Good luck hiding now Pell… Abuse victims raise thousands for trip to Rome

A group of Australian survivors of sexual abuse will travel to Rome to face Cardinal George Pell as he gives

A group of Australian survivors of sexual abuse will travel to Rome to face Cardinal George Pell as he gives his testimony to the Royal Commission into child sex abuse.

There was outrage earlier this month when the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse declared it would allow Pell to remain in Rome while he gave evidence on the grounds that he was too sick to return to Australia.

In the face of the disappointing news, comedian Meshel Laurie and TV host Gorgi Coghlan started a GoFundMe page to raise enough money to send 15 people to Rome for the hearing.

GoFundMe is a website where people can start a ‘campaign’ page to raise money for their cause. Anyone can donate to the cause and the Australian public rallied around the project, giving a massive $75,000 as of Wednesday morning.

The campaign said its mission is to support the abuse victims who have already suffered so much and deserve the chance to face Pell in person.

“The opportunity to face Cardinal Pell is the least our community can do for these brave people who have bared their souls to ensure the world is a safer place for all children”.

Abuse survivor Stephen Woods said he wants Pell to face the victims in person, in an “open” place, not locked away safely in Rome, reports the ABC.

“It has to be somewhere where he’s not in control, his lawyers are not in control and that way he will actually be pushed to give better answers than the usual ‘I can’t remember’,” he said.

“We want to see a candidness that we haven’t seen before with Cardinal Pell.

“We want to see honesty. We want to see a veracity, transparency.

“That will be really good to see face to face.”

The abuse victims will travel to Rome soon to hear Pell give his evidence face to face. Many of those travelling are hoping this will give them some of the closure they need.

What do you think about this campaign? Are you happy victims will get to face George Pell in person? Should George Pell have been made to return to Australia to give evidence?

  1. Pell has a moral responsibility to these victims, he is a disgrace of a man and has tried his best to wiggle out of not having to face these people. I am glad they are going to face him, hopeful it will give them some sense that justice is being served. Some of these victims have already killed themselves rather than face a life of memories of what was done to them , the rest have to live their lives knowing that their trust in the Catholic Church was sadly misplaced

    • I fear you’re correct, Heather. He’ll wriggle out of facing them. He’s very good at wriggling and, don’t forget, he’s on his home turf in Rome. Perhaps he should become Italian and send his Australian passport back. I’m ashamed of him!

  2. Good I hope the pope gives them a meeting with Pell in his presence. A lot of good can come out of this if this happens!!

  3. The abuse victims are very brave to make the trip considering they will probably be met with more lies, CARDINAL PELL and the CATHOLIC CHURCH are a disgrace for their rolls in this investigation. SHAME SHAME SHAME and I would love to see someone play Tim Minshins song to CARDINAL PELL just to see his reaction to it.

    • Absolutely disgraceful. All the lies and cover ups by this church are heinous.

    • jan dodson  

      ABC radio played Tim Minchin’s song this morning. You can apparently hear it on line

    • The Catholic Church is a disgrace, and I can’t believe that people still go to the church on Sundays or any other day.
      They are just supporting the crimes that the church continues to over up!

    • I agree Wendy, I haven’t been to church for many years. This cover up is more than half of the problem.

    • Love that song Trish. It captures how most of us feel – that he is a coward. Surely if he was honest about the cover ups it would ease his conscience and enable him to live a more honest life.

    • I love the song to, Tim has had the guts to sing exactly what everyone is thinking, it should be top of the charts!

  4. Yes, the Vatican should be finding them. A disgraceful being and it is a disgrace that the church is helping him to evade the RC.

  5. All over Australia , people are having fund raisers to get the victims to Rome to face Pell, it is sure not going to make him look very good in Rome..great isn’t it 🙂

    • He seems to be taking the legal high ground with his advisers saying the Church is ‘not responsible’ for the actions of it’s employees. Grrrr.

    • The victims need to request an audience with the Pope while they are in Rome. He needs to rule on this!

    • they will not get near him, he is being hidden by the rest of the pedos in the vatican … never trust men who wear robes !

    • This is not about Muslim women and shame on you for trying to bring women of any denomination into this issue, this is about perverted Catholic priests who sexually abused Australian children

    • nothing to do with women Pablo. But you might want to spare a thought for those young boys and girls who were sexually violated by these dirty old men and Australians donating the funds to try to get these people justice

    • I love Tim Minchin’s charity song to fundraise for this. Cardinal Pell should return home to face the music, but we all know it won’t happen.

    • Leanna Stephenson , Don’t forget the nuns who did exactly the same things, heard some terrible stories in the 50’s from some young girls who used to attend a Catholic Primary School , they were just as bad as the stories you used to hear about the priests at that time.

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