Kevin Rudd: today’s government is full of “thugs” and “nutjobs”

Sympathy for Tony Abbott, the 12,000 mile principle and boat people – Kevin Rudd has covered a lot of ground

Sympathy for Tony Abbott, the 12,000 mile principle and boat people – Kevin Rudd has covered a lot of ground in an interview last night with The Project – could he be on a mission to ingratiate himself with the Australian public again?

The former PM, who has spent the past year in the US, told the hosts he is keeping out of sight (yes, while appearing on national TV), saying “I am maintaining this 12,000 mile principle which is while I am out of politics I should be out of sight as well.”

When asked if he felt some level of responsibility for the criticism levelled at Australia by the UN human right’s commission yesterday, Mr Rudd said “Australia’s got broad enough shoulders to accept these reports when they come along.”

He maintained that offshore detention is the “only rational approach” given our geographical location in the world but stressed “I did not support mandatory detention for children”.

He also disagreed on some of the latest policies.

“When a boat tries to come to Australia you should not be in the business of turning it back on the high seas, but when a boat comes you take them, transfer them – as I agreed with the prime minister of papua new guinea or in Nuaru –for quick, temporary processing.”

Mr Rudd was on a charm offensive, offering smiles and playful confusion over who our Prime Minister was these days, but said, “Objectively speaking, you’ve got to say Malcolm’s had a good start.”

“He has got to deal with the lunar right of his party – and there are some serious nutjobs there. We all know that, just as when I was prime minister and Bill (Shorten) today has got to deal with a whole bunch of factional thugs from certain trade unions who make life difficult for you.”

Mr Rudd expressed some sympathy for Tony Abbott, “Look, everyone’s a human being. But as we know it’s a rough and tumble business,’ he said.

Kevin Rudd

We speak to former PM Kevin Rudd about his new job, the UN human rights review & political "nutjobs" #TheProjectTV

Posted by The Project on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How did you feel seeing this interview? Do you miss Kevin Rudd or are you happy he’s 12,000 miles away? 

  1. Whether you like Rudd or not there are some nut jobs in the Liberal Party, look at Cory Bernadi and George Brandis and that is just naming 2, and Bronwyn Bishop is waiting on the backbench for her next helicopter ride

    • This is not about the ALP Gunar? have a problem reading? but to asnwer your question No we have no one who remotely can compare to Bernadi or Brandis who said it is ok to be a bigot then came complaining about bigotry directed toward Christian MP’s !! It is all lunacy mate, or how about that other idiot Kevin Andrews who gave newly married couples certificates for divorce counseling, that no one used

    • are you jealous of his obvious intellect and passion for wanting to help people, unlike some conservatives??

  2. Rudd has also slammed Pell for his backward stance on climate change, I agree with him on all counts. There are some nuts in the Liberal Party, look at Pyne, that man is not the full quid

  3. Well don’t bother to howl me down, won’t change my mind. I am a K Rudd fan. He should still be PM.

  4. The Liberal Party has a lot of far right nuts, how about that Kevin Andrews coming out and telling Australians to go get married !! like it is any of his business, Cory Bernadi is another one who should be locked in a safe place

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