Kevin Rudd shows he has a funny side in awkward interview

You all know politicians aren’t regarded for their sense of humour. While you might laugh at them for some of

You all know politicians aren’t regarded for their sense of humour. While you might laugh at them for some of their juvenile behaviour, the sense of fashion or because they can’t tell the difference between an apple and an onion, it’s not often a pollie will show any comedic talents of their own.

Enter stage right former prime minister Kevin Rudd, who is in New York at the moment trying to secure a role as the Secretary-General with the United Nations.

Though he faces some pretty stiff competition from former New Zealand PM Helen Clark — there’s a rumour somewhere that only one in five Australians would back Rudd for the job. Are you one of them? — he was happy to sit down with The Weekly‘s Tom Gleeson for a grilling and Rudd showed there’s hope for our politicians yet.

During the interview with Gleeson, Rudd copped gags about his shenanigans at the strip club Scores back when he was in the top job for Australia and he was happy to serve it right back to his interviewer.

But when it came to the bristly topic of the UN Secretary-General race, Rudd clicked straight back into politician mode.

“If Helen Clark becomes leader of the UN, will you undermine her?” Gleeson asked the two-time former PM, in reference to the living nightmare former prime minister Julia Gillard endured during her time in office with Rudd.

Masterfully avoiding the question in the only way a politician knows how Rudd responded by saying Clark was “a great candidate” and a “great international public servant”.

Do you think Kevin Rudd was being a good sport? What chance does he have of securing the UN Secretary-General position?

  1. colin  

    one of my favourite shows and this interview was very clever and funny. I almost like Rudd now

  2. Very Funny, So obvious its tongue in cheek from beginning to end, Rudd gave as good as he got ….Hard Chat gold! If Rudd runs i ‘d support him!

  3. John Nesbitt  

    Is this the same KRudd who put Australia on a steeply sloping slippery slope to MASSIVE DEBT?

    I wouldn’t put him in charge of a chook raffle!

    Remember when treasurer Peter Costello declared Australia to be debt free just before this free spending leftist whacko started to splurge taxpayer money.

    With the able help of Juliar (no carbon tax during my tenure!!!) Gillard, we are now saddled with a massive govt debt of over $500BILLION and facing a ratings downgrade from Moodies!

    Thanks for nothing Labor!

    • Cath  

      You seriously still believe that. Hahahahaah

  4. Bobby  

    Good on ya Kevin. Australia loves you.

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