Joe Biden says he doesn’t ‘like’ Barack Obama…

It was a heartfelt admission by the outgoing United States vice president, Joe Biden, about president Barack Obama when he

It was a heartfelt admission by the outgoing United States vice president, Joe Biden, about president Barack Obama when he said, “I don’t like him [Obama], I love him.”

Biden revealed some of the finer details of the relationship he and Obama have shared over the past eight years during an interview with MSNBC and says, “It’s a mutual thing. We have each other’s backs, and I’ll be there for him for anything he ever wants.”

When you work with someone that closely it’s only natural that there will be some mutual admiration, and Biden revealed his family and the Obamas are quite close.

He recounted a time when, after it was discovered his son, Beau, had brain cancer, that he was considering selling his house and Obama’s reaction.

“We were having the private lunch we have once a week, and then he grabbed me and said: ‘Joe, promise me you won’t sell the house. I’ll give you the money’,” Biden says.

“This has become a family,” he says, referring to the relationship he and his family share with the Obamas before revealing his admiration for first lady Michelle Obama.

“I think Michelle is the finest first lady in history — and I mean history.”

It was a touching tribute to the Obamas by someone who perhaps knows them the best and came just days after Barack Obama expressed his appreciation for Biden during his farewell speech on January 11.

“You were the first decision I made as a nominee and it was the best,” Obama said. “Not just because you have been a great vice president, but because in the bargain I gained a brother.”

In a further surprise, Obama then surprised his VP with a Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction — the highest civilian honour — and went on to describe Biden as a “lion of American history” and “the best vice president America has ever had”.

Is there someone who you share this kind of relationship with? Tell us about it. What do you think about Obama-Biden pairing?

  1. Diandra  

    Look up…. Sean Hannity, Obama farewell can’t hide a disastrous legacy.

    • Mareela  

      It will be a long time before America will have another great President like Kennedy and Obama. They were/are people who really wanted to help ALL Americans, not just the rich. Health care should be a right of all humans but in America, that’s not the case. One can only feel sorry for those people who will go back to having no access to health care if the republicans repeal ObamaCare. Shame on them and their greed. And if they think Trump will make America great again how delusional are they? Trump cannot and will not disassociate himself from his business’s. He has a massive conflict of interest. Can you just see him governing America and running his corporation? I don’t think so, and I imagine he will be impeached sooner rather than later.

  2. Look up Sean Hannity, the cheerleader of the Trump administration? Give me a break. Hannity is a self serving, ignorant blow hard.

    • Joan Marshall  

      John you would have to be believe in Socialism to make the stupid remark you have made about Hannity. He is a fearless man who tells you the truth like our Julian Assange who exposed Hillary Clinton and her bubba Bill for the FRAUDS they are.

  3. Joan Marshall  

    Sean Hannity is a fearless man who believes in what he says and so is Mr. Ryan who does a lot of charity with his books that he writes and gives the proceeds away to charity. People who do not like Hannity are the Socialists who will denigrate any one who is truthful.

  4. Greg Hills  

    I didn’t see anywhere in here that refers to their politics. The article is just about two men who have worked closely together as a team for the past eight years, sharing the mutual respect for each other.
    Certainly nothing to do with this Far Right Capitalist VS socialist thing. There is no such thing as a Socialist movement in America anyway. As close as it gets is maybe the Democrats efforts to make healthcare more affordable for all Americans. Unfortunately, the Pharmacueticals and Republicans put paid to those efforts.

  5. Marg  

    Who cares if joe Biden doesn’t like Obama ? Who is joe blow anyway?

  6. Mrs. Puddles  

    I think this article says a lot about both men. 8 years in politics, especially at that level, is a very long time. That they had each others back – for the duration – is the stuff of legends. No they wouldn’t have agreed on a lot of issues, but they obviously had an innate ability to respect, listen and negotiate. What they shared together was ‘trust’, such a rare commodity in politics anywhere. Doesn’t matter whether you were a supporter or not of their politics, but I sure as hell would feel safe with that type of maturity leading my country.

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