Future in doubt as Budget passes in the middle of the night

Late into the night, the Senate worked on the omnibus budget that will herald the Coalition over $6 billion in

Late into the night, the Senate worked on the omnibus budget that will herald the Coalition over $6 billion in budget savings.

While most of the items on the budget were already a lock with Labor agreeing with 20 of the 24 budget savings items it was the remaining four that kept the Senate working long into the night. Out the door went one-off baby bonus for new parents who will save a considerable amount for the government.

One of the sticky items that created a lot of debate was the future funding for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). Originally the department was going to get the axe, but a Labor compromise did save the agency but cut $500 million in funding for them.

Derryn Hinch, even at such a late hour, still urged the Government to reconsider the cuts to ARENA stating “All I’m saying to you tonight, and it’s getting late, is leave ARENA alone.”

The Greens were also trying to block the cuts to ARENA and had some stern words for Labor. Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young stating “For Labor to roll over like the pack of policy lapdogs they’ve become, well, it’s sickening”. She concluded, “Perhaps a pat on the head and every now and then they sit up properly and do what they’re told.”

The cut to ARENA is a danger to Australia committing to renewable energy targets and goals. It could also put Australia behind a lot of countries when it comes to environmentally friends power solutions.

While most finally came to the conclusion that this was the best budget that we were going to have for the moment one minister didn’t agree. Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm said that the government hadn’t gone far enough saying “The government is living beyond its means — we need to cut government spending now”. He wants the government to cut welfare and benefits.

What do you think? Were there too many cuts? Not enough? What do you think the fallout from cutting the ARENA budget will be?

  1. Ted Jaeger  

    Have you noticed it’s always the fat gutted politicians on their welfare parliamentary incomes, who want to cut welfare and benefit payments to the poorest of society! Vote this pig snout bastard out!

  2. Jean Walker  

    That “living beyond our means” claim is totally inaccurate and just a mantra this government relies on people believing to push through its budget cuts to disadvantaged people.

    We’re only living beyond our means in the sense that govt’s are spending on the wrong things, It’s just like your home budget – if you spend too much or gamble, you will be living beyond your means. If you stop spending on things that aren’t necessary, you won’t be. So this gov’t says we’ll balance the budget by cutting welfare but we’ll still keep spending colossal amounts on defence which won’t mean a thing if we’re attacked by China or Russia or a nuclear bomb.

    Many other countries have a far bigger national debt than we do and it doesn’t worry them at all – including the Scandinavian countries. The facts, rather than the poll speak are here:


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