History looks set to reassert itself in the US election

It looks as though Donald Trump will retain the presidency in the United States, despite a last-ditch attempt to stop

It looks as though Donald Trump will retain the presidency in the United States, despite a last-ditch attempt to stop him, as members of the Electoral College cast their votes.

In the latest results, president-elect Trump had received the electoral votes from Wyoming and Maine. That makes him nearly 100 votes clear of main rival Hillary Clinton. As Starts at 60 explained recently Trump needs only 270 votes to win the White House. At the time of writing he had secured 219 and if the experts get it right he is likely to end up with more than 300 of the 538 electoral votes in total.

If you wanted a change in the leadership it was going to take a big ask of the Electoral College with more than 36 votes required to swing away from the controversial politician and derail his path to becoming president.

While there were a few hundred protestors braving the cold weather at Pennsylvania, Colorado, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Nebraska and other states, chanting “No Trump, no KKK, no facist USA!” it seems unlikely they will persuade the Electoral College to dump Trump.

Once the Electoral College votes have been received the ballots will be officially counted on January 6. All things going smoothly, you are likely to see Donald Trump inaugurated on January 20.

What are your thoughts on Donald Trump becoming president of the United States? Do you think his election speaks of a broader issue in the community?

  1. desleigh clarke  

    It’s called “democracy”, get over it. If the democrats had got in nothing like this would have happened, mob of whining bad losers. The US has hardly been so great since Obama has been in I had great hopes for him after Bush but he turned out a word merchant, would be same old same old with bad-loser Clinton. At least give him a go & if he’s no good he’ll get tossed out.

    • elena  

      Someone once said: If the majority of democrats in a country are stupid the Nation is going to have a President elected by stupidity. Anyway, is there any other political system better than democracy? They are all horrible and inhumane in their own right.

    • Joan Marshall  

      Desleigh what a beautiful name. You are one of the intelligent ones. Most Democrats are blind deaf morons. Thank God Hillary was not elected. Donald Trump is no Saint but….A SAINT IN COMPARISON TO HILLARY. I have said exactly what you have said and that is give the man a chance if he is no good they will kick him out in the next election. After all the whistle blower Julian Assange has uncovered about Hillary the bad losers are trying to stop Donald Trump. I cannot stand the woman Hillary she makes me sick to the stomach. Apart from all Julian Assange has uncovered I have read extensively about this woman HALF MAYBE UNTRUE BUT HALF IS TRUE. Merry Christmas.

  2. Joan Marshall  

    With all Hillary’s experience she is not fit to be President of the United States Of America. All that Julian Assange uncovered about her and Hillary’s cohorts has given the American’s a choice and that is give the establishment a kick in the rear get this corrupt woman out and give Donald Trump a chance if he does not perform the Republicans will kick him out so what is all the fuss about? I cannot stand Hillary and all her Socialism lies, deceit. A power hungry money hungry woman. Satan itself.

  3. Gavin Weston  

    To an outsider this USA election has been a puzzling affair. However Donald Trump triumphed thought the process. I did wonder as his comments and speeches were rather controversial ideas but as he became closer to winning his manner and dialogue became more direct and in a manner different from his first bombastic ones. I think he may be the president to set the U.S.A. great again as he claims. I understand his stand against the unbridled invasion of illegal immigrants. This very subject is a matter that the world is facing currently due to the radicals having so much determined strength to get their ideas and points through to winning the country (countries) they are targeting. It is a very difficult time for the World at present with no sign of the terrible times abating. Is it the beginning of the end of this world as we know it? or another terrible period of history as the World has seen in the past with war and infectious diseases decimating populations? Who is there to know what to do and have the strength of character to do the corrections required to bring peace to our planet?

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