Jamie Oliver welcomes new bundle of joy!

Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools are proud parents for once again (for the fifth time, in fact!), and have welcomed

Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools are proud parents for once again (for the fifth time, in fact!), and have welcomed a baby boy into their growing family.

“Everyone in the Oliver family is very surprised and beyond happy,” the 41-year-old dad wrote. “He arrived safely, mum was really, really amazing, unbelievably composed, natural birth and my two eldest girls got to come in at the very end as the baby was born which was amazing to witness.”

Jools also posted on Instagram, praising her eldest daughters for taking on a hands-on role in their brother’s delivery. Poppy Honey Rosie, 14, and Daisy Boo Pamela, 12, played their part in the process by cutting the umbilical cord.

She told followers: “Little baby boy Oliver has arrived, we are so very happy, blessed, grateful and totally in love all over again and so very proud of our two eldest daughters who cut the cord. Jamie was my hero. (no name yet)!!! XXX.”

James’ and Jools’ kids are known for their quirky names. Apart from Poppy and Daisy, they are also parents to Petal Blossom Rainbow, six, and five-year-old Buddy Bear Maurice.

In 2010, following Buddy’s birth, Jamie revealed that his wife loved naming the kids with unusual names. He said, “Jools is definitely in charge of the names, and we’re probably quite lucky it was a boy really, because we were out of names [for] girls.”

The latest addition has been hotly-anticipated over the English summer, with Jools posting her final pregnancy image over the weekend, posing with daughter Petal.


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Congratulations to the Oliver family!

  1. Maureen  

    He’s a multi-millionaire, so it doesn’t matter if they’ve five, or fifteen kids’, they’ve got funds to keep them in luxury for the rest of their lives!

    Quirky names’ are all well, & good, & cute when they’re kids, but not when they’re in their dotage!

    • Jan Wade  

      There are so many quirky named kids it won’t matter in their dotage. x Big congratulations from an Australian admirer.

    • Helie  

      All babies are precious and names are personal. It dosent matter how much money you have love is what is needed.

    • Oh Maureen really ! You feel the need to be so critical about a families happy event – what a negative person you appear to be.

      • Maureen  

        Facts stating.
        You can’t deal with it obviously.

    • Pamela  

      If you couldn’t say anything nice. Keep your trap shut.In NZ and Australia I have come across many weird names. And also people with more than five kids sounds like sour grapesto me.

      • Valerie Williams  

        She’s entitled to her opinion. Really who cares another baby for Jamie Oliver it’s just news as he is rich and famous. Let’s see some everyday hard working people posted about their babies.

        • Maureen  

          Valerie, thank you, & you’re right, IF he wasn’t rich, & famous, nobody would ever know of their family addition!

          There’s too much written, & photographed, of these so-called ‘ celebrities’, IMO, to the point of bordering on ‘worship’.

          No wonder the world’s going ‘down the gurgler’, very rapidly.

          Look at the ‘adoration’ of footballers’. That’s a really big worry, just there, as many of them are alcoholics’, drug-users’, & philanderers’.

          Let’s hear about everyday people instead!

      • Maureen  

        How ignorant YOU are, Pamela.

    • Marlena Welch  

      Jamie has worked for it. They would not have started off with luxury. Would have went without, long work hours. prolonged time away from family. huge risks financially. We are all different. That is what makes the world go round.

      • Clarice  

        Maureen, really! Have you counted their money? Do you resent their fortune? Do please hear how you sound.
        It would have been best if you had not sent in a comment. Their money is these and their choices of names is also their prerogative!

        • Maureen  

          You need to learn to write English! Your’s is appalling!
          Didn’t know you were self-employed as a ”Comment Policeperson’.

          You’re very ignorant!

          And I’m entitled to my comment!

      • Maureen  

        Marlena, his parents’ backed him financially, in the beginning, as they’re quite well off.
        So there was not any ‘financial difficulty’.
        The other points’ may’ve been true, though.
        I certainly don’t begrudge his success, in any way. I stated facts, which I’m wont to do.

        I enjoy his, & Rick Stein’s cooking books, & shows’ only.

    • Anne  

      What a nasty comment Maureen their is lots of multi millionaires who have no children .it wouldn’t matter if Jamie had no money they love children.its not about money Maureen.and the children’s names are very pretty names and I’m sure they love them .sad that u have a very negative outlook on life

      • Maureen  

        Don’t like facts, do you, Anne! You’ve a very unrealistic view on life.

  2. catherine joy hercock  

    so very pleased 4 u all , i so no the feeling of having a boy after all the girls, wonderful feeling . fun times ahead believe me , happy happy joy joy

  3. Ellen  

    Call it Oliver Oliver

    • Geraldine  


      Why not ‘him’, or ‘baby boy’?

      An ‘it’ is a nothing! How crass!

  4. Athene Muldrew  

    Great to read happy ‘stuff’!
    Jamie and Jools have endured ‘celebrity’ life and have remained so real. Congratulations and much happiness to them all.

  5. Vickie  

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story, it’s truly lovely to see families in love and sharing their happiness, irrespective of their wealth, status or race. Live in happiness to everyone, Vick

  6. Sandria  

    So many negative, unhappy people. Hey folks a healthy baby baby has been born to a loving family. Congratulations the Olivers.PS I am happy for the success that you have worked so hard for. Love from Australia. PPS Rocco Oliver has a certain ring to it.

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