Investigation into death of Warriena Wright reopens

It has been four months since Warriena Wright plunged to her death after a Tinder date with Gold Coast man Gable
Just when we thought it was over, the investigation into the death of Warriena Wright reopens.

It has been four months since Warriena Wright plunged to her death after a Tinder date with Gold Coast man Gable Tostee. After a two-week trial in Brisbane Supreme Court in October, Mr Tostee was found not guilty of the murder and manslaughter of Ms Wright. However, now the Queensland state Coroner has reopened the investigation.

After the verdict, police referred the case back to the coroner Terry Ryan who confirmed this week that his investigation had been reopened, reports

“The Coroner will be reviewing all the documentation before making a decision whether to hold an inquest,’’ a State Coroner’s Office spokesman told The Sunday Mail.

He said this would held until criminal proceedings are finalised.

Legal sources said a charge such as deprivation of liberty could still potentially be recommended by the coroner in the Tostee case.

Ms Wright plunged to her death in August 2014 from the 14th floor of Mr Tostee’s 14th floor Surfers Paradise apartment after he locked the New Zealander on the balcony for acting hysterical.

Do you think the reopening of the case will make a difference?

  1. I believe the whole story was not told. What was the cylindrical object he was holding in his hand when he left the scene of her fall and went to get pizza? Why does she look so frightened in the photos we see of her with him? Why was she on the balcony instead of being pushed out of the door of the apartment? Why did the guy over the other side of the street, say that he saw him throwing something over the balcony? there are many questions that have not been answered in this case.

    • Majella  

      Totally agree, Barb V!

      I believe he’ll get his ‘come-uppance’ eventually.

      Don’t believe in all information on the allegedly accused person’s past NOT being presented during a trial.
      The Jury should be advised of ALL of the previous ‘problems’.
      How else can they make an informed decision, with only a small pertinent percentage?

    • Adam  

      Whole story was not told? So the procecutors decided to ignore key evidence that could have convicted him? She was a nut job and he was an insensitive selfish bastard. Bad mix that resulted in her doing something stupid. There’s no conspiracy theory here.

  2. Raewyn Adair  

    He should never have been able to profit from “his story”. All monies should have gone to her family. Was a big cover up helped of course by his daddy. Much more to this story. Also the size of him compared to her so why did he not just push her out the front door.

  3. Carolyn  

    Yes, I agree, let’s find out what really happened that night. This young man is not squeaky clean.

  4. Jen  

    so now he’s roaming round New Zealand with a new name and girlfriend…………….

  5. Glenda Cadwallader  

    Best decision yet re-opening case. Maybe the truth will be reached second time round

    • Annie  

      the new girlfriend is from Havelock North in Napier.. a bit of a show off according to what I have heard… he is a evil person.. I would not like to be his parents for all the tea in India… especially if this time round he is found to have play a bit part to her death….

      • Sartu  

        …..saying is ‘all the tea in China’…….

        Although tea is grown in parts of India, mostly around Kerala……

  6. Esmeralda  

    ANY female who goes with this bloke is a total fool.
    Notice latest Aussie ‘girlfriend’ dumped him, so too, woman who ‘supported’ him during his trial.
    He’s a nut-job, & then some.

    The TRUTH will out, in time.

  7. lurch  

    He will never tell the whole truth, he got a walk and by selling “his story” he is thumbing nose to all.

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