It’s all over for Bronwyn Bishop

Bronwyn Bishop put up a good fight but overnight it seems her party had all but lost their faith in

Bronwyn Bishop put up a good fight but overnight it seems her party had all but lost their faith in the former Speaker – she’s lost her chance at Mackellar, spelling the end of her career.

It’s not been a great year for Ms Bishop after allegations of taxpayer funds came to the surface, in a saga called ‘Choppergate’. Understandably many were shocked and she was quickly replaced as Speaker.

As more claims of lavish spending on the average Aussie’s coin came out, it appeared that there was no way out for the 73-year-old.

Last night former Liberal staffer Jason Falinski defeated Ms Bishop 51 to 39 in the preselection ballot that lasted five-and-a-half hours, reports the ABC.

Ms Bishop, who has held the seat for 22 years, left the meeting with a group of supporters and said, “It’s been an honour to serve the people of Mackellar”.

Many called for Ms Bishop to retire instead of be unceremoniously thrown out, including ballot hopeful Dick Smith, however she remained defiant til the end.

Mr Falinski told reporters outside the marathon meeting, “I want to thank the Liberal Party for bestowing this honour on me”.

“There’s no other seat that I’ve ever wanted to represent in the federal parliament than Mackellar”.


Former PM Tony Abbott posted a tribute to Ms Bishop on Twitter this morning:

“I thank Bronwyn Bishop for her service to the electorate, party and country for many years. She has been a warrior for good causes and deserves the gratitude of all members of the Liberal Party,” he wrote.

Other comments have not been as kind to the former Speaker, who last year became the subject of internet fodder.

“I, on the other hand, abhor her for her many years of doing nothing for this country, for much money from this country”, said one, and, “Yeah? Name one – just one – positive contribution she’s made to Aust’n society over her entire political career”, said another.

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