Jacqui Lambie rips into Australian of the Year

Independent Senator Jacquie Lambie has taken the extraordinary step of lashing out at Australian of the Year David Morrison in
Jacquie Lambie has attacked David Morrison in parliament.

Independent Senator Jacquie Lambie has taken the extraordinary step of lashing out at Australian of the Year David Morrison in parliament.

Ms Lambie has accused Mr Morrison of hypocrisy for campaigning for women’s rights and respect while sexual assaults were happening in the army under his watch.

Mr Morrison found fame and was awarded the AOTY honour for his bold statements about changing the way the army treated women and for calling on all men to raise the bar and show more respect to women across the country.

However, Ms Lambie says he stood by by hazing activities and assaults happened to both men and women in the defence force.

She read out a statement from Lieutenant Colonel Karel Dubsky, an army commander she says was sacked and defamed over the Jedi Council scandal despite having no involvement.

Mr Dubsky says Mr Morrison wrongly accused him of being involved in the scandal, which lead to media camping outside his house and harrassing him.

He said it lead him to develope PTSD and had a detrimental effect on his family.

“This placed significant stress on my family particularly in such a garrison town like Townsville,” Mr Dubsky said.

“My wife and children were shunned and vilified.”

He was cleared of involvement in the case, but later removed by Mr Morrison for failing to be aware of the issues.

“I humbly submit that David Morrison’s incorrect assumptions, bias, hasty actions, failure to follow ADF procedure and poor leadership through the Jedi Council matter has irrevocably damaged my health.”

“I request a formal apology from the ADF for the way I was treated.”

Ms Lambie was in the army herself before she got into politics and has taken issue with the way Mr Morrison handled the scandal.

He has been one of the most divisive AOTY winners. He gained huge support from some who say he has made the army a better place, but others have claimed he never deserved the win.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Jacquie Lambie? Or is she wrong here?

  1. Amanda  

    Morrison’s useless in that capacity!
    Glad his time is nearly up.
    Haven’t heard of anything worthwhile he’s done since being awarded AOTY.

  2. Guy Flavell  

    Well said Jacqui, this man was a complete joke and should never have been given this prestigious role.

  3. George104  

    Good for you Jacqui. The diggers are with you. Thanks.


    I am neither one way or the other, until i here his side of the story.

  5. Gavin Wilson  

    She is absolutely spot on. Morrison’s actions were designed purely to get him out of trouble with the police, whom he had been stonewalling for almost 2 years over alleged sexual assualt and harassment charges against several defence members.

  6. Well said Jacqui…..worst Australian of the year ever……

    • Melanie  

      No, definitely not!
      There was one before him who did NOTHING for ‘white’ Australia!

      Morrison’s second worse………..

  7. Graham  

    She is absolutely spot on with this one. How this clown was ever considered let alone rewarded with this award is testimony to the selection committee’s stupidity. Why do we need an Australian of the year anyway.

  8. Rhonda De Stefano  

    Jacquie Lambie is right to call Morrison out on his lack of action. It occurred on his watch and speaking out later does not excuse that.

  9. Pamela  

    Jacquie is right!

    Morrison is an appalling choice, simply tokenism and an embarrassment!

    But there have been a number of similar choices for AOTY that are just as bad.

    Once they chosen were for the good they did for Australia but not any more.

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