Government plans on scrapping unleaded petrol

In a move that’s already causing waves, the government has released a proposal calling for unleaded petrol to be banned
This could be the end of unleaded petrol.

In a move that’s already causing waves, the government has released a proposal calling for unleaded petrol to be banned in Australia.

As it stands, unleaded fuel is the most popular petrol in the country thanks to it’s cheaper price.

But now, the government wants to scarp it and force drivers to fork out for premium fuel instead.

The proposal is being pushed forward in a bid to clean up our environmental record, with PM Malcolm Turnbull saying it will help improve health as well.

But while both these things are important, many people are concerned with whether or not they’ll be able to afford up to 21 cents more per litre every time they go to fill up.

With so many Aussies around the country struggling to meet the cost of living, is this just another kick in the guts?

Unleaded fuel is the dirtiest and lowest quality fuel on the market, but NRMA spokesperson Peter Khoury says people will end up feeling the pinch in their pockets.

“If you go down the path of phasing out regular unleaded you would be exposing motorists to even more rorts than we are now,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Premium unleaded already costs 21 cents more than ethanol – imagine what could happen if we adopt European standards.”

So is Turnbull making the right call here, or do we need to keep things affordable even it is sacrifices our environment?

If the ban is successful, it will also cost our main oil refineries billions to upgrade their plants and there’s no word yet on whether or not it will be taxpayers who fork out the cash for it.

While the proposal has left many outraged, others say it’s the right call and we need to put our environment first for a change.

What do you think?

Should we ban unleaded petrol? Or will this make it even harder to afford the cost of living?

  1. colin  

    the sooner the better., it is highly polluting and does nothing for the environment. MAYBE the government may use the extra revenue to provide more public transport. we need less cars not more.

    • Blake  

      What about people that live on center link and find it thought to even pay for public transport or have no room to put their shopping on public transport the real reason they want us to pay more for petrol is because people would be broke and have to walk to work or any other places

    • Andrew Shattell  

      Colin I would like to see your breakdown on emissions from both fuels before I got my knickers in a knot over “Cleaner Fuel”. If we are going to go down this track what about Diesel, this is a rapidly growing portion of the vehicle market and a far more dirtier fuel. Then we are also forgetting that the unleaded ethanol blend is lower in emissions and significantly cheaper. All for a cleaner environment but I do my own research and don’t rely on claims it’s for our own good, especially when it comes from a Government looking to increase revenue.

    • Les Courcha  

      I only ever use 98 yes it costs more but I get better mileage and less maintenance. you have to look at the whole picture’

  2. This sounds more like an April fools day post. Wasn’t Unleaded fuel introduced because regular leaded petrol was bad for the environment? I prefer ethanol wherever I can get it, but most of the major service stations ( now there is a misnomer, who gets service at a service station anymore) don’t sell ethanol.

  3. Kevin  

    We are pensioners, yet already pay the high price for premium unleaded. There is better performance and better still, we have less service costs, like frequency of cleaning fuel injectors.
    It’s likely in time premium will come down in price if its the only fuel grade available, so fuel companies will have to base price wars on premium.
    At the moment the price for is excessive, as the fuel companies only compete on the standard unleaded price.
    So within a short time it could be a really good move for our cars, the environment and our pockets.

    • Murray  

      Kevin, not sure about your facts. Certain vehicles are made to run on unleaded petrol or ethanol (if you can find it) , i was told there is no benefit in running on premium if your vehicle is tuned for the lower octane. Can’t see fuel companies entering into any price wars, they simple collude on pricing…so cannot see anyway how this will be good for our pockets, they will simply manouevre the market as they currently do.So who do you think is going to pay the billions of dollars to upgrade the refineries???? This sounds very much like the Electricity saga here in Victoria. May be good for the environment, but no way is this going be good for the pockets of motor vehicle users.

  4. Nick  

    What a crock,Turdball screwing the low income earners even more, the bastard,the sooner we get Turdball and Shortarse out of government the better.Viva! the revolution,bring on the rebellion.

  5. pete harper  

    Would the fact that Turnball and his cronies control the ethanol industry have some bearing on this??

    • Gus Cooper  

      You bet Little Johnny Howard’s mate running the ethanol industry we are bound to pay for this. SLIMY, SLEAZY, SCUM LIBERALS.WHY IS THE POOR AND THE PENSIONERS BEING BEATEN UP AGAIN JUST TO HELP THE RICH GET RICHER.

  6. Mary  

    Stopping all the pollution with all the fireworks for every little celebration would help without putting everyone to this expense. While we are at it no one says anything about the extra lights burning at Christmas BAH. Humbug

  7. Sylvia Kennedy  

    That’s interesting, when I bought my Hyundai i20 a couple of years ago I was told to put unleaded 91 in my car nothing else. Does that mean if I put Premium in it’s going to do something to my engine? Just saying!

  8. Rod Tonkin  

    I’d like to see a technical and economic explanation for the proposed changes.

    • Pierre Christian  

      Me too, I total agree instead of rushing into it, as usual.

  9. Rob Green  

    Ban aircraft first because they are dirty and trucks because of diesel and drown all politicians much better .

    • ANN McGovern  


  10. This is purely and simply a way of paying back the sugar cane growers for their political support to offload ethanol and make money. Only a few years back these ill informed idiots tried the same bs even making garages cover the expense of putting “ethanol friendly” storage tanks in. It has been proven time and time again that ethanol is neither economical to use or car friendly to a lot of vehicles still on our roads. Some people need to realise not everyone can afford to update their cars on a regular basis. But I’m sure this argument will fall on the tree huggers selective deaf ears they like to use when faced with facts!

  11. brent hall  


  12. Ron  

    If the Government was fair dinkum about the environment, why are they approving more open cut coal mines ???
    It’s just another farce to fill their coffers. They give billions of taxpayers money to the big corporate enterprises who are mainly responsible for polluting our country, and the world for that matter.
    Turnbull doesn’t give a stuff about ordinary people, or Australia. All he cares about is looking after his rich mates.
    He has done absolutely nothing for the country since he took the top job, after sticking the knife in Abbot. Time for him to go !!!!

    • RJW  

      Agreed – money making farce to fill the coffers. As if the extra taxes will go to helping the environment or the roads – what a joke !! Playing us for suckers again !! Who said unleaded was a pollutant anyway? They got rid of leaded because unleaded was much cleaner !!?? Who is now saying it is bad for the environment? Maybe we should get rid of humans – the amt of CO2 we breath out is definitely bad for the planet !! Where does it stop? How many more ways can they think of to tax us?

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