Kevin Rudd had this to say about Malcolm Turnbull to young Labor faithful

After news emerged last night of Malcolm Turnbull accusing Kevin Rudd of verballing him and plotting against him, footage has shown up on

After news emerged last night of Malcolm Turnbull accusing Kevin Rudd of verballing him and plotting against him, footage has shown up on Facebook of Mr Rudd addressing young Labor party members. In his speech, Mr Rudd has described the Coalition government’s decision not to support his bid to become the next leader of the United Nations as proof sometimes the best laid plans in life will “turn to shit”, and referred to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as a “brick wall” to his advancement.

This footage adds to the growing storm of controversy around the situation of Mr Turnbull not supporting Mr Rudd’s ambitions for the top UN job, with the attack from Mr Turnbull, and Coalition Senator Cory Bernardi bragging that Labor frontbenchers were personally congratulating him for effectively blocking Mr Rudd’s global ambitions.

“I’ve had so many emails, I’ve had so many text messages and phone calls of support from Labor frontbenchers saying ‘thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you – this bloke would have done enormous damage to Australia’s international relations,'” Senator Bernardi told Sky News. He also said while the “the process could have been better,” he praised Mr Turnbull for taking the “difficult decision for himself” by owning the decision personally, instead of “hiding behind Cabinet solidarity.”

The former Labor prime minister made the candid remarks during an informal chat to young Labor activists in Brisbane on Saturday, just one day after Mr Turnbull told him he lacked the “interpersonal skills” to be nominated for the job.

Mr Rudd told young activists how the election of Gough Whitlam piqued his interest in politics and shaped his views. He recounted writing to Mr Whitlam telling him he would like to become a diplomat. Mr Whitlam responded, advising Mr Rudd to study hard at university and learn a language. Mr Rudd speaks fluent Mandarin and served as a diplomat in Stockholm and in Beijing in the 1980s before serving as chief of staff to the Queensland premier Wayne Goss, and later being elected as the Labor MP for the seat of Griffith in 1996.

Some Labor insiders believe Mr Rudd’s greatest ambition was not the prime ministership but the UN’s top job.

Mr Rudd told young Labor members planning their own careers that hard work doesn’t always guarantee success.

“I’ve got a very dark deep secret for you, sometimes it’ll turn to shit and sometimes it won’t turn out perfectly,” Mr Rudd said.

“I’ve had a modest experience of that, just a little bit, including yesterday,” he said to laughter.

“Part of the collective scar tissue of life,” he said, smiling.

Mr Rudd said he had been seeking to “make a huge difference” as prime minister, foreign minister and on the international stage, until he was thwarted by a “brick wall”.

“And then one of those other brick walls presented itself in the form of Malcolm Turnbull.”

View the video below:

What do you think about Mr Rudd’s comments?

  1. Leone O'Sullivan  

    I watched the whole film on a Kevin Rudd page yesterday.
    Does anybody believe a word that pompous ass Cory Bernardi says?… I don’t
    Bernardi “praised Mr Turnbull for taking the “difficult decision for himself” by owning the decision personally, instead of “hiding behind Cabinet solidarity.” So who do we believe? Was it a Captains Call – as per M Turnball or a cabinet decision as per C Bernardi? Those guys gotta get their lies straight.

    • Retired self employed  

      I also feel as you do regarding Bernadi but don’t believe that by using the word pompous you can not include Rudd ,the most pompous and self promoting ass ever seen in Australian politics who was a terrible prime minister and only wants the job for the rewards that go with it.

  2. Margaret  

    I believe he’s proving he’s not the right man for the job anyway. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing diplomatic about Kevin Rudd. Never has been, never will be. That’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it 😉

    • Shamilla  

      I totally agree, Margaret!

      There’s only ONE person krudd’s concerned about, & that’s himself, firstly, all in between, & lastly.
      I’ve never come across a person before, with such a huge amount of self-absorption.
      That in itself, is reason enough for him to NOT be nominated for the UN job.
      Then there’s all the other problems’ he’s got!

  3. Brian Lee  

    I have always thought Rudd was a fairly nasty specimen – I’ve seen nothing in the past few days to change my view.

  4. Rosanna  

    Kevin Rudd was not a good PM so why does he think he deserved that job. He really needs to move on from Politics and do something else he may be good at. He is just making an ass of himself now with what he is doing and saying.

  5. Suzanne O'Connell  

    Wow, the comment by Cory Bernardi ” that Rudd would do great damage to Australia ” leaves me gob smacked. These are the people that are selling Australia out from under our feet, so how could Rudd do anymore damage than them?

    • Marilyn  

      Because Kevin Rudd is a BIG loser!

  6. All I can say is Cory, Malcolm and the lot have small minds. Kevin could be labeled arrogant but leaves the above mentioned miles behind in ability and sincerity. He did not ‘knife’ any in the back or beholden to ‘faceless’ cowards who thrived on plots,jealousy- heaping rumour and sx#t as their ‘logic’. Tragic.

    • You really must be joking.
      Julia Gillard still has the knife in her back.
      Please. Please, remember things the way they happened, not as u want to believe.

  7. Me thinks that he was not as bad as he is being portrayed but was a bit like Abbott to far to the right and any one who has a bit of back bone or say’s it as it is has to go, Hence the stab wound’s in the back’s of those who stand up and don’t bend under pressure that won’t do Australia any harm we don’t need to come across as push over’s,Those who wish to sell us out should to be kept right off the negotiating table

  8. Rose  

    And a newspaper article arrived in. My feed saying that the cabinet was 1 ahead to give him the approaval when Barnaby joyce and malcolm turnbull spoke and then it was overturned by 1 vote….but as turnbull knows 1 will give you a government….and Rudd now knows 1 will give you the boot…

  9. Not a Turnbull fan ..BUT… honestly Rudd to represent OUR country… Couldn’t think of anyone worse..😩😩

    • rob walker  

      kevin rudd will go down in history as a political mistake , i personally think we nead to be out of the united nations but then we might be even more vulnerable to violent takeover , i have no opinion of mr turnbull yet give him time , if this or any gov brings in more refugees atleast we know it is not a gov that reflects the will of the people , and that is where mr rudd failed he is not a peoples man and has no idea of what the average australian is thinking but also keep in mind more than half of our population is not really australian they are paper aussies, some good , some not so good .
      a good prime minister will reflect the will of the people such as all new migrants must work for min 25 yrs thus paying tax into the system and to qualify for pensions , less work ! less pension !
      i think mr rudd would be bad for australia he is not a polatician for australia he is a politician for kevin rudd

  10. Maxine jorgensen  

    Kevin Rudd is held in high esteem throughout the world as a diplomat by world leaders! Once again The Australian government displays pettiness and petulance. He is entitled to continue his career after politics in this country. Joe Hockey who was Australia’s worst treasurer gets the golden goose job of those ENTITLED of Ambassador to the USA!

    What a spiteful lot theses right wing Politicians are! Just get on and govern the country like you are being paid to do. Talk talk that’s all I am hearing walk the walk, I have never been so scared of an elected government. I think they are totally incompetent.

    • Maria Rosa Blake  

      I couldn’t agree more!

  11. Roy Bridges  

    How bad is Rudd,very spiteful, lets his ego get in the way ,never seen so many support a bully .Justs needs to go away . Everything is someone else’s fault !

  12. Eleanor  

    Rudd is very spiteful. Is this the true story of his family. He makes things up on the run. What happened to his brother? Not a mention!
    He proves here that he is not a diplomat and is most certainly unfit for the job. He totally engrossed in himself

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