Huge recall after warnings electrical home wiring could catch fire

The consumer watchdog is urging people to remove and return certain electrical wiring installed in their homes as it poses

The consumer watchdog is urging people to remove and return certain electrical wiring installed in their homes as it poses a major fire risk.

Infinity and Olsent-branded cable was sold to customers across the country in every state and territory except the Northern Territory, but has now been recalled after tests revealed its extremely low quality.

The cable was sold primarily at Woolworths now defunct Masters stores and was used to wire thousands of homes.

The wiring was first sold in 2010, meaning thousands of homes could be at risk now.

While some electricians have returned to properties where they installed the cable wire, others have been slow to do so meaning hundreds of homes remain at risk.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) deputy chair Delia Rickard says people need to take immediate action if they think they might have the Infinity and Olsent-branded cable in their house.

“The experts tell us that in a worst-case scenario, the cable could become defective as soon as April this year,” Ms Rickard told the ABC.

“There’s a whole range of reasons we think why people haven’t taken action, it seems some suppliers and electricians are more proactive than others in terms of going out and trying to locate it, there’s issues with electricians having very poor records about where the cabling was installed,” Ms Rickard said.

“I think there may be a sense of complacency from some home owners that they have time on their side so they don’t need to contact their installer to check.”

Woolworths has issued a statement saying it is working with the ACCC to recall the cable and will refund anyone who returns it to their Masters stores.

“Woolworths has worked collaboratively with the ACCC regarding our part of the industry response to this recall. We have made good progress in refunding, remediating and identifying impacted customers,” she said.

“As part of its announcement to exit its home improvement business, Woolworths has said it will honour all Masters product warranties and returns.

“Customers who have had Infinity cabling installed should register their details through our Infinity Cable Consumer Hotline (1300 236 787) for assistance.”

Have you been affected by this recall? Will you be checking your home to see if you have this particular cable in your house?

  1. Chris Dickinson  

    Well again we get half the story from Starts at 60 writers…….so how do we check for the faulty wiring, what are we looking for and how do I return house wiring ???? Strip it out of my home & wait for compensation to re-install safe wiring !!!!!!. This article again reflects an increasing “alarmist” approach of your writers, it’s all alarm and no helpful substance.
    I’m looking for the unsubscribe button as we speak.

    • The TPS wiring has infinity or olsent stamped on the outer insulation. The insulation is very brittle and can break when bent. When the wiring runs around corners the internal wires can be exposed ( electrocution) or touch each other causing fires. any visible defective wiring should be replaced. Wiring in hard to reach places, wall cavities ect can be left providing the circuit is protected by safety a switch.

  2. Masters is NOT Defunct , closing later in the year , Not DEFUNCT,,,, ohh for heavens get it right before spruking.

  3. David Leach  

    So Masters has said , return the cable and get a refund, what about the thousands of dollars in labour ?

  4. Lyn Compston  

    Why are you people shooting the messenger?
    Obviously because you were totally aware of this and it was not news to you. Well to some of us, it IS news and we would like to hear about it……
    Just scroll past please…..

  5. Unfortunately it’s the drawback of a massive recall, there’ll always be people that lose out. However people that choose to buy electrical installation products to do illegal wiring should bear the brunt of their stupidity. The cable will have either “Infiniti” or “Olsent” printed on the sheath of the cable (if there’s insulation left), generally you could either remove a PowerPoint or light switch (preferably with the power off or by a qualified electrician), or above the outside switchboard you can remove a roof tile to check the wiring where it sits in the roof before going down the wall cavity. There are a couple of ways to get it rectified
    1) Get the electrical contractor who installed the product back to check it. If it was a qualified electrician that installed it I’d check he’s still in business first
    2) Get a qualified electrical contractor to check if the cable is part of the recall. If it he’ll need to replace it immediately. Product can then be returned for a refund from Masters (do it quick before they disappear)
    3) Do nothing and you won’t need to check it, you’ll find it when the insulation degrades and the house burns down. For the record the cable was sold in 2010, and it was expected that the insulation would last 2 years at most.

    Had people bought the product from a reputable electrical wholesaler, or indeed left it to the experts, the recall would have been fully funded, including labour and all rectification works as a result of removing the old cable. Reputable wholesalers also do their due diligence on product sourcing, unlike the duopoly hardware stores

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