Going to his concerts is said to be like making love

Andre Rieu has been described as a lot of things — musical genius, violin maestro… The list goes on. Now

Andre Rieu has been described as a lot of things — musical genius, violin maestro… The list goes on. Now he can add the ‘Mel Gibson of the violin’ and the ‘Patrick Swayze of classical music’.

Talking with the Daily Mail recently, Rieu — when compared to his handsome competition — cried, “Yes, yes, yes. That’s fine. I’m happy with that.”

He showed surprising good humour when it came to talk of his image. The violin player has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide and has won numerous platinum records and two World Music Awards along the way. He’s even sold out more concert venues than Beyonce!

His shows are regarded as being wonderfully flamboyant, with one show said to have featured a replica Titanic sinking beneath the stage and the performer has been quoted as describing them as “like making love” — the audience might start slowly with gentle taps of their toes in their seats, but by the end of the show they are frantically dancing up the aisles.

“From the moment I come on, I grab them,” he tells the Daily Mail. “But nicely, where they want to be grabbed and they start to love each other again. There’s a physicality. They feel better.”

When discussing his upbringing, the son of a Catholic conductor father who has five siblings says, “My family were deeply snobby and loop-the-loop.”

He says his youth was not fun and there was little to be happy about growing up, constantly being told by his parents that he would amount to little.

But after four years of therapy though Rieu was able to break free!

His advice for anyone interested is to “do what you like well and then you will get this glow”.

Rieu will return to Australia in October this year, with his ‘Maastricht’ concert.

Are you an Andre Rieu fan? How would you describe the violin genius?


  1. Kathy  

    Tom Jones does it for me….can’t stand Andre Rieu.

    • Janelle  

      Ooooooh! Tom Jones……have seen him in-concert several times’, & he’s STILL got it! Yay!

  2. Joanne  

    Wouldn’t waste my money going to even one of his concerts!

    His violin playing is not in the league of Nigel Kennedy, Joshua Bell, Richard Tognetti, or Maxim Vengerov.
    Prefer to pay, & see/hear any of those brilliant violinists’.
    I’m not interested in ‘showy’, or ‘schmaltzy’.

    Only one aspect in his favour is that he’s brought Classical Music to millions’ who may’ve never bothered listening to it before. That’s a positive.

    • Totally agree with you. One music critic said that his violin playing is not as good as that of a talented 10 year old. He is a showman, nothing more.

      • Joanne  

        Yes, Ally, there’s a now-14yo young lass, who will, I believe, be an International Violin Artist.
        She’s being playing since she was 4, obtained her Licentiate at 11.

        She plays often with the QPO.
        Her name is Chenin Lee.

        Cheers, in GOOD musicality!

        • Lyn Traill  

          I agree with you Joanne. The only good thing is that he exposes people to classical music and then they have the choice to seek genuinely wonderful examples. I guess he has his place!

  3. J Taylor  

    My Dad used to have all his dvd’s, a work mate saw his concert in Brisbane where he made a great show with horses and carriages a real extravaganza. Several years later he returned we booked 2 seats at $170 each after being assured it was a show we would remember. Well it was, we got the budget version, same songs, jokes as we had watched on dvd no ‘extras’ . Highlight of the show? The 15 minutes of the Searchers, brilliant! We now refuse to go to over priced live shows. Something we had done a few times a year.

  4. Edwina Morgan  

    He’s a fantastic entertainer and you walk away so happy, I don’t care if his shows are the same, compared to other entertainers his shows are not overpriced, cost my sister $500 to see Madonna and seats not even on the floor, $250 to see Andre up front is very reasonable considering how many people he has to pay! Anyway I always walk away very happy, such a fun night out!!

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