Is this house an eyesore or the happiest home on the block?

A Brisbane women has divided her neighbourhood after paining her house in 11 ‘bright and bold’ colours. The technicolour house

A Brisbane women has divided her neighbourhood after paining her house in 11 ‘bright and bold’ colours.

The technicolour house is hard to miss and while some locals say it brightens their day, others have declared it to be a total eyesore.

Jenny Schuster says she spruced up her house with the lively hues in the hope that it would out a smile on people’s faces.

“We did it to brighten people up, to get them to drive past and I suppose to make people happy,” she told Nine News.

The house has received a variety of reactions, with locals firmly divided down the middle.

“It’s an eyesore. Hate it,” said one neighbour.

Another said: “Look it’s definitely divided people, they are saying they either love it or hate it.”

Some have even branded it a ‘clown house’.

Jenny's brightly coloured house in Brisbane.
Jenny’s brightly coloured house in Brisbane.

Jenny says the funniest reaction she received was when a woman asked her if she was getting a divorce.

“One woman walked in and asked – ‘are you getting a divorce?’ because she thought that you’d only paint the house like that if you were getting a divorce.”

It’s not all bad news though, as some of Jenny’s neighbours absolutely love her lively home.

“It doesn’t worry me, I’m happy with the colours,” said one local.

“We often see a lot of people going past and taking photos. It brightens up a lot of people’s day,” another concurred.

How would you react if one of your neighbours painted their house like this? Do you love this house, or loath it?


  1. Rick Pain  

    Well done Jenny, it’s So Super important to let your individuality shine !

  2. Deanna  

    Looks great and is cheerful makes you smile

  3. If you lived on acerage I may consider it Ok however when you live in suburbia, I believe it is a bit over the top and probably not accepted by some people.

    • Graham Alexander  

      Dont sit on the fence Barry. Make a decision!

  4. Wayne Watkins  

    Love it Jenny ………….. its your house and if you brighten one person’s life per day’ and annoy everyone else then so be it . You and that person are ahead and it’s far better than being miserable .

  5. Doreen Kear  

    A very HAPPY looking home. Well done.

  6. Robbi George  

    Love it! Your choice to paint your house any colour you like!

  7. Kim Elliott  

    Colour makes me happy and you have a home I would be happy to own.

  8. Patricia  

    I love the colours. The fashion colour of today is grey with perhaps a touch of black thrown in and this house stands out as the house that says ‘I don’t care about fashion’. I think it would be a very cheerful house to have in one’s neighbourhood.

  9. I LOVE COLOURS, BRIGHT ONES AT THAT. But did you consider what you may have done to the prices of your neighbours homes. DEVALUED THEM NO DOUBT.!!!!!!!

  10. Veronica Corbett  

    Maybe people should stop worrying what’s happening is somebody else’s house and consentrate on their own

    • Lee Herbert  

      The point is, it’s not happening IN someone else’s house and it’s an eyesore.

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