Has it really come to this? Police post a strong message ahead of Australia Day

Forget about Christmas, all the police want for Australia Day is a violence-free celebration. That’s the message one police force in

Forget about Christmas, all the police want for Australia Day is a violence-free celebration. That’s the message one police force in Western Australia has sent in a blunt but powerful Tweet:

If you’re thinking the police are over-reacting, consider this: in Victoria alone, police are called to almost twice as many non-family violence incidents than on any other day. Like it or not, Australia Day has become synonymous with violence.

Speaking to The Age back in 2014, Deputy Commissioner Tim Cartwright said warm weather, alcohol, drugs and people celebrating in large groups all fuelled the violence, and that the worrying trend disturbed him.

“I look at these figures every year and I just shake my head,” he said. “I can’t understand why on Australia Day there’s so much more violence.”

The Kensington Police tweet also reflects the recent focus on one-punch attacks and the tragic death of Cole Miller, and injuries to others by alleged “coward punches”.

Australia Day should be a day to celebrate everything that makes Australia great, not a day to be marked with blood and sirens. Can’t we do better than this?

Are you concerned about the trend towards violence on Australia Day? Do you think the Kensington Police have the right idea in tackling the issue head on?

  1. It is pretty pathetic when the Police have to tweet that, with all the publicity about coward punches, you would think it would firmly implanted in these bullies heads, I hope the racists behave themselves too, Australia Day is for all of us..not just for them

    • Australia Day is for Australians to enjoy, keep your political correctness shit to yourself David James, there are people who disagree with the left view that does not make them racist you dickhead.

    • I hope the mosloms aren’t violent this year would be a 1st in 10 years & i hope the leftards stay in their holes so we Australians can celebrate Australia Day in peace without violent thugs & cowards trying to incite violence

  2. It is bound to be alchohol fueled it normally is, but hopefully common sense will prevail..as I type that I am smiling at myself, many don’t seem to have any common sense or these coward punches would never have occurred in the first place 🙂

  3. I predict the Police in all states will have a very busy day handling drunks and the unruly element, I hope no one is hurt

  4. It is pathetic that so many people get drunk and doped up so that they have no control over their animalistic tendencies to violence!

  5. Unfortunately this is a very sad truth
    And the police are only doing what
    They have to do to prevent more
    Violence 💝

  6. It’s very sad that it has come to this, but unfortunately a lot of people can’t handle alcohol and get very abusive. Couple that with drugs, and what a cocktail for abusive drunks. Sadly, they never learn.

  7. There is violence commited every day of the year. Why are we focussing on just one day? For goodness sake, get a grip, police tweeting this stuff is like putting a red cloak out in front of a bull. We all know what is right and what is wrong, and putting out all this dribble doesn’t change a thing.

    • Australia Day is a public holiday and no doubt there are a lot of young ones out celebrating, maybe too much, and then getting themselves into a fight, which would not be happening every day during the week. I am sure the police know when this sort of behaviour is at its worst. I hope for their sake and for the sake of everyone else it can be a violence free public holiday.i

    • If you read the article it says that the police attend more violent crimes on Australia day then on any other single day of the year….

  8. Australia Day is for everyone who has accepted Australia as their home. It is a day of celebration of how lucky we are.

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