Julie Bishop delivers slap down to former Liberal MP Wyatt Roy

If ever there was a woman you didn’t want to get on the wrong side of (aside from your mother,

If ever there was a woman you didn’t want to get on the wrong side of (aside from your mother, maybe) it is Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop.

The Federal politician has reportedly slapped down her former colleague Wyatt Roy, who lost his seat at the July 2 election, for travelling to Iraq, after it emerged he had been caught up in a clash between Islamic State and Kurdish Peshmerga forces.

Perhaps the former Queensland frontbench member was feeling that the time was right to do something a little ‘left field’ with his free time. However, you’d have to question his judgement after The Australian newspaper revealed he’d travelled to the front line of the conflict between the two forces in Iraq just to “get a feel for the environment”.

When news he’d been caught in the crossfire — so to speak — broke, Roy received quite a lashing from Bishop.

In a scathing statement, Julie Bishop didn’t hold back:

“Official Australian Government advice for all Australians is “do not travel” to Iraq.

“It is irresponsible of Wyatt Roy to travel to the front line of the conflict between ISIL and Kurdish forces in Northern Iraq, in a region regarded as very high risk.

“He has placed himself at risk of physical harm and capture, and acted in defiance of government advice.”

She went on to say that Roy’s actions were in no way endorsed by the Government and urged other Australians to follow the travel advice provided by the Government, which is not to travel to Iraq or the Iraqi city of Mosul that is under the control of ISIL.

Was Julie Bishop right to respond in the way in which she did? Is it irresponsible of any Australian to avoid travel warnings to countries where safety and security is a major concern? What would you like to see happen to Wyatt Roy and others who ignore such advice?

  1. colin  

    Tony Abbot introduced a law. ANY ONE not in the army etc going to Iraq gets ten years jail… lets see her action this breaking of the law properly. She won’t as he is a lieberal party person.

  2. Linda  

    She is right to denounce his actions. Lets hope he gets charged just like anybody else would after all he is only a servent of the people and nobody special

  3. Peter  

    Why wasn’t he arrested on returning? He has broken Australian Law and for all we know he was actually involved in the fighting. He could be a terrorist!

  4. Rob  

    I’d say heed the advice. In WR’s case, he was a people’s representative, he had a responsibility to them and not put himself in deliberate danger.

    • Lance  

      “People’s representative”? He is just an unemployed ex-politician. The “book” should be thrown at him, as it is at other stupid clowns who travel to this area and try to return.

  5. Truth 13  

    If another person do the same, specially a Muslim, will that person be arrested at the airport on arrival ?. It is good for the people to know, who paid for his trip. Was it at the cost of the tax payers ?. This clown voted against the Prime Minister, who was voted by the majority vote of the people, in a landslide victory. Is this the best, the Liberal Party has to offer the voters ?. Julie Bishop delivered a slap down. What should have happened is, he should have been arrested on arrival, if he was involved in fighting.

  6. Helen  

    Wasn’t Wyatt Roy Julie Bishops prodige???

  7. What a complete TOSSER and he was a Minister in our Government, just shows how irresponsible folk can and do get elected. What would happen to Australia if we all wanted to get a feel for the environment? This is treacherous behaviour from a former Politician and is disgraceful.——– If he’s broken the law then it’s punishment for him. Julie Bishop must see that he gets it.

  8. maszki  

    So the Australian government does not think Australians should travel to Iraq to find out the facts on the ground. What is the government afraid off- that (in this case) he might find out that our government (and Bishop) have lied to us about the nature of the conflict.
    PS Julie if its so dangerous what are our defence force personnel doing there?

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