John Howard ambushed by wild protestors at University

What was supposed to be a nice day out for former prime minister John Howard has turned into a disaster

What was supposed to be a nice day out for former prime minister John Howard has turned into a disaster after protestors clashed with police at the University of Sydney.

Mr Howard was at the Uni to receive an honorary doctorate when protesters gathered carrying signs and yelling abuse.

They accused him of being racist and of committing war crimes for sending Australian troops into Iraq.

Things quickly turned nasty with police forced to shove protestors back and arrest several people.

Video footage shows people throwing punches, yelling and trying to gain access to the building Mr Howard was in.

The clash could reportedly be heard inside the hall as Mr Howard gave his speech.

The reason for the clash has divided many, with some agreeing with protestors and saying Mr Howard should be held accountable for being part of the insurgence into Iraq.

Others though, say he was just doing his job and what he thought was best at the time.

Politicians weighed in too, with independent MP Andrew Wilkie saying the decision to honour Mr Howard with the doctorate as “preposterous”.

“This is the man that took us to war on a lie, and helped create the current anarchy in the Middle East and the terrorist threat we all live with today,” Mr Wilkie said.

What are your thoughts?

Were we wrong to invade Iraq? Or was that the best decision at the time?

  1. Judy riley  

    All politicians leave us with a legacy of their decisions. Whether they be good or bad. We have been left with the outcomes just like this for ever and they get a lifetime of money. I’m not understanding why Howard got this thing today we will wear the bad decision in Iraq fir the rest of our lives, our children’s lives and our grandchildren so thank you mr Howard.
    Hope you have a long happy and healthy life some won’t.

    • David Cousens  

      True but we don’t have to like the legacy they leave!!

  2. pete harper  

    He, like all the parasites of his profession deserve all they get in the way of public comdamnation..
    From destabilizing the middle east while playing deputy sheriff to Bush.
    To attemping to dissarm the entire population of australia at a time of increased terrorist activity.
    He is one person who’s grave i would willingly piss on.

  3. Matilda  

    Yeah, ‘Rent-a-Crowd’, & ‘Looney Left’ idiots’ out in full force!
    ‘They all look just the same’………dirty clothes, unshaven, filthy hair, & high BO.

    And what’s extremely worrying is that they’re our future!

    • Kelvin Hyde  

      Well written Matilda, the Looney left strike again, bloody idiots.

  4. Phil Spencer  

    Don’t like Howard, never have. deserves all the condemnation he gets.

  5. I do not like Howard never did and never will. He made a conscious decision to send us to war with the Americans. As leader of this country at the time he just simply jumped in to support out great (?) Allies the Americans without even giving thought to the rights and the wrongs of it. America forever the watchdog Australia forever the lapdog. He made that decision to go to start a war over something he was not even sure of. The consequences of those actions now speak for themselves the man is now and was then an idiot. I can understand the wrath of the people who in their right mind would agree with him?

  6. Truth 13  

    When will UNHCR arrest John Howard & charge him for war crimes ?. If not, do UNHCR has different rules, to political leaders who committed war crimes, depending on the colour of the skin or from which country were they from. UNHCR is nothing but a VERY EXPENSIVE JOKE.

  7. Greg Hills  

    Politicians from all ideologies make decisions in the course of their business based on the knowledge they have at the time.
    I have never been, and will never be an advocate for right wing, conservative politics in any country. That side of politics has contributed more to world unrest than all the other ideologies put together.
    However, in this case, John Howard was simply honouring our ANZUS treaty. So, to protest at his Honorary Doctorate is just plain out of line. Although, I have no idea what he was given the Doctorate for, but don’t really care either way.
    It is George Bush that is the real culprit. He is the one that lied, and would have been partial to knowledge that Howard did not know.
    The frightening part is today, another hard line, right wing, zealot by the name of Donald Trump is poised to be elected as the President of the U.S.A.
    Mind you there are a couple of Left Wing, hard line zealots around the world that are just as frightening.
    I guess that is why there has been a rise in popularity of alternative parties here and in America. At the moment, the mainstream choices are both unpalatable. It is time for our two major parties to listen to their grass roots supporters, and shape their policies to suit. Until then, there plight will only get worse.

  8. Greg Hills  

    Footnote to my previous post:
    John Howard’s greatest Legacy is undoubtedly the changes to our gun laws. Yes, they regulate the ownership of guns, and ban automatic weapons, but honest gun uses still have their guns.
    No one took that away from legitimate gun owners, like the manic crowd in the U.S.A. Is claiming so that they can cling to their archaic gun laws. Once again, the hard right has opposed Obama on this issue with the support of the Republican led Congress.

  9. Ian  

    John howard invented the corporate style o goverment then stole the pension fund and it dissappear overseas

  10. Mary Heffernan  

    I don’t often attend protest marches, but I attended the one when Howard was about to blindly follow the USA and the UK and take this country into war with Iraq, and our protest and many others around that time failed to change the outcome. I could foresee the carnage this invasion would cause, and unfortunately I was right. I applaud his decision on gun reform, but to go from that position to taking his country to war with Iraq I condemn. As a mature-age student, who had to work damn hard to get firstly a degree then a Masters, it irks me that Howard is able to just swan in and score a Doctorate without doing a damn thing to earn it. His government certainly didn’t do me or my country any favours that I can see, so why should he get this honorary degree, as well as a fat pension (which I’m certainly not getting), and unlimited overseas travel, plus, plus, plus. Another case of a “fat cat” getting rewarded for being a “fat cat”. Sour grapes? Possibly!!

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