Government makes final call on refugees

Australia has already committed to accepting over 12,000 refugees into the country, but with calls for politicians to do more

Australia has already committed to accepting over 12,000 refugees into the country, but with calls for politicians to do more to help with the worldwide refugee crisis, the pressure was on for them to make a final call.

Now Social Services Minister Christian Porter says they have reached decision and have ruled out welcoming anymore Syrian or Iraqi refugees into the country.

So far, Australia has resettled 180 refugees out of the 12,000 with an an additional 1,600 visas issued overseas with imminent arrivals expected.

“It has taken some time and I acknowledge that it has been slower than we had anticipated, but you will find that this speeds up now,” Mr Porter said, as reported by ABC.

The government has copped huge criticism for digging its heels in throughout the process and has been accused of taking too long to approve visas and bring refugees into the country.

In the time it has taken Australia to approve 180 refugees, Canada has welcomed over 26,000 as of last month.

“I don’t use Canada as a benchmark. The procedure that Canada engaged in is very different from the procedure that we’re engaged in and, if I might say, significantly less cautious and thorough than our procedure,” Mr Porter said.

The United Nations and a number of refugee activist groups have urged Australia to accept more Syrian and Iraqi refugees, but the government has refused.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, and his predecessor Scott Morrison, have been particularly stringent about who they accept as “legitimate refugees” and have implored other countries to take the same precautions.

“Border management arrangements in all countries must be strengthened to identify, register and process asylum applications, and persons found not to be in need of protection must be returned to their country of origin expeditiously,” Mr Dutton said.

What do you think about this announcement?

Should Australia accept more refugees? How can we deal with the huge refugee crisis throughout the world?

  1. Aileen  

    We are doing enough now with all the aid money plus taking the 12000. Come on we have homeless here & people living in some pretty awful conditions, let’s look after our own people first.

    • Audrey plant  

      We are slowly using lovely land ,ripped up for ticky tacky housing.. The hospitals are crowded So Please keep our population to a reasonable level.. Keep Australian spirit as we knew &fought for.

  2. Graeme Clarke  

    Per capita we do more than almost anyone else now. How much is enough? For me it’s what we are currently doing. Continue to vet strongly. We have a right to know who is coming here and an obligation to our kids and grandchildren.

  3. Trevor  

    We have to slow down with our intake.We as a country can not keep up with infrastructure ,Hospitals,transport,roads and other services and money to finance more and we will become a 3rd world country .

    • SUSAN  

      We can only accept more refugees if they are thoroughly vetted and they will be a productive member of the Australian community. I have a sister who is disabled and who is needing and been on waiting list for 18 months for an appointment to see a surgeon. Have been told that the refugees need the appointments first. When I needed to have surgery there wasn’t any respite available to care for her my son had to take his annual leave to look after her denying him a holiday. Went to our local member who was a female Prime Minister at the time. Told to go away stop being selfish and think of the poor refugees. I can count many times when hard working Australians have fallen on hard times due to no fault of their own and then denied assistance. I live in an area where I have seen $500,000 houses wrecked due to where refugees have been housed and been given free rent. The kids are getting into gangs and terrorising neighborhoods and businesses and causing general fear. We can’t let people willy nilly into this country we need to keep our borders strong otherwise we will be 3rd world country in no time.

  4. I believe we are taking to many and should focus on our own homeless and destitute, our social security system the government whining about paying aged pensions give these people $50,000 a year and housing all totally disgusting considering how many homeless and jobless people we have. These immigrants should have to sign legal documents to say they will assimilate, send their children to public schools and get a job within a year. we do not want countries inside our country and no go zones like have happened overseas.It is recorded that the refugees we have taken in the last five years are still on government benefits and only breed to get more benefits. we need to stomp on this now it is unacceptable.

    • Robyn  

      Our homeless and destitute are not living in terror for themselves and their children. Why can’t we offer these people some kind of sanctity or should we barr them from safety, send them back, and a generation or so later, our children and grandchildren can search their haunted faces (in history books) and know we haven’t learnt anything in the last 100 or so years.

    • Judy  

      I agree Margret, we are doing enough. Ministers Christian Porter and Peter Dutton are doing a fantastic job in a very difficult situation. What makes me feel confident and a lot safer, are the cautious screenings of these immigrants before they are granted permission to enter Australia. I sincerely hope Canada won’t regret their hasty actions in the future.

    • Linda Munro  

      Your statement that refugees receive $50,00 a year and receive housing is incorrect – this is not fact.

    • cee  

      I think the government should only pay benefits for the first 2 or 3 kids then any more over that and you have to support them out of what you already get!

  5. Jill  

    Far be it for me to advise the Government – BUT – we have a critical water supply problem, job shortage, homeless etc.

    I read a para on facebook saying old people should go to jail – There they would get three meals, air conditioning and heating, tv etc.

    We just have to look after our own first, starting with the older people who fought for this country. Who come young fit males want to come here, why not stay and fight for their land.

    I didn’t think I was a racist, but maybe I am.

    • lurch  

      Agreed, those who are serving time are far better off than our elderly or homeless. But the bleeding hearts keep bellyaching that we ned to take in more “refugees”. That means more on welfare. I seem to recall something in the news about “refugee” who was on a disability pension for years and unable to walk sit or do anytrhing constructive but kept taking self-funded overseas trips and had no problem carrying his own carry-on luggage.

  6. Trish Bolton  

    We need to be looking after the people who put this country together, charity begins at home.

  7. Marita Dixon  

    I agree that we should proceed with caution in this matter .. Australia is a humanitarian nation but help should not be at a cost to our own! Look at what has happened in Sweden 😨

  8. I think we are doing all we can to help al theses countries but these countries must help themselves and their people to stay in their homeland we have so many homeless people here we need to look after our own first plus employment is not good in Australia at the moment so why bring people in if there is no work for the. Defeats the purpose

  9. Jan Kerton  

    I think we should look after our own back yard first, when that is complete then help others. I do feel for them, but our people first

  10. Pam Bodger  

    Absolutely no. Too many of our own to look after. When all Australians and New Zealanders are housed, have jobs etc. then perhaps consider. These people are trouble.

  11. Val James  

    We have so many homeless, unemployed,and low income people struggling here .We have to give our own people top priority.

    • mick  

      I agree, we should also send those back who are found guilty of criminal offences

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