Ivanka Trump attacked on plane by angry voter

Ivanka Trump has been left shocked and upset today after she was confronted by an angry voter on a flight
Ivanka Trump was left shocked after being confronted by a voter.

Ivanka Trump has been left shocked and upset today after she was confronted by an angry voter on a flight from New York to Florida.

The daughter of the president-elect was sitting with her children and husband in economy class when a man started yelling at her and screaming that her father was “ruining the country” in front of the entire plane.

The nasty incident happened while the flight was still boarding and it seems the man had Ivanka in his sights as soon as he realised she was travelling on the flight.

Dan Goldstein, who has now been revealed to be a lawyer from New York, yelled “Your father is ruining the country,” as he tried to get closer and closer to Ivanka.

Flight attendants intervened and tried to block his path, but he continued to raise his voice, shouting “Why is she on our flight? She should be flying private”.

Ivanka reportedly tried to distract her three young children from what was going on with colouring books and pencils, but it was clear she was upset.

While many people were upset by the outcome of the election, you have to wonder if this kind of behaviour is ever acceptable.

Goldstein was travelling with his husband and while the pair tried to claim they had been mistreated and were just exercising their right to free speech, it quickly became apparent they knew exactly what they were doing.

Goldstein’s husband Mattew Lasner took a photo of Ivanka when they realised she was on the plane and shared it on Twitter writing, “Ivanka and Jared at JFK T5, flying commercial. My husband chasing them down to harass them. #banalityofevil”.

The men took a photo of Ivanka and shared it online.
The men took a photo of Ivanka and shared it online.

The whole incident played out on social media and divided many, with some claiming the men were just expressing their opinions and others saying it was outright rude.

Do you think this kind of behaviour is ever ok? How would you have reacted?

  1. John Otten  

    Sick individuals unfit to be on any plane.

  2. what I do not understand is that exercising ones right to freedom of speech does not mean insulting people so why is it ok in America. when Americans’ come to New Zealand they are told by tourist operators that we speak quietly and in a polite fashion such is how they were here. Loud and obnoxious.

  3. Ivanka, we prefer Chelsea  

    I don’t agree with the man’s delivery but I’m glad he got the message across. The majority of Americans voted for Hillary Clinton who has devoted her life to public service and worked her ass off for this country. Many of us are extremely fearful of the incoming, derisive, hostile adiministration who couldn’t care less about the average American.

    Ivanka seems to be a conniving, scheming creep and her husband appears even more nefarious. No wonder Melania is keeping her distance from these awful people and remaining in New York. Who can blame her?

    • Geoff McKenzie  

      There were apparently approximately 3million illegal immigrant voters.Also more votes than voters in such places as Detroit!Recounts Didn,t change much,except Trump ended better off.When the media bias declines,and more jobs are available,as has immediately started,even before inauderation,then probably will this so called majority vote,make no difference.

    • Joan Marshall  

      You are typical of people with leftist leanings. Nothing and nobody will convince you that Hillary Clinton is the biggest fraudster alive. Most leftists I have come across have a log on their shoulders who expect something for nothing who preach we are all alike. Really? listening to you and your views gives me the creeps all over again. Thank God Hillary lost and what is more she is sore loser.

    • Charlie Arter  

      What an ignorant comment. Can’t even identify yourself

  4. Ian  

    Isnt the election over move on and learn to play with the new captain

  5. Never acceptable to yell at people in front of their kids no matter what the agenda is

  6. Maxine jorgensen  

    Not acceptable behaviour

  7. Bmm  

    Voted for Hillary and don’t care for Trump but this behavior is not acceptable. Especially today with so many security concerns. Her children were there for heavon’s sake. Children are always off limits. Better ways to express one’s freedom of speech.

  8. Why on earth wasn’t she on her own private plane instead of being a cheapskate.

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