Let’s Talk: Carols in the Domain too commercial?

Many turned in early to watch Carols in the Domain last night from the comfort of their armchair.  The Channel

Many turned in early to watch Carols in the Domain last night from the comfort of their armchair.  The Channel Seven favourite was hosted by the Sunrise on Seven team, with the star David Koch at the fore.  Like it or hate it, the event has people divided on social media. Some say there was too many ads, others say there wasn’t enough interesting entertainment on show, and many left completely satisfied.

Remembering back to the good old days we have memories of Molly Meldrum, Kerry-Anne Kennerley, Tony Barber and a myriad of important faces on TV gracing the stage.  It seems like last night was just an X Factor reunion.

But did the concert and TV broadcast bring us a Carols in the Domain we would expect?  80,000 people turned up to the Domain in Sydney to hear stars sing Christmas carols, and performers before the show were largely un-anticipated, but included Samantha Jade, Cyrus, Justice Crew, Ky Baldwin, Teddy Tahu Rhodes and the cast of the Sound of Music theatre production.

Comments this morning on social media have accused the show of too many ads, too little star factor and too much David Koch.  Are they just having a whinge or do you think the Carols in the Domain has become a forced commercial event that needs more heart and more memories included, and maybe a few more memorable stars?  Or perhaps people haven’t stopped to consider that this event needs every bit of support it needs to stay with us in the changing media and advertising marketplace and if we complain too much it might disappear.

Advertising we must all agree is a mandatory part of getting events like this “for free”.  The families and the kids love it and no-one has to pay for the event because commercial TV and major brands get behind it to support it being offered for nothing.  But are we happy when events like this start to feel highly advertising driven?

Did you watch Carols in the Domain last night?  Share your thoughts.


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  1. Could not watch anything hosted by David Koch. This used to be a delightful evening of Carols, now it is just so commercial and blah. Sad to see.

    • I agree too many channel 7 people on it most of them can’t sing. The best act was Mark Vincent and the lovely girl that sang with him (sorry can’t remember her name) Bring on Carols in Melbourne on christmas eve always enjoyable

    • Diana Twomey I love Christmas Eve Carols. It’s been my tradition for many years to wrap the presents (yes, I am a major procrastinator. Why do you ask? 😀🎁) while watching, listening and – to my shame – singing along with the carols. Sadly, I’m working this Christmas Eve and I doubt my colleagues would appreciate my ‘talent’.

  2. I watched it, there wasn’t much in TV, I don’t see any difference of it from previous years, the fireworks was lovely, actually it was good.

  3. The Sydney Carols has never had the sophistication of the Melbourne Carols … probably needs more topline artists, although those represented the young Australian artists from the past couple of years. I guess what I am saying is the Melbourne Carols are more traditional, and some might find that boring.

    • I love the traditional as well. Melbourne also give the young ones in there. That’s exactly how they have been going for so many years. Well said Kim.

    • Melbourne outshines Sydney every year I wayched an hour then went to the X files My carols are Xmas eve in Melbourne they are always so special

    • Having the Melbourne Carols by Candlelight on Christmas Eve is a much better time & presentation in my opinion!

    • I do prefer the Carols by Candlelight from Melbourne. They have a great mix of traditional carols and bouncy Xmas songs, and it always seems far more professional and polished than Sydney’s offering.

    • Sydney Carols can’t begin to compare to Melbourne…. their Carols are much more professional & not so much giggling as well as better artists.

    • Why can’t we appreciate both types of Carols instead of “mine is better than yours”? What happened to spreading the love, peace & goodwill to all? I love both cities. Merry Christmas all

    • Michele Orban I live in Sydney and think Melbourne’s Carols are better. It’s not a case of “mine is better than yours”.

  4. Just like all commercial TV full of adds and crap entertainers why cant the advertisers get the christmas spirit and once a year give something from their enormous profits back to the people who keep them going all year ADD FREE CAROLS

  5. I thought the spirit of christmas was to enjoy to forgive to love anyone or thing i persnally thought it was great good on sunrise

  6. Watched it. Too many commercials and all a bit too “cheesy”. Also thought a whole lot of breasts hanging out of the top of dresses totally inappropriate for the night – Samantha Jade in particular.

    • Yea Samantha Jade looked very inappropriate with her breasts hanging out at a family concert, tarty!!

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