Glamour grandma becomes overnight internet sensation

When 80-year-old Livia asked her make-up artist granddaughter for a bit of a tidy-up neither could have predicted internet stardom,

When 80-year-old Livia asked her make-up artist granddaughter for a bit of a tidy-up neither could have predicted internet stardom, and yet this is exactly what has happened.

Croation Tea Flego showed the world how a clever use of the make-up trend contouring — where light and dark shades of make-up are used to create shadows on the face to emphasise cheek bones and other favoured facial features — can knock at least 20 years off your age.

But more than just highlighting her special skill with a contour brush Flego has also shown just how special that bond between grandmother and granddaughter can be.

Known across the internet as ‘Glam-Ma’, Livia is enjoying the attention and her fresh new look.

“Being in a nursing home and getting reactions from all over the world, means a lot to her,” Flego says of her trend-setting grandmother.

Although Starts at 60 has known for a long time, there is further proof that there is no such thing as ‘too old’.

The transformation is remarkable.

Before and after shots of 80-year-old grandma, Livia
Before and after shots of 80-year-old grandma, Livia


What do you think of Livia’s transformation? Do you like to get ‘glammed up’ with a bit of make-up?

  1. Claire Hancock  

    I guess if you trowel on the make-up thickly enough, you can smooth out even the deepest lines and wrinkles. Not something the average person would want to do, or be able to do, every day.

    • ramona  

      Of course not, but why not do it for fun at least once? Geez, you’re a buzz-kill!

  2. Brian Lee  

    I prefer her with the “grow-old-gracefully” look she normally has. Her heavily made up face lacks the character of the natural one!

  3. Barbara Preston  

    Think she looks fantastic! If she feels glamorous for just a short while, good luck to her. I personally would not go out of the house without makeup.
    I promised myself I would grow old DISGRACEFULLY!

  4. Cheryl  

    She looks amazing and I bet she feels like a million dollars!!!! I’m a Nanna and would love to have this done for me!!

  5. Sharyn Jory  

    She looks fantastic. Only young people say we should.age gracefully. I say we go down fighting.

  6. [email protected]  

    She looks amazing – every grannie deserves to be made up to look super special. I did my mum’s make up on the last social engagement she had before she passed away. It made her feel so good to dress up and look so great to meet her friends for lunch for the last time. I would love to learn this type of contouring – I am at an age where every little skill in looking great is a bonus.

  7. Mary Allison  

    God bless her. I bet she feels marvellous. And that’s the point. Right?

  8. Pauline Thomas  

    I love it . I bet they loved every minute while doing the facial together. I am 81 and feel so much better when I put on cream, foundation, blusher and lipstick. We r never too old to try and look our best.

  9. Would be great for a special occasion! Would be too hard to bother with on a daily basis, she does look great though !

  10. AB  

    Looks pretty, but could do with less false eyelashes. Much too heavy for that age and look would be softer with less. And softer colour nails. Still, if she feels glamorous, why not!

  11. Jan  

    I think for someone her age she looks fantastic, and why not????? Every woman likes to feel a bit gorgeous & special sometimes, and I see nothing wrong in making her feel her best what an upliftment!!!!! Bravo! I am in my early 70’s and my skin is not too bad at all but I wouldn’t mind a bit of a make do like this

  12. Marlee  

    I agree that the false eye lashes are overdone but I am 73 and never leave the house without makeup.

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