Julie Bishop and Waleed Aly face-off over Peter Dutton

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and The Project co-host Waleed Aly have gone head-to-head over Peter Dutton’s comments about Lebanese immigrants.
Source: YouTube

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and The Project co-host Waleed Aly have gone head-to-head over Peter Dutton’s comments about Lebanese immigrants.

And while it wasn’t so much an argument, it certainly wasn’t what Bishop went on the show to talk about.

She was on the show to discuss the case of the Aussie teen found with white powder in Bali.

But Aly soon turned the conversation to the controversial remarks made by Dutton earlier this week.

He asked the Foreign Minister whether or not she thought Peter Dutton was wrong “to say Malcolm Fraser should not have let Lebanese Muslims into Australia in the 1970s?”

If you missed the show, she coolly replied “well that’s not what he said.”

“He was talking about the situation years ago where we didn’t provide the kind of support and services to people coming in to Australia that we do today, and that can have consequences,” she said.

“And that can have consequences.

‘The point is that today we provide significant resources, support services, to help people integrate, particularly those who come on refugee and humanitarian visas who may have come from very traumatic backgrounds

“We ensure that they have the support so that they can become contributing members to society.”

Aly asked her another question on the issue.

“So you would say that absolutely there is no suggestion from anybody in the government in support of a discriminatory immigration policy?” he asked.

Bishop said “absolutely not”.

“Peter Dutton and the government have also pointed out time and time again how valuable the contribution that immigrants are,” she said.

“We are one of the most successful multicultural nations on earth and that’s because we welcome people from all corners of the globe.

“But we also want them to become contributing members to society and I think that’s one of Australia’s great strengths.”

Dutton’s comments have been defended by some of his colleagues, while he’s been slammed by many including Australia’s first Islamic MP Labor’s Anne Aly.

What do you think? Has Peter Dutton been misquoted? Or was Waleed Aly right to ask the question?

  1. John Walding  

    The smart arse ,,, but the lady answered correctly ,,, typical media !!

  2. I am not a fan of Waleed Aly … he is a smart arse. I am also not a fan of Julie Bishop. I have watched that clip of Dutton a couple of times. He was out of line and embarrassing. His remarks about the Lebanese community were uncalled for. It’s not the first time he has inflamed public opinion … and unfortunately, it won’t be the last while ever his bum sits on a seat in Parliament.

    • Jean Grinter  

      Prayer time for you Aly time to go i often wonder about ch10 used to watch it all the time then it became BOSSY and stupid look at the group of women so glad my friends do good in the community dont sit back stabbing so it comes back to ma agement what went wrong one asks may be Aly needs to move out of australia to a good muslim country you see we love our flag and fought for our country

    • Well there is a throw away value judgement on Waleed. Not enough to be a lawyer, academic, writer, musician, presenter, lecturer, he is now a smartarse. Very talented gentleman.

      • I don’t know why these respondents even watch the project. They should stick to Andrew Bolt.

  3. This is the reason why I don’t watch The Project any more…. Julie Bishop always carries herself well…. Sounds like Aly has a huge ego…. I dislike him intensely…. So left it doesn’t matter and has made the program his ‘political stage’…. I am amazed that he is still there and his side kick (Carrie???)… The way Steve Price is treated is disgusting and by allowing this to continue it is showing the youth of today that it is okay to treat people who have a different opinion to yours, this way…… Prime example was the young lady (read about it on F/B), who was so incredibly rude to Steve Price and ‘Carrie’ told him to be quiet while this young lady continued to berate him…..

    • Lynne Ceprow , I am so glad that your moral principles made you stop watching the Project. It must be dreadful for someone like you to watch such RIGHTEOUS people as Julie Bishop and Steve Price being faced with a few truths. Waleed, Carrie, and the rest of the panel are such rude ignorant people who don’t deserve to be on television or anywhere else! It is shameful and disgusting how all these ‘lefties’ have taken over the media isn’t it? May I suggest that from now on, you restrict your viewing and reading to Andrew Bolt on FOX and in Rupert Murdoch’s ‘Herald Sun’………….. this will ensure that you will not be offended by Leftist propaganda.

      • Guy Flavell  

        Thanks for that sound advice Elly. You are quite right, Waleed and Carrie are pig-ignorant and rude and their show
        is an insult to one’s intelligence. For the life of me I cannot understand why Julie Bishop and Steve Price demean
        themselves appearing on this low-rating garbage fronted by two complete deadheads.
        Their talents could be far greater appreciated by the balanced and intelligent programs over at Sky on
        shows like The Bolt Report, Paul Murray Live, Jones & Co, Credlin & Kennealy, Viewpoint, Speers Tonight, etc.

  4. Lesley Palma is spot on ! Waleed Aly is nothing but a smart arse typical Muslim who like`s to twist things around so they can get their point across but loses every time ,

    • f wilesmith …………. If Waleed is nothing but a smart arse TYPICAL Muslim in your opinion, I would like to ask you just how many Muslims do you personally know, to base that opinion on ? I am not a Muslim and I am not even a fan of Waleed but I have lived right in the middle of a Muslim community for a few years now and I can tell you that there is no such a person as a TYPICAL Muslim.

      • Wiso  

        Waleed Aly is even worse than your typical muslim. The typical muslim is characterised by their inherent arrogance brought on by their belief that they are better than everyone else, but Aly’s arrogance is like a slap in the face and quite offensive.
        I make my observation based on the 10 years I spent living and working with them and I have nothing but contempt now.

  5. Errol McCartney  

    Bishop is nothing more than a prima donna, and always distorts the facts.

    • Royce R. Baucke  

      Totally agree with you Errol – have no faith in the woman.

  6. Guy  

    Both Wally and Annie ALY are just as bad … pathetic left-wing socialists with nothing
    positive to offer on securely protecting our borders from any more of these disgraceful
    Lebanese Muslim thugs arriving here.
    I cannot understand why Julie Bishop would demean herself so badly by appearing
    on this low-rating garbage of a show which is fronted by two complete morons …
    Aly and Bickmore.

    • Tony Bahr  

      Totally Agree Guy . Can’t believe Channel 10 haven’t worked out how many viewers have turned away from what used to be a fun and fairly balanced show , but with Aly on board they have gone elsewhere . My straw polls say many many viewers have moved on .

  7. Wow. The knives are out for Waleed. Guess it doesn’t pay to hold Government Ministers to account. If you front up to a media event then you should be prepared to be confronted with questions you may not wish to answer. What sort of media do people want? One that just sucks up to the politicians of all persuasions, or one that holds them to account. Posts above suggest we just talk about the weather and fashion. Many of us expect Waleed to go into bat for us. As confronting as Steve Price can be at times, he does play the devil’s advocate.

    • Don Lerwiis  

      That Waleed dipstick needs to do a fact check before putting a challenging question to someone who has probably forgotten more than that screaming lefty has ever learnt.

      • Jeff  

        Dont be silly. He has no interest in facts! He merely has a left-wing agenda!

  8. Truth 13  

    The former cop, always had a very loose tongue. It is not proper to blame a religion for the faults of some stupid idiot believers. Did he blame the rapist murderers of Anita Cobby ?. They were all “Fair Dingkum Aussies”. They were so brutal, they even cut certain parts of her body, before they killed her. Did Peter Dutton ever blamed the Croatians, when Ivan Milat killed so many innocent backpackers ?. Not sure what technology he studied at the Queensland University of Technology. One thing is sure, he has no vision or a good control of his thinking & mouth. And he is a Minister of the country. What a shame.

    • Be  

      Ian……spot on, because someone is intellegent insightful and can articulate a topic does not make them a “smart arse”. And Guy, you want it both ways, berate someone for their religious beliefs and call them left wing socialists.

  9. It is not a matter of who you like or dislike. I watched Mr Dutton stand in Parliament and make the comments about 2nd and 3rd generation Lebonese and Muslim immigrants. He said what he said & blamed Malcolm Fraser for what he did or did’nt do in the 70″s. I am afraid Julie Bishop dodged the question very nicely but left her self wide open as a Minister who either does not know what Dutton said, covers for him , or tells porky pies. This is a trait of politions at the moment, can’t tell the truth so dodge…..

  10. I used to watch the Project, but stopped watching for this very reason. You ask someone onto the show, to answer question on a particular subject, in this case the teenage in Bali, then Waleed, starts asking her about something entirely different. Obviously he had problems when his family came out here, but that has nothing to do with the Government of the day, and really he needs to keep his personal problems out of the show. Waleed just picked bits and pieces out of Peter Duttons comments, the bits that interested him and ignored the rest. Good on Julie Bishop for getting out of it they way she did.

    • Post$cript  

      And what were the bits he didn’t use?
      The only reason you actually don’t watch The Project is you don’t like the fact your heros reveal themselves as a group of duds and clowns.
      When did it start that when a politician only has to answer questions in relation to a set of topic, all you would get would be the talking points (rhetoric) of the day.
      This Government doesn’t want people querying their inabilities to do anything.

  11. What Peter Dutton said is 100% correct. I am an Australian citizen of a Lebanese-CHRISTIAN heritage and I know that the Christians in Lebanon are suffering the same as the Australian people because of the Muslims. Wherever Muslims go there is troubles. It’s what their religion is all about. Killing people and terror. That’s how their prophet did it and that’s how they do it now.

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