It’s all over for Bronwyn Bishop

Bronwyn Bishop put up a good fight but overnight it seems her party had all but lost their faith in

Bronwyn Bishop put up a good fight but overnight it seems her party had all but lost their faith in the former Speaker – she’s lost her chance at Mackellar, spelling the end of her career.

It’s not been a great year for Ms Bishop after allegations of taxpayer funds came to the surface, in a saga called ‘Choppergate’. Understandably many were shocked and she was quickly replaced as Speaker.

As more claims of lavish spending on the average Aussie’s coin came out, it appeared that there was no way out for the 73-year-old.

Last night former Liberal staffer Jason Falinski defeated Ms Bishop 51 to 39 in the preselection ballot that lasted five-and-a-half hours, reports the ABC.

Ms Bishop, who has held the seat for 22 years, left the meeting with a group of supporters and said, “It’s been an honour to serve the people of Mackellar”.

Many called for Ms Bishop to retire instead of be unceremoniously thrown out, including ballot hopeful Dick Smith, however she remained defiant til the end.

Mr Falinski told reporters outside the marathon meeting, “I want to thank the Liberal Party for bestowing this honour on me”.

“There’s no other seat that I’ve ever wanted to represent in the federal parliament than Mackellar”.


Former PM Tony Abbott posted a tribute to Ms Bishop on Twitter this morning:

“I thank Bronwyn Bishop for her service to the electorate, party and country for many years. She has been a warrior for good causes and deserves the gratitude of all members of the Liberal Party,” he wrote.

Other comments have not been as kind to the former Speaker, who last year became the subject of internet fodder.

“I, on the other hand, abhor her for her many years of doing nothing for this country, for much money from this country”, said one, and, “Yeah? Name one – just one – positive contribution she’s made to Aust’n society over her entire political career”, said another.

Tell us your thoughts and any messages you have for Bronwyn.

  1. Jane  

    Good riddance!
    Yet another example of a self-serving pollie.

    • Florie Mitchell  

      Good Riddance to bad rubbish!!! She cost the taxpayers so much and did nothing for our country….I am glad to see the last of that smirky face….Go & repent Ms Bishop!!!!

  2. Brucimus  

    With a reported pension $200000 p.a. Brownie will now be able to pay for 40 helicopter flights per year. She also gets free domestic flights.

  3. Karl Koch  

    Don’t stress , she’s not finished squeezing the public purse . Her pension , many times that of the average mortal and then the little perks added will see the figure rise , together with the ‘entitlement’ of claiming the superannuation which we paid for. There will most likely be a cushy job somewhere reaping a few hundred thousand dollars a year as well. The best is the possibility that we may not see or hear much of her anymore. The pity is that she will not face any kind of justice.

    • West Australian  

      No her pension is the super you either take a lump sum or the pension
      Chopper gate cost her a job overseas

  4. Brucimus  

    Sorry, autocorrect changed Bronnie to Brownie

  5. Derek Still  

    The worst and very biased speaker in Australian history. Choppergate, enough for her to scream “resign”at a Labor politician, so it’s only right she’s gone. If you have done anything for this country then I sincerely thank you Bronwyn, but time to go, and sorry, but….good riddance. Enjoy your retirement, you’ll at least have more spare cash to enjoy it with than the average Aussie pensioner.

  6. Carlos  

    Who The HELL Was she Anyway ! Get her a Hat / Cloak and BROOMSTICK !!

  7. Catherine Lewis  

    I personally met her at a function held at Tinonee Gardens Multicultural Village in Newcastle and found her to be exceptional as a woman and political representative. We judge as humans way too harshly, understand she has a huge group of pollies that put their opinions forward as well, she is not the only one to be judged by us.Really who would want their job for all the .crap they cop daily .I congratulate you Bronwyn after all ,your human your a mother and have a load of wisdom hooray for you . Go and enjoy your life to the fullest and stick it up those who criticise.

    • Michelle  

      Sorry Catherine, but she wanted that job and she fought tooth and nail to hang onto it. I think it was time for her to go. Any ordinary person would surely feel some measure of shame over the helicopter revelation, but not Bronnie, no shame there. She has a hide as thick as Jessie the elephant and about as much conscience as Jessie…(sorry Jessie).

  8. Goodbye Greedy woman, as you planned from the beginning, you have always gained more for yourself than you have ever given. Your self greed has given you an annual $200,000 Pension, that’s 5 or 6 times more than the average Pensioner will ever receive, you will never have to scrimp and save to eat, keep warm in winter, cool off in summer or pay your monthly bills. I sincerely hope your replacement will support and fight to give the average Pensioner more than you ever did, all you ever did for Pensioners was to Support Cut, Cut, Cuts to Pensioners, voting with your Political Party to send Pensioners further down the line of Poverty whilst boosting your own Personal Wealth. Good riddance you Greedy Old Lady.

    • James Butters  

      Ten (10) times (plus) the averaged/disability pension…

    • isabel  

      Warren Burr agree with you!! you are right!!

  9. Peggy Hunt  

    Bloody good job she’s gone at last, pity she can’t take her love child TA with her. She won’t be missed, she will go down in history as the very worse speaker ever.

  10. roy bridges  

    A disgrace 20 years – $200,000 rest of life index to CPI Why? Has she done/give so much more than others?
    Self interest ? When they put more tax on super , she won’t be impacted!

  11. N.Emery  

    ex Minister for Aging ………..during the Howard yrs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,huh she failed tragicly whilst holding this power,,,,disgraceful efforts,,,,,,,,,,,get real Government,,,,,,many of you bury your heads like that of our Emu’s !!!

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