Kyle Sandilands has his say on US immigration ban

Donald Trump’s restrictions on immigrants from select Islamic countries has divided opinions across the world and on social media, especially
Shock jock Kyle Sandilands has aired plenty of controversial views on the radio. Source: YouTube

Donald Trump’s restrictions on immigrants from select Islamic countries has divided opinions across the world and on social media, especially here on SAS.

No matter where you stand on the issue, there are passionate viewpoints on either side.

And like many people, controversial radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands has an opinion on the issue – and he had no issues talking about it on Kyle and Jackie-O’s radio show on KIIS FM this morning.

Whether you like Sandilands or not, some people might find themselves agreeing with what he had to say about the immigration restrictions.

It turns out the shock jock, who is friendly with Pauline Hanson, agrees with Trump’s stance.

Sandilands revealed he supported the ban because it was putting Americans’ safety first.

“We’ve let the troublemakers get away with this s*** for so long,” he said.

“We trust government to keep us safe in a country like this and a country like America and a country like Canada.”

He believes the issue isn’t about religion at all, citing that the ban targeted selected countries and was not a ban on Muslims as such.

Sandilands also hit back at calls for banning guns instead of cracking down on immigration, saying a ban on guns wouldn’t  ‘stop a guy from cutting a woman’s head off’.

“It’s all well to say it’s not nice, until someone gets blown up or shot. This s***’s real,” he said.

 “That’s why they’ve put these bans in, to stop the bad, not to stop the good.”

But like many on both sides of the debate he sympathised with innocent people who’ve been caught up in the restrictions.

For once you might actually find yourself nodding in agreement with what Kyle had to say!

What do you think? Do you agree with Kyle’s views on the immigration restrictions?

  1. Annette Strong  

    I heard a comment today that says it all. You dont lock the door because you think you might be robbed but because the people you love are inside.

    • Alan Murphy  

      Best comment I seen for a long time, about time our safety was given priority and not the squeaky wheel do gooders out landish ideas

  2. Wayne Watkins  

    He has not banned Saudi Arabia because he has big business interests & registered companies there . He won’t bite one of the hands that feeds him . Last time I looked there were quite a few Muslims living there ………. and didn’t Mr Trump hold terrorists from there responsible for 9/11 ?

    • No, he didn’t ban Saudi Arabia because it is not considered a country with terrorists. This was not a Muslim ban but a ban from terrorists countries. It was not about his big business interests. Obama and Hillary Clinton are the ones who originally set these 7 countries on the ban lists.

  3. Christine Randle  

    I agree with you yes, Trump is looking after Americans, but a lot of them can’t see what he s doing. I also am behind Mr Turnbull, why does he have to oppose Trump, it’s his country and he’s the president… We should keep out of it, and as for Bill Shorten….it has nothing to do with you, you are acting like a spoilt brat.

  4. Christine  

    I feel Donald Trump is caring for his people and doing the job he is elected to do, I don’t believe the American people can see the forest for the trees, some can but a lot are still caught up in Obamas lies, I don’t see how they think he was a great president, he can’t accept that his presidency is over and is in the background causing trouble. You people havent even given Trump a chance, everything he does you complain about, you may have to eat your words before long.

  5. Alan Hill  

    Best remark I have heard so far is That Donald Trump has saves Western Democracy. So far he is doing a great job. I suppose he will upset me somewhere along the line but he gets results. He addresses the issues. Good on him so far……..

  6. Steve Parker  

    Trump says what many ordinary folk like me are thinking, but we are too intimidated by the academics and their “intelligent” take on a basic problem.Reckon hes using a sledgehammer for a walnut, but if he keeps one family safe, it is worth it. , so bring on the isolationism, if thats what it takes to keep us secure. Also, the one religion only mantra of the islam faith is scary enough in itself. how isolationist is that point of view?

  7. Richard Milligan, Bundaberg  

    Look at the facts on terrorism in America, very few acts of terror are by foreigners, never mind by Muslims.(Barely double figures)
    The great majority of violent deaths are by Americans On fellow Americans,(In their thousands)
    Even the latest outrage in Canada was perpetrated by a Fan of Trump with like minded views.
    Trump is a bully & typical of bullies he picks on the persons who have no power to defend themselves.
    He hasn’t banned persons from where he has financial investments,& when he doesn’t get his own way, he has a dummy spit & blames others, or sacks them.I have tried to have an open mind about him & hoped that he would be a Statesman for his country, however, so far all he is doing is being divisive,& polarising the American people & the rest of the world community. & this government is in for a shock, the refugees due to go to America, are going to be so severely screened,(according to the news) that I won’t be surprised if any get to America

    • Tina  

      Thanks Richard for bringing some sanity into the ‘discussion’ So far the only positive I’ve seen come out of this new administration is millions of people around the world have reflected on their principles and moral code and are being galvanized into action, with people marching. This is not right!

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