Here’s how the new Turnbull government will affect you

Now that we’ve moved past election drama, is there more waiting in the wings with the newly announced cabinet? While

Now that we’ve moved past election drama, is there more waiting in the wings with the newly announced cabinet?

While Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s words suggest strength, some political experts suggest that his behaviour indicates weakness.

It seems that he is trying to put the dismal election campaign behind him and set a new agenda for governing rather than campaigning.

Barnaby Joyce retains his original portfolio, and the Nationals are the clear winners – with young Matt Canavan vaulting into cabinet as the Minister for Resources and Northern Australia.

Deputy Nationals Leader Senator Fiona Nash will add Local Government and Territories to her regional development role, while Kelly O’Dwyer’s title will change to Minister for Revenue and Financial Services.

Senator Scott Ryan will become Special Minister of State in the Finance portfolio, Michael McCormack will become the Minister for Small Business, in the Treasury portfolio.

Sussan Ley has retained the federal health portfolio as well as her position as Minister for Aged Care, with Ken Wyatt staying on as Assistant Minister for Health. Though there have been suggestions that Ms Ley might be “gagged” in her new role, it will be something to watch out for to see how she handles the role within the new government.

On the Liberal side, Turnbull had to promote conservatives — putting Peter Dutton back as a permanent member of the National Security Committee of cabinet, promoting Josh Frydenberg, putting Dan Tehan in security and giving a first-time place to ACT senator Zed Seselja. Some conservatives held a strong believe that rather than splitting the defence portfolio between Marise Payne and Christopher Pyne, Tony Abbott should have got the role – however he has been unsurprisingly left out of the cabinet.

While the new PM has enjoyed a lift in the polls following the win, many across the country are waiting to see what will happen in the policy space.

Speaking in his first in-depth interview post-election with Leigh Sales, the PM acknowledged the fact that there were people are not happy with the package and says “there is always consultation and work on transitional and implementation issues” but says that the changes are fairer for self-employed and older Australians.

Discussing everything from Mediscare to the marriage equality plebiscite on The 7:30 Report, Mr Turnbull said the public should judge the Government on ‘the delivery of the commitments we have made’, which include implementing the defence plan which has launched the $50 billion submarine program.

Rising prices, particularly in the Sydney and Melbourne markets, have put the question of housing affordability at the forefront of national debate. The debate that will have the biggest impact on property is the issue of tax reform.

While some political observers suggest that the 23-member cabinet have retained ministers for fear of creating enemies, others say that it is a smart leadership move.

What do you think?

  1. I think that Malcolm thinks he is the Messiah and we are all his subjects. He would have done anything to be P.M. and as we all know he didn’t care whether it was labor or liberal and that tells me everything, plus his narcissistic nature, changing the sign to Turnbull’s coalition!!! for example and how obvious he wanted that position for the prestige and power not because he loves Australia like the former P.M.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      So right. Turnbull will screw the pensioners , and the cuts for pensioners, low income in health will mean we won’t have tests and won’t bother going to Drs. That will make Turnbull happy. We will be sorry even though I did not vote for him.

  2. Cheryl French  

    Why isn’t the defence portfolio given to some one who has served. What would they (civvies) know about being In the defence forces and most of all how the personnel after serving their country for more than twenty years in active and non active service live off the measly pension they get. Makes me so angry. When the husband/wives get moved around they don’t get $100.000 to help relocate and the separation allowance is a joke. Nothing to what the pollies get. Fed up with the leaches of Canberra.

  3. Roy Bridges  

    Reminds me of Rudd , self interest and Ego. What has he done in public life that has been successful . So far he has shown very poor decisions . What has he achieved since PM zero

    • Alan  

      Are you serious.or just rude. This man has made himself the success that he is while you and his opposition are just plsin jealous. What is Bill Shorten without his unions. Nothing. So give a successful man a fair go.

  4. Our new PM as not even been in power for ten minuets and we are questing his achievements remember he did say growth & employment just didn’t say that it had to do with his ministry largest in decades bit of pay back I suspect, nothing like kicking in a million himself to keep the cause going and a tax deduction as well, Don’t we all like the way he just shoved the women out the door for his male counter parts , Now I am not running the PM down this is his start to running our Country this he has already done are our women not good enough , What is this man saying to me he sound’s a small man with a big man syndrome I have the biggest cabinet even though the country is going broke don’t worry the super scheme will pay for it, All you left wing geniuses better keep your eye an ear’s to the stone because bigg Mal is in charge now and he won’t mind spending a few billion’s,

  5. William Peacock  

    And the Minister for Disability is.????
    The NDIS NDIA is not important.
    Aged Care ??? What a goverment. A Prime Minister led by inane stupidity and Ms Bishops rhetoric have shown this is a government without compassion or humanity.

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