Hillary Clinton’s daughter defends Donald Trump’s youngest son

Growing up having a father as the president is hard to imagine. There’s already been so much scrutiny for Donald
Donald Trump's son Barron has copped plenty of sledges on social media. Source: YouTube

Growing up having a father as the president is hard to imagine.

There’s already been so much scrutiny for Donald Trump’s youngest son Barron, and some of it has been terrible.

From Rosie O’Donnell’s Twitter post suggesting Barron Trump could be autistic, to a Saturday Night Live writer’s tweet suggesting the 10-year-old “will be this country’s first homeschool shooter’, there have been some terrible remarks aimed at the new president’s son.

The remarks have angered many on social media, and one of the people who know’s exactly how Barron would be feeling has leapt to his defence.

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea was on the receiving end of some horrific sledges herself.

NewsCorp reports that when she was 13,  American talk show host Rush Limbaugh compared her to a dog.

“Socks is the White House cat. But did you know there is also a White House dog?” Limbaugh said, showing an image of Chelsea Clinton.

So, what did Chelsea say in Barron’s defence?

Well, she had her say on Twitter.

“Barron Trump deserves the chance every child does-to be a kid.” she said.

But she couldn’t resist having a stab at Donald Trump either.

“Standing up for every kid also means opposing POTUS policies that hurt kids.”

While it’s normal for people to criticise politicians and candidates, many argue that making fun of their partners or children should be off limits.

Do you agree? Are you horrified by some of the stuff that has been said about Barron Trump?


  1. Ellen  

    Please,please do not bring the children into your political rants.

  2. Dianne Evans  

    Picking on children well shows what your or what you are not!

  3. Jenna  

    I hadn’t heard about it but I am not surprised. Generally speaking, I would usually say leave the spouse and children out of the equation altogether. Certainly, using the children of a public figure as an issue is – or should be – absolutely forbidden, if there is any decency left in this world. The question should not even have to be raised, particularly when they are minors. I have altered my opinion somewhat on spouses. I believe that can depend on if, or how far, the spouse of a public figure – and I am referring to politicians’ spouses here – inserts themselves into the public spotlight on their husband/wife. Then, it can depend on the reason. Such an intrusion – and an intrusion it definitely is – can be rare and receive approval, or it can be otherwise, and resented by the voting public. One who comes to mind for the latter is Turnbull’s wife, Lucy, whose name was not on the ballot paper. A desire to share the spotlight makes that type of person fair game for the media, for good or ill. Offspring over 18 who misbehave publicly may well fall into that category also. In my opinion, Margie Abbott was an exemplary politician’s wife – so obviously a woman of quality – discreet, cheerful and a wonderful wife, mother and background support for her very busy husband.

  4. Trump family has been exposed to the media long time ago and his youngest son is not exceptional. They should have seen what’s coming for thr family future and what can happen! Mentally and emotionally and safety should have been instilled to that boy long time ago. As a country which democracy they uphold freedom of media and speech, is hard not focusing on Baron Trump. Such a young boy he is ‘ Baron’ symbol of status. What his parents prepare him that’s what he going to be. So KIV

  5. Adele Ford  

    I think all this sledgeing is disgusting…..As a mother I would be so hurt by these offensive comments. This boy has been thrust into this role. how could he possibly know how to behave.
    These remarks by adults are so vile, I hope this boy never ever hears them.
    Adele F…

  6. Josephine B  

    I think it’s disgusting of ANYBODY to sling off at minor’s of anybody as they’re not always of a mature mind to defend themselves which I would say would be better of the minor to turn a deaf ear and walk away and be the BETTER person overall. Anyone who abuses a child (verbally or physically) are not worthy of breathing OUR air. I prefer EVERYBODY to bite their tongue and keep the peace because if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything.

  7. Diana  

    Sledging young Baron is shameful. This child did not choose his parents, nor did he choose to be in the public eye. Leave the children alone! He is only a young boy, for goodness sake.

  8. Veronica  

    Leave children out of it! That poor young boy is going to find it impossible to have a normal adolescent life.

  9. Marie Hay  

    please don’t hurt the children..what’s wrong with people…so sick and disgusting..that poor boy What I did see was a caring,happy young man, who was playful with Ivana’s child in the background…just your typical 10 year old..leave him alone sick people.

  10. Kathy  

    Leave him alone, he is just a 10 yr old boy. Shame on you!

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