Keith Urban wows in Bee Gees tribute performance

What a performance!

Everyone is raving about Aussie country music star Keith Urban’s tribute to the Bee Gees on CBS’ “Stayin’ Alive: A Grammy Salute to the Music of the Bee Gees” special. 

There were a lot of great musicians who took to the stage to pay tribute to the legendary pop group in the special, including Demi Lovato, Ed Sheeran, Andra Day, Celine Dion, Kelsea Ballerini, and Thomas Rhett, but it was Urban’s rendition of “To Love Somebody” that drew a big reaction from the crowd.

Bee Gees’ Barry Gibb’s emotional response to the performance may have been the highest level of praise for Urban, however.  

In an interview before the show, Urban spoke with admiration for the Bee Gees;

“The thing I’m amazed at is how they maintained such quality of songwriting through decades and so many sort of stylistic changes in music through those periods, and the song craft level was always extraordinary”, he said.

“Also, what they do really well, is that their songs always had very strong chorus structure that anybody could sing to.”

Watch the video of Keith Urban’s performance below and see what you think. 


Do you think Keith Urban’s performance did justice to the Bee Gees’ hit?

  1. Did so much justice, loved it. Barry obviously was impressed as was everybody in the audience.

    • Ross Martin  

      Keith did a fabulous job, evident by Barry’s endorsement and mine of course it was a memorable performance

    • Kay Ormiston  

      Keith Urban was the highlight of the show. So much emotion. So much talent and respect. Awesome.

    • Crystal  

      I have been a fan of all things Gibb for over 40 years. I love the Bee Gees and I love what Keith Urban can do with a song. He rocked it! I hope he puts it on his next album. Thank you Keith for such a great homage!

    • Linda Manno  

      He did an awesome job! Celine Dion was awesome! Let’s give everyone that performed the BEE GEES songs a standing ovation they were all awesome! Thank you for the beautiful tribute!

    • Sue Grayson  

      I thought it was ordinary at best.

  2. Janice Sommer  

    That was awesome the way he sang it & made it his song & I loved Barry Gibb’s reaction.

    • Judy Jackson  

      I agree Janice. Keith definitely made it his song that night and Barry respected that!! Great job!!

    • Sue Grayson  

      I thought it was ordinary at best.

  3. Carol  

    Fantastic rendition Keith. Love the Bee Gees.

  4. glenys daniels  

    it was fabulously played -and it certainly made an impression -We have the whole collection of the BEE GEES

    • i he sang the song as if it was his one could have done better.

  5. JJoy Swaine  

    Fantastic job Keith!!

    • Elinor Bartleson  

      I loved Keith’s rendition. Best of the show. It was like he was singing it to
      Nicole. I go to the computer to play it again.

  6. Heather  

    Pure magic loved it, but the original is the best of course

  7. faye_Thorp  

    great keith well done loved it

  8. Brenda  

    Nobody ever looked sexier doing that song!!!!

    • Super you sang that beautifully,and Barry enjoyed it to as so did the crowd .thanks for sharing.❤️🤗👏

  9. Dylan Bullock  

    Good, Barry put on a well rehearsed face, ‘It is urban after all’, he thought, ‘but very monotone. Nothing like mine.’

    • Jan Foley  

      Monotone?? Get real!! Barry loved it, you could see that!

  10. Janet  

    Yep saw a couple of the numbers on You Tube , wonder when it will come to Aussie TV after all they are Australian ” thanks for posting this !

    • Lyn  

      I was wondering why Maurice and Robins families weren’t there! I wish they would have been included! Otherwise I loved the Tribute! Celine was also awesome with Immortality! Loved Keith too!

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