State of Origin event last night, MP Billy Gordon wasn’t so lucky.

On his way home, he was stopped for a random breath test at Kuranda, and according to Courier Mail, recorded .094. He has now been charged with drink driving.

Courier Mail reports, it is understood Mr Gordon recorded was driving his partner’s car after watching the Origin game and he has never held a full licence, only a learner’s permit.

It is also understood that the government is aware of the charges but the Member for Cook’s electoral office staff did not know about the overnight incident.

This isn’t the first time where we have heard of cases of power abuse by those in public office.

Last March, the Australian Federal Police launched an official investigation into sacked former minister Stuart Robert. The Australian reports, the investigation was done over claims he committed an “abuse of public office” by travelling to China to help a Liberal donor and friend Paul Marks sign a mining deal.

An investigation later revealed Mr Robert held shares in a company that owned 35 per cent of Mr Marks’ Nimrod Resources, which meant that his “private trip” therefore breached ministerial standards.

In the late 1980s, Tony Fitzgerald, launched the Fitzgerald Inquiry into corruption in the police force and politics which led to the resignation of then-premier, Joh Bjelke-Petersen, and the jailing of three former government ministers and a police commissioner. Fitzgerald warned the public that the standard of governance in Australia was on a slippery slope towards corruption and abuse of power. Do you think this is true?

Do you think there should be better measures to “screen” our pollies?

  1. Cynthia Power  

    Hopefully he will be treated as any other person who has broken the law of the land. Brings back memories of many other high profile politicians who have been guilty of driving charges. Right back to the days of Henry Bolte.

  2. Wayne Watkins  

    Hope he was not driving on that dangerous road up to Kuranda half pissed on L plates

  3. lets see how justice works my bet , a slap on the wrist & a ban for maybe 6 months on driving maybe a donation to the poor box , community service & no conviction recorded

  4. Noel Baxendell  

    A Federal anti-corruption body is urgently needed. Do not forget that we are only having this election because the legislation to establish a union anti-corruption body was rejected by the Senate. Turnbull could have had a more wide-ranging anti-corruption body but rejected this option. Of course there is one law for ordinary citizens and the unions that represent them and another for politicians.

  5. John  

    What happened to Peta Credlin – one can assume that is the new baseline standard!

  6. Judith  

    Yes politicians are definitely treated much more leniently by the courts. Years ago when Nick Greiner was premier of NSW, his wife took their children to dinner, drank a whole bottle of wine on her own and was subsequently breath tested, returning a mid to high reading. And what happened when she attended court – a slap on the wrist and a good behaviour bond because she was “of good character”. The average person would have had a heavy fine and had their licence cancelled for at least three months. And this sort of thing keeps on happening.

  7. Geoff  

    I think everyone should be treated the same.Billy Gordon should be given a huge fine and sacked out of Parliament.The trouble with this Labor Government in QLD is they need him!!!!And he knows it.

  8. Joan Marshall  

    Not only do MP’s think they are above the law so do Prime Ministers and Presidents but sooner or later they get caught and are thrown out in the next election. How dare they use the Tax Payers money and let us down so badly?

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